Who do you want to get buffed and who to get nerfed in this new update?

  1. I mean with Yoshi seemingly getting Bruce's CH launcher I don't see why they don't buff him more 👀👀👀👀👀

  2. Everyone knows that tekken 7 needs more damage and CH launchers. Also nerf sidesteps. and giant swing is a wallbounce

  3. fix my boy dragunovs hitboxes please. Idk give him some quality of life buffs or a mid extension on his DF1. maybe improved tracking on WR2?

  4. Julia probably needs some nerfs, yeah? I'm not sure exactly what, but she feels super strong. Her wallbounce should at least be punishable on block.

  5. The wall bounce on it is insane, hard to believe they gave it to her and made it safe. If it must remain safe she should take 5-10pt damage when she does it LOL.

  6. The trailer showed some characters getting decent buffs like eddy, lars, jack, and yoshi. I don’t think that’s too much to handle they deserve those buffs. Of course we’ll really see the deal once the update comes

  7. I want my main lidia to have political storm nerfed. It should not remain hitconfirmable. Slow down red tape as well. Make it 19 frames maybe, that would put it at the same speed as mishima hellsweep (including the cd-input).

  8. If hes plus frames are taken away he would be useless sinces hes in flamingo all the time. In flamingo stance hwo cant defend so he will always lose to faster moves therefore his flamingo will be useless making him trash tier

  9. I just want stuff that is a terror online to get adjusted. Fahk unblockables, Marduk tackles etc. These things are hard enough to deal with offline but add some lag and.. yeah no fuck that.

  10. Yeah my man. I am happy enough if it gets a i20 frame. But on serious note, make the qcb4 hits more consistently. Make f3 a i14 frame.

  11. Hell nah fam. If these mfs buff bryan one more time I'm gonna go to japan and whoop haradas juicy ass myself

  12. I wish 2Ds got axed. Especially Geese. Make him so bad that barely anyone plays him. DLCs... Julia Kuni Fuckman worst offenders. Zafina at least a slight movement nerf. Lidia is too fast tbh. I feel like I've been put in a blender 24/7. Also STOP BUFFING BRYAN FFS. I like the character but this is getting ridiculous.

  13. CH launch F1+2 is gonna be a massive game changer for Yoshi. Neutral against Yoshi is gonna change completely.

  14. I feel like it's ok to buff yoshi as he is very weak anyway, I don't mind him getting some of his weaknesses patched, but please don't do that to mid tier characters like heihachi.

  15. I don't agree on the Nina buffs. She works well in what she does. Pressure. She doesn't need to excel in other areas that much.

  16. Honestly the only buff for kazumi i would really enjoy is adding a CH property back to db4. Idk why they even took it away

  17. I wish Gigas b2 can be cancelled at full charge, i just got destroyed by turtles playing chars like Geese, Lidia and Leroy.

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