I've been playing anna for a bit but now I just feel bored

  1. Rather than learning a different character, you should focus on learning tekken basics. At 6 dan, it doesn't matter who you play, everyone is the same.

  2. eh, it's hard to say that you really are playing the character if you're only sixth dan. you're still learning the game. i wouldn't give up on her yet.

  3. Alisa is fun. Tho if you've plateaued it has nothing to do with Anna being limited, she is v strong but if she's not a good fit for you then try someone else seems good idea. Beware it takes a little while getting used to a new character, don't expect immediate results.

  4. I dont know I just dont really feel fulfilled when I win with her and i guess the 50/50 poke character doesnt really fit me

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