Lt. Gov Candidate Terri Pickens Manweiler statement on SCOTUS plan to overturn Roe v Wade

  1. Telling a woman that she can't abort a baby is the same as saying that a man's semen has a fundamental claim to any egg it is able to fertilize. Any man, any semen, has a claim on any egg. What the fuck does that say about our society if we are willing to literally enslave 50% of the population because of a genetic quirk.

  2. roe v wade decision was not based on the constitution. It should be revoked. If you don’t like that, what is your plan to get the constitution amended?

  3. What? Your statement and then a demand for response is a nonsensical as, ‘my hair is a bird, your argument is invalid’.

  4. Roe v wade is just the most well known of a series of laws that are all bundled together. You take away that, you loose a bunch of other rights as well. Specifically, your right to privacy, the right to choose who you marry, government needing warrants to watch you, etc.

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