Just grabbed the game, this is less intuitive than Capcom fighters, damn!

  1. The auto combos aren't even communicated clearly to the player, a lot of old players dont even know they exist. They also suck. Frame data and Punishment training is locked behind a pay wall. Sample combos are unoptimal, though they are there at least.

  2. Yeah it's pretty wack how little they give you to learn the game. There are some tools, like there's some sample combos, pushiment training, and the game tells you about punishable moves when u watch your replays. But it's not much

  3. Saved, thanks dude. I started playing story to learn some stuff and I just don’t care about story mode in fighters.

  4. There actually are combo trials, they're under sample combos in training mode. However I really recommend looking up combo videos by RyzingSol as his videos have optimal combos with all inputs on screen. In terms of mechanics yeah this game sucks ass at explaining them, thankfully the community is good at giving new players info.

  5. There are sample combos in training mode, rage arts and rage drives are very clearly shown in the move list, play the game for a week like you had to with capcom (you can’t button mash in this one and expect immediate results) and there’s even auto combos and an assist button for you

  6. Idom vs Kawana at EVO alone was more entertaining than any recent Tekken grandfinals. Tekken nowadays has no variety, Capcom fighters do.

  7. I don’t think “unintuitive” is the word to describe this. Tekken is very intuitive with its mechanics, but lack of good tutorial is a different issue unrelated to intuition.

  8. Yea Tekken has been the most behind in terms of teaching players. I mean, you had to use a mod to see frame data until they finally let us pay 3 bucks for the option. I really hope Tekken 8 improves this.

  9. You feel cool posting rude shit? Where does the game explain it’s mechanics guy? Because other replies have noted that it doesn’t. You don’t have to take it personal.

  10. Just based on this post and your username I'm highly certain this post is satire, but if it isn't. Literally every single you think isn't in the game is in the game. You can learn combos in practice mode, you can set your bar as akuma in practice mode, you can also practice rage art and rage drive in practice mode. You can also use Treasure battle/Arcade battle as a "Trial/Tutorial" fighting against a CPU who will fight back. Just go into practice mode and actually look through the menu, sorry it doesn't hold your hand for every single step. But its all there

  11. Go back to practice mode and actually use the menu…. Explore every option in the menu so you understand what it does. You shouldn’t struggle after that.

  12. Each button is a limb. If you pause there's a combo and move screen for reference but you're better off trying to figure out a couple basic ones yourself before delving in.

  13. Thanks for that, but I get the basics. I had tekken 1 on pax back in the day and can still beat 2 and 3 on a quarter w Paul phoenix. Just in general there not being combo trials or tutorials and no tutorial on what the mechanics are, like Rage or whatever it’s called.

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