I hate Paul so damn much

  1. There's alot of basic tekken that should be learned from a match up like this. If you can figure out this fairly low level Paul you'll be able to know what alot of higher level pauls are trying to do. He's a strong character for sure but not a complicated one. Take him to the lab and figure out how to deal with each specific move or setup that you see problems with in the replay.

  2. No offense but you and your opponent are both basically button mashers just throwing moves out for no reason. The other guy could have picked any character, if youre just going to button mash, you cant complain when you get hit

  3. This Paul is horrible. If you hate someone playing Paul this badly, I suggest you stop playing Tekken because it’s just going to get worse.

  4. Because I'm getting frustrated of getting hit, I feel like I'll keep getting ch. I can't do combos like that. What's oki

  5. As a Paul player here, even I hate fighting against my own main, but here are some tips to help you win easier against most characters, first step is to have patience that means to keep blocking even after they complete a string, chances are they will throw out an attack that’s unsafe, and what that means is that if you block it then you can recover faster than them to make your own counterattack before they can block, giving you free damage, and considering that you’re a casual player just looking to have fun and just win but also not devote your life to the game learning all the frames and matchups, his fastest punisher is, 2, 1, it’s a solid jab uppercut, you always have safe and risky options with punishment, if you don’t want to get punched back and want to keep it safe in case he blocked your counterattack, go with the jab string, also learn to Korean backDash and side step from button mashing players, if they’re just matching strings and jabbing and throwing you and just irritating the shit out of you then Korean backDash, it’s pretty easy to learn and not as hard as people claim it is, it will take a little bit of execution but you don’t need to be fast you just need to be consistent, but anyways when you backdash far enough from the aggressor, they’ll be swinging in their air and they won’t be able to block so you can just launch them get a free combo, Korean back – often especially when you’re blocking a string, if you do it fast enough there third or second attack won’t connect with you you won’t block it but you’ll be far away enough to where they miss and you can launch punish, very important, (to Korean back Dash which is just a backDash cancel for so many faster bag dashes greatly creating space for you to breathe, all you have to do is either press↙️ or backDash then hit↙️, as soon as you let go of↙️ and yes I mean take your thumb off the stick making no inputs and without dragging your thumb, press back once, you will then backDash without having to press back twice, then do it again by hitting↙️ then again, again don’t drag just back Dash or press↙️ then press back individually by themselves without dragging,) next is whiff punishing, it’s pretty much means making your opponent eat shit for attacking nothing a.k.a. thin air they can’t block while they are attacking because they have to recover to their normal state in order to make any more moves, so take advantage of this brief period to get some free damage in, you’re blessed with a mishima uppercut and kings grapples, take advantage of it as soon as you see them attacking in thin air and you’re in range launch punish with your uppercut or forward 2 1 you let him get away with a lot of stuff here when I saw many opportunities you could’ve dashed in and launched in, but that’s OK you’re learning, I got more to say but that will be later I hope you will find this useful

  6. Block spam and backing away is your friend against Paul. Poking against Paul is deadly, you need to know what you're doing, dude's made of nitroglycerin, one wrong move and you blow up.

  7. His quarter circle 2 deathfist is probably the best move in the game its probably more damaging than a rage art on ch.

  8. Why? Aside the throws AK moves are very realistic, without bullshit and make sense, aren't fast at all. That's why I like him

  9. I imagine you just recently got the game, it's okay to not know how to handle certain characters or playstyles. Just take matches like this as a learning experience and try to spend some time in practice mode learning a few things, many people consider tekken to be one of the hardest fighting games for a reason

  10. You didn’t punish his whiffs, you didn’t punish his shoulder, you didn’t parry his string-low, you waited to use a naked rage art when he whiffed instead of launching and winning the round. Not a single side step.

  11. You gotta learn to sidestep when the time comes. Its pretty helpful against paul. Also once you get the hang of his strings they’re pretty easy to duck or low parry

  12. Only exception is with Paul, you don’t wanna SS him at 0 range. At range 3, we’re going around the world on him

  13. And I'm sure he hates you for relying so much on rage art. It might work here but I assure you most players will see you casually walking backwards while in rage and know exactly what you're going to do, specially if you always close rounds with RA. Learn how to not depend on it so much. It'll improve your game considerably.

  14. Lol imagine swinging on wakeup every single time and complaining about a mashy Paul that you don’t punish once (shoulder is like -14 dude tf are you doin).

  15. I don't understand what r you saying, what shoulder? The thing is getting me is that stupid flip and jumping jacks, are too fast for me.

  16. You really think this is about the tag up there. High full videos rather crash or don't upload. Also looks better on vertical view like this, it's not about the rank

  17. The character is great but I just can't deal with him. With others I'm okay but him, Kat, NOCTIS and Hworang are just infuriating

  18. Bruh, it's not the character. You don't know how to play tekken that's it. You don't even try to punish his unsafe moves, low parry obvious low strings or side step flip spam which is a frew launch everytime. You rage art punish a whiff flop for 60 dmg when you can get a free launch combo for 90 dmg with rage art ender. Learn basics then complain about characters. This is a straight up green rank match where people just click buttons lmao

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