Giant LED display falls and crushes performer during live concert

  1. This legit looked like a scene from those shits. Apparently their special effects were fuckin spot on. If my man in the video is still alive, he’s a GD super hero.

  2. 3 people injured, 2 sent to the hospital. So, either someone wasn’t that injured and that dude somehow survived, or that dude died and the other two went to the hospital.

  3. Holy fuck, the article right below it is how they were calling for better safety measures from the show the day before. Article was like 7/27 at 9:07am

  4. NEW UPDATE: It was reported that 3-5 dancers were injured and 1 fell into a coma. According to the governor, Edan and Anson Lo were not aware of the accident and continued to sing until the lights went out. At least 5 dancers have been injured. Among them, the first dancer who was hit is known to be in a coma when he was sent to the hospital. It is reported that the back of his brain burst (This could mean translation error), his blood pressure is low, and he is in critical condition. Fractured pelvis. From HK'S AM730

  5. Only a few seconds before it dropped, there were about 2/3 people in that same spot. Really wrong place wrong time…

  6. It's the professional version of that school worksheet that says "read all instructions first" and the next to last item is "disregard all other instructions. Just sit tight and watch." Whereas other items say things like "solve this math problem, then raise your hand and wait." Or "stand up and spin around twice, then clap".

  7. Let me lay out how these riders work in the event industry so everyone can understand how silly this is to think the Promoter or Tour Manager had anything to do with the final outcome of the M&Ms…

  8. I used to do this when writing documentation for the business side during projects. I would write documents with methods and procedures, complete with examples, screenshots, etc. About 3/4 of the way through the documents I would insert random lines, jokes, or just put the classic "you made it this far, now grab a cup of joe and sit back". 10/10 nobody read the documentation.

  9. That’s my favourite Van Halen story to tell, and I love Van Halen. David Lee Roth may have had an ego the size of Australia, but his voice was incredible

  10. This is the Hong Kong boy band Mirror. They were performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum, and this is only the second show out of 12 that were planned. So far two members have been rushed to a hospital, but no news on their state right now.

  11. The people that got injured are not the members, they are dancers hired in this special performance with only 2 members performing.

  12. Yo nah.. usually I’m ready for these videos but where was the ‘GUYS SKULL CRUSHED BY LED’ jeeez

  13. This is why, no matter what, I hate having heavy ass tv’s/speakers/decorations/literally anything that could fall and fucking kill me bc some dipshit didn’t hang it well enough. This just quadrupled that fear.

  14. Happened in HK, during a concert by a local boy band called Mirror. It’s the third consecutive concert, and there has been 2 minor accidents already happened in previous concerts. Apparently they rushed the event and didn’t safety proof the stage. The dancers had complained about the design of the stage and poor managements through their IG account before the first concert, and now this happened!? The management team and the company that built/designed the stage needs to pay full responsibilities, period

  15. Absolutely agreed. Homies head was straight squished. Pancake style. He is not alive. If he is, he’s gotta be a super human or a robot or something.

  16. "Lo Kok-keung, a chartered mechanical engineer and a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said, “Estimating the monitor weights 90 kilograms, and at 10-meter high, and if it hit the dancer with its corner, it will create 708 pounds of force, which we could not rule out causing the dancers to death."

  17. I'd like to think that's plausible. It almost looks like it hit the ground first, and then rolled onto their shoulder with their head going between the two video screens.

  18. Two were seriously injured. Both are alive. In the hospital. One with a head injury one with a neck back injury. Their condition is described as stable.

  19. I pull Reddit up first thing in the morning for some light kitten/puppy morale boost. Today it was 4 different videos of people either dying or women/ kids being abused. I gotta get off this shit

  20. Not dead. Seriously injured. A big TV screen fell off during local boy band Mirror’s concert at Hong Kong Coliseum Thursday night at about 10.35pm, injuring at least two dancers.

  21. Doesn’t surprise me that this happened in China. I don’t think I’d feel safe even getting in an elevator in that country

  22. This is why entertainers will have crazy shit in their contract or what ever it is with venues, Ozzy Osbourne had a requirement for a bowl of only brown m&ms (if I remember right) it's not some weird power trip, it allows them to quickly see if the set up crew followed the instructions and didn't skip anything. If the m&ms are there and only brown, he knows immediately that things were probably set up properly.

  23. I can see how he survived, although still a miracle. If you watch in slow motion, his body takes a lot of the pressure away from the skull. When the display starts to push against his skull at the end, the floor was falling down with him, which would take a lot of the weight off, and most likely saved his life. Fuck though, no matter the outcome, I doubt his life will be normal again if he miraculously makes a full recovery.

  24. There's a couple more angles on TikTok. So when the rest of the dance crew goes to see what happens with a flashlight they then turn around pretty quickly and scramble like they know the dude is not gonna be getting up.

  25. This is NOT some Final Destiny shit. This is China and its lack of architecture standards and cheap shoddy building materials. And I'm sure a lack of preventative maintenance. The amount of videos of shit like this happening China (and India for that matter) is staggering.

  26. China and Russia are the same to me. Both countries the people running it don't give a flying fuck about the little people and continue to allow this bullshit to fly while they line they're pockets with more money

  27. He didn’t know what got him. Tragedy. Wonder if his family can file suit - since China …. Their total care and compassion for average folks overall etc

  28. Naw bro, he's def not good. Nor is he alive. That LED weighs several hundred pounds and is encased in metal, it def crushes the skull and mangles the brain/spinal cord. That was an instant death for sure.

  29. can we just rename this sub to "PeopleActuallyDying" with all the death I#ve seen in the last week on this subreddit

  30. As a person in the live event industry for 25 years and responsible for hanging insanely heavy equipment above performers and audience, this is my single worst nightmare. I feel for the crew.

  31. I was a stagehand for awhile and I am surprised that there aren’t more horrific accidents on stages. They put them up and take them down so fast. Room for error. Especially now with so many blue collar workers being methheads

  32. Ok at this point we gotta start labeling shit like this as NSFL. I expect to see someone's dick with NSFW posts, not someone's head being squished.

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