what do you guys think about this? I personally really don't want NFT's to be involved with terraria

  1. NFT is a non fungible token. It is a digital asset that cannot be copied. (The token itself). Not sure how familiar you are with cryptos in general but it uses some of the same blockchain technology.

  2. NFT is a nonfungible token. It's like a cryptocurrency, except there is only one in existence. And like cryptocurrency, most implementations use Proof-Of-Work, so it comes with the added bonus of destroying the planet.

  3. I really hope so. I just wacht a entire player base of a MMO I played get destroyed because the devs decided to chase the money! I really don’t think that’s going to end well…

  4. Hey guys, I wanted to pop in and say I was just casually chatting on Twitter and have no plans to do anything crypto related with Terraria at this time.

  5. I understand the interest in a new technology, but this would have been a very bad decision. Glad you're no longer looking into that.

  6. Please never get Relogic anywhere near NFTs. I know you say it’s just casual chatting, but “no plans at this time” is incredibly worrying considering the past two companies I’ve seen getting into NFTs after saying that.

  7. please dont give in to nfts, you'll probably heavily regret the decision if you do try to implement them

  8. Red you’re already a millionaire with one of the most sold games in history, don’t do NFT shit. I really hope you’re not actually that guy.

  9. Why would NFTs be interesting to you, or any other game dev for that matter? It seems that games and the games industry has become bigger even than film and TV, without once needing the help of crypto and esp NFTs.

  10. PLEASE don't do this. NFT's are horrible for the environment, and on top of that are regularly used to scam artists. I'm so sick of something that's regularly used as a pyramid scheme being pushed everywhere.

  11. I think it's great you guys are interested in the space and am excited to when major gaming companies start to use blockchain technologies PROPERLY

  12. Honestly I'm just sick of hearing about NFT's and the thought of it seeping in to areas of my life where it's even less relevant than it already is just annoys me.

  13. i agree but I we need to tell red that we don't want this just like we need to tell other devs because nft's being the future of gaming is something that no one wants.

  14. Game keys already exist for starters, no reason why there can't be a system that allows you to transfer your key to a different account. I don't see why block chains need to be involved in that.

  15. Im pretty sure that's how NFT's work. Just the blockchain does the validation instead of a server from Valve. Arguably this would be a better solution so players can still play their games in the event that Valve's servers go down temporarily or permanently

  16. It would give you control over the license instead of transferring ownership being handled by, for example, Steam. While I think NFT's as they are right now are extremely stupid. I think having a unified system for software licensing separate from a distributor is a really cool concept.

  17. Nfts are horrible for the environment and any company that supports them is critically ignorant or acting maliciously.

  18. You either retire the hero or remain in development long enough to see yourself become the villain… shame really

  19. The only way NFTs would be a good idea for representing game licenses is when NFTs don't destroy the environment and aren't restricted by their high power use, limited scalability, and mining. Otherwise NFTs must stay away from Terraria.

  20. if terraria gets involved with NFTs im going to blow a fucking fuse dude. literally just got done talking about how great this game is, i'll go back on everything i said about this game if NFTs are involved.

  21. They hurt the fucking planet, no why would I want that? I morally could not support companies or people that sell NFTs because to do that you’d have to be a selfish asshole who has the level of empathy and general fucking knowledge of the cum stain they started as.

  22. Besides that, most use cases of NFTs that companies are coming up with are just attempts to try and overprice stuff just for the novelty of them, on most implementations nothing will really change on the value you get from the implementation, like digital products for example, imho the issue with most implementations of NFTs is that they are "solving" a non existing problem while NFTs could be used for real problems or improvements like tickets or stuff that requires unique identification or authentication

  23. I don’t understand how a playable nft copy of terraria would work? Is that not just a digital copy of a game at that point? Or like with extra steps?

  24. As I understand it, It would be a digital license which you can sell when you no longer want to play the game. Like how old physical discs worked but digital.

  25. Non fungible token. In this use-case, it would work like a game key. It would prove you own the game, and then there would be a method (perhaps third party platform like steam) for you to download and play the game.

  26. We don't have to turn everything into some kind of exchange/investment/profit scheme all the fucking time, not to mention slapping the planet in the face just because you want to feel wealthy

  27. I really hope not. NFT's don't add anything to things but waste, the space for piracy, and environmental damage.

  28. if the devs did allow this, people would also start modifying their copies to get the original “more value” but it has no point because people are just gonna start buying the original copy from steam and reselling them for ridiculous prices. the game wouldn’t be a game anymore because people are just gonna sell it and make thousands.

  29. Please no. Everything about NFTs reeks. The pyramid-like reselling schemes, the "cryptobro" culture that is full of sexism and elitism, the proclivity to scamming, and the environmental impacts. Not just energy, but the physical waste involved. No.

  30. ooo shit a big games preston added nfts to pet sim and evryone hated him for it so no nfts are just for money hungry devs and not for terraria

  31. In this case I don’t see the money hungry part of what he’s proposing. It would just be an alternative way to buy the game. If anything it would mean they make less money since people could buy the game secondhand from someone else instead of paying he developer.

  32. I really respect Red and the othwr devs, they made my favorite game of all time, but this is an awful idea and I'm sure he got told that by the community.

  33. I love Terraria but I sure as fuck won't be recommending it to anybody if they decide to bring NFTs to it. Fuck that garbage and the jackoffs who fuel it

  34. To me it's not even about their impact on nature, is about how dumb and a waste of money NFTs are (this coming from someone who buys skins in games)

  35. It's astonishing how people to grasp what the idea behind an NFT as a concept actually is because of how stupid people like to milk scam money out of it.

  36. Why are people so against this? What he is proposing would not change the game in any way except give people the option to sell their terraria copy to another person if they wish to do so. People just hear NFT and are automatically against it.

  37. Blockchain tech can take power from institutions and put it in the hands of people. It takes power, a lot of power if you want to look from a global perspective, but so does a lot of other shit that doesn't do anybody any good. It's depressing to see here how many kids are indoctrinated against Blockchain, they understand so very little about it but hate it so very much.

  38. I think it's genuinely disappointing that Red is showing any degree of interest in a scam that negatively impacts the environment more than any scam before it. However, I cannot say I am shocked, mostly due to the fact that A lotta people I once respected now are getting into this scam.

  39. Why’s it matter? He’s talking about NFTs as a technology, and how he might use them as a curiosity. Who cares if he makes some special copies of the game?

  40. The overall idea of NFTs is kinda stupid, but I'm interested to see how it would work with video games. It would be different than buying Terraria on Steam, because there you're not so much buying the game, but a licence to play it. With an NFT you could actually own the copy and resell it as you please like a physical copy.

  41. This is what I hope the Gamestop NFT marketplace can provide a platform for - the resale of used digital games, digital gaming assets. The players get cheap games, the creators get kickbacks from the resales. Is it going to be more complex for the end user? Probably initially, but eventually I'd like to imagine its as easy as something like steam. Your account is just bound to a wallet, but you dont have to fiddle with any of that stuff.

  42. I don't care as long it's not needed for a purchase. Not a big fan of NFTs, but whatever. Kind of better than a Steam version tho as no one would be able to take it away from you.

  43. not a very good idea. not everything has to be tokenized. really hope red is just uneducated on the topic or something

  44. If relogic were to do something NFT related I think a large part of my childhood would be completely crushed and I'd lose a lot of respect for them.

  45. Oh my God please no, this is legitimately terrible. If it’s a joke I really don’t find it funny at all.

  46. NFTs are a scam, but I am actually kind of interested in seeing the technology be used to enable the reselling of keys. It doesn't even have to be NFTs, I believe this to be do-able without any blockchain bullshit

  47. i don't get why people are so invested in these things they are bad for the environment and are way too overpriced

  48. this sounds interesting but then you consider that if someone loses the wallet containing the license or gets scammed then there's no support to help them regain it, making it worse than any traditional platform like steam. atleast they thought about something better than links to pngs I guess.

  49. NFTs are a retarded bubble. dumb fucks buying overpriced garbage (you can literally just screenshot) on the internet hoping to find someone who is even more retarded than them to sell it to. It's basically just a ponzi scheme for internet wannabe "artists".

  50. atm no since its harmful for the environment but if the technology advances to a point where it barely makes a dent whatsoever i think that could be interesting. i think thats what that twitter user meant by "ill keep my eye on it

  51. nfts are shit in their current state (100 sextilion dollar pngs) but actually owning a digital game is most likely the future of digital gaming, this might be the way we do it

  52. An NFT is just a digital thing that someone can prove ownership of. That ownership can be tied to a game, or a picture, or a house. It’s mostly used for stupid pictures right now, but that’s hardly the full or even good use of them.

  53. This would be one of the rare cases of non-art nfts. the token would be a legitimate copy of the game and only the owner could use it without breaking the law.

  54. But if you use an installer/launcher that checks your login against the list, you now have a way to trade copies of the game where only one person can use it at a time.

  55. Nfts aren't that bad everyone is just going nFt BaD because of this boring ape shit nfts are honestly really interesting in concept

  56. Wouldn't this be a good way to transfer the game license? If you have the NFT, no one can say you pirated it. Of course on the flip side I'm sure we don't want NFTs to be required to prove you own it.

  57. Absolutely not they want to create a crypto currency. Fuck that, I don't like RED at all anymore seems like a greedy fuck taking advantage off children and playing it of like it's cool. Be careful these companies are becoming more insidious in their ways to take advantage of people.

  58. Interesting idea. A game license via digital store backed by NFT so you can sell it for whatever you want to someone else, it includes DLC purchased but not progress. Just like selling a physical disc. Seems dumb now but may be smart in the future.

  59. NFT are just stupid in general, “oh yes let’s sell some jpgs that look the same to celebrities for millions of dollars” it’s so stupid

  60. Most people complaining about NFTs in this thread clearly don't understand the use case. They are associating the technology with the currently dominate way it's being used, which is the stupid money art. Somehow people think a dev will be money hungry by offering their games as NFTs? Offering the game as an NFT will only benefit the consumer and second hand buyers. It means you can resell a digital copy of your game just like you could a physical copy.

  61. I feel like most people are going to disagree with me but I challenge them to think about NFTs as something bigger than ownership of shitty digital "art" that I'm personally convinced only exist to launder money.

  62. Holy fuck. It takes less than 30 seconds to google NFT’s and see that there are use cases that don’t invoke stupid monkey art. NFT’s mean that it’s possible for the devs to sell the game off of steam. Which means that they don’t have to send 30 percent over to the goons at steam. For a community that harps on being supportive of the devs this is just embarrassing

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