How to deal with Marduk tackle??

  1. After you're tackled, you can improve your 1/3 guessing odds to 2/3 odds. The 1 and 2 break throws are unreactable, but the 1+2 break throw has a slow and distinct double hammer fist animation that you can react to. When you're guessing the break, just pick between 1 or 2 immediately. Then if you see Marduk bringing both of his hands above his head, switch your break to 1+2.

  2. Don’t beat yourself to it. The break window depends on the distance. There is a certain distance where the break window is practically unbreakable. You can tell by the animation. In the short window mode he kinda jumps into you whereas in the regular one he does a couple steps before pushing you to the ground.

  3. Dickjab, sidewalk, standing launcher, df1, I’m not gonna pretend like it’s not bullshit and hits when it shouldn’t but it’s not invincible. Also if you bind 1+2 to a button just mash the fuck out of it and you might break it

  4. You sure you wanna side walk? Lol you know it tracks you unless you side walk from point black range, try side walking at mid or far range, it’s gonna follow you….

  5. I mean, it IS pretty god damn busted online, even pros I’ve seen not break the tackle multiple times a row, do you remember seeing Arslan ash get tackled literally 7 times in a row in a tournament match? It’s that fucking hard to break and even worse online

  6. You can do a preemptive jump back to make it whiff sometimes if he's doing it from far or do a delayed hop kick, I believe you can jump over him sometimes too but here's a short guide

  7. 1 and 2 breaks are 50.50 mixups due to speed. The 1+2 option is reactable because it is the slowest one tho you do need to get used to the animation. About breaking it: If you are close range its done with 1+2 but at longer distances the break window can become frame perfect. Best way of dealing with a marduk spamming it is to just orbital/hopkick them and never get into the mixup in the first place. Marduk also has alot of ways to force a mount, his Ragedrive being the most damaging and terrifying in combos due to unscaled damage, so you will one way or another have to deal with the tackle.

  8. Maintain distance, jab, dickjab, hopkick, rage art, break 1+2, play the ground game(neutral until you see the arm pick, then pick.)

  9. So when should I press 1+2 exactly?? Before he grabb me or after I don't know where is the break window so I just press 1+2 many times and sometimes I get lucky and break it

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