Flip flip flip.

  1. Check out his YouTube - Ryan Williams. You’ll see how he practices. It doesn’t take away from how amazing his tricks are.

  2. Foam Pits did a number on BMX and MotoX. Sports that have been around for years suddenly have a big uptick in progression. One year a Backflip would be Best Trick worthy, and in like the span of a year or two, you p much had to do a Backflip variation just to place lol. That might sound like a natural progression to some people, but it is insane how fast those sports got there in such a small window of time.

  3. I’m not kidding when I say video games. Listening to Tony Hawk the other day. He was saying his game changed the progression of skateboarding so much cuz these damn kids didn’t realize these trick wasn’t supposed to be possible lol.

  4. Holy shit me and my bmx buddies used to think up crazy tricks way out of our skill range and we talked about something similar like this and thought it'd be impossible

  5. You really think he got that on his first try??? These guys know how to wipe out better then they know how to trick.

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