How do you reply to these types of comments (in a creative way)?

  1. If someone bumps into you in the city and is an asshole about it, maybe they need a retort to put some perspective back into their life. Maybe they were having a bad day or just let themself go a little. But if some crackhead starts stepping to you about "[I'll] fuckin show em... Fuckin... It was mine anyway!"

  2. "Thanks man! I absolutely SUCK at this game! so happy to have a matchmaking system that lets me win sometimes by matching me against terrible players!"

  3. Ol saying "don't feed the trolls" is still best. When troll send those kinds of messages they really want any reaction. It validates them. If you hard ignore them and forget they exist, they will feel irrelevant and its probably for the best.

  4. you put your profile on private so that you don't have to bother deleting them. If someone really wants to tell you something they'll add you and dm you

  5. I calmly explain how I used psychology to dismantle them with their own rage exactly the same way a matador dismantles an angry bull, and that it actually works better the more angry they are. Usually they block me immediately.

  6. I'm not one for trash talk and I'd generally agree being nice to them back usually works however this man set himself up for a perfect "running over to bang your mom" joke.

  7. She took a wrong turn on the way to wonderland and now she’s just a curmudgeony lumberjack who eats too much lobster

  8. I ask whats making them so pissed off. Then give advice on how to punish it. Got 3 mates out of this

  9. I think you already did the best way to reply to them : be kind and polite to show how much ridiculous and pathetic they are in their anger.

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