People in hazmat suits "Big Whites" abusing their power during the current lockdown in Shanghai

  1. The thing is…. They’re not “abusing” any power. The power they have acting as a part of the state is complete. That’s what authoritarianism is. That’s what power in an authoritarian state entails. The guys shoving and kicking/hitting civilians is the tip of the iceberg. It’s barely anything on top of all the white suits that are part of the herding effort. That’s the true tragedy. The beatings and “abuse” labeled here is like 0.01% of the abuse occurring. The entire city and every individual in it is being abused.

  2. China is literally the Forerunners with the Flood: if we cannot defeat the Flood, lets kill all Life to avoid propagate It!

  3. They have over a billion people, half their elderly are unvaccinated, and China has a zero-tolerance policy around Covid cases. Their health policy enforcement is correspondingly brutal.

  4. Same shit happens in America. The only difference is instead of white theyre wearing blue. Tho I’m sure some wear their white outfits as well

  5. Scary times we live in. I thought back then that these kind of things only happen in apocalyptic movies but here we are witnessing it with our very eyes and we can't do a damn thing about it😔

  6. Scary times?? Bruh these are probably the best times China has seen unfortunately, but now the people have the power to publicize it

  7. I think there will be a Chinese revolution in the next decade because the party is just pushing its citizens too far.

  8. I hope so! I really do! China has such great culture and history it's such a shame it's being run by such evil people.

  9. Is the reason they're killing pets and beating people with impunity because they're not easily identifiable? I've been seeing this in the news, and it looks like a nightmare.

  10. Jesus fucking christ, wow that sub. America isn't great but we aren't Winnie the Pooh's Beneficient Torture Prison. That top post about authoritarianism being called 'Law and Order' in America and all those backward ass comments really fucking floors me. It's an echo chamber over there.

  11. We were not supposed to see that... CCP is usually better than that to censored its action. This never happen, these video are made by the American. China have covid under control and 102% of Chinese citizen support the CCP. All is well in China, look away (or they will persecute you)

  12. I mean, it’s about controlling a pandemic at any costs. But yeah, not so much out of respect for human life but preserving status quo so the state can continue to operate as is. Like all things, if you use blanket generalizations for a billion people, you’re absolutely going to be wrong.

  13. Reminds me of that prison social experiment where they turned regular people into sociopaths by giving them power over others.

  14. Dunno guys, I don't think this is about any virus anymore... I mean they are cramming people together in a bus to ship them god knows where.

  15. The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." exists for this reason.

  16. Yeah, but it really isn’t doing as much as you think if you look at all of the corruption in the US, police brutality, racism, etc. It’s nice we can defend against outright tyranny somewhat, but it isn’t helping as much as it needs to.

  17. My state just passed constitutional carry. I expect violent crime to go down quickly. Criminals and bullies don't like the possibility of the victim being armed.

  18. FUCK CHINA. This is absolute madness. This country should not exist along with North Korea and Russia. The worst thing is everyone can see this and NOTHING CHANGES. This world is insane and i hate it.

  19. They aren’t abusing their power! This is communist China, a citizens life are alphanumeric data, there’s no care or human rights! What about Shanghai demonstrates the government gives a single shit about life, let alone human life. Worker bees, drones no more and no less to the Chinese government

  20. Exactly. The reason the founding fathers wrote that amendment was because the British soldiers in America had a bit of a reputation for bullying the citizens of the colonies. Why? It's simple. The soldiers have guns, the citizens do not. Giving the citizens the power to arm themselves is giving them the power to resist oppression. I think a lot of people miss that.

  21. Guys remember, communism isn’t about gay dudes twerking on tiktok and teaching kids they can be legally recognized as a door hinge it’s about government holding the power to kick you in the face whenever it wants

  22. It's China. There's no "abusing power", just citizens who don't know how to not think for themselves. If they would just listen to everything the government did without question then everything would be okay. But because they just insist upon questioning the governments motives, government is forced to act this way . Duh

  23. foolish to think that would be effective, its not the 19 century anymore. just having guns isnt enough to fight against authoritarian govts

  24. I get the whole Ukraine thing is very bad, but the folks in China seem like they actually need backup. A city of 25 million controlled by some thousands, maybe a bit more? These people need to light a fire inside themselves, dig deep, and fight this shit. This is horrible to watch.

  25. As if Ukraine doesn't actually need backup? Besides Ukraine is asking for help whereas China its a super power with an internal struggle. What do you propose the world do? Invade and overthrow the government for them? Much more complicated

  26. A full overthrow of the Chinese communist party would be wonderful, let’s hope Ukraine can do fine and then let’s arm the Chinese citizens.

  27. In every society on earth, there are certain people who relish the opportunity to abuse authority. You all know this is not unique to China.

  28. In the US we have the right to have these things that a lot of other countries don’t think we should have but because we have them, shit like this could never happen.

  29. All respect to these poor people, there's just one place these thugs might be useful: on U.S. commercial airline flights when the flight attendants have exhausted all other options.

  30. Start grabbing your guns citizens of china this a losing war your in and your just taking it with your hands up…that that child on the bus had the right idea…the fact that he turned around to kick the child back tho…smh

  31. I wouldn't be as shocked if this happened in March/April of 2020 because it was such a new virus and science was very behind, but To see this 2 years into the pandemic is WILD

  32. i look at this and it's contrast to people here in America crying that a private business has a "mask required to enter" sign. my party has become the softest snowflake of them all...

  33. A lot of people will get offended by this. I don’t honestly mean any offense. It’s good that Americans have guns

  34. If you think it would be different in your country if the state backed one group over everyone else... You have not studied history.

  35. Why are people getting beat so badly? I keep seeing all these videos of people getting the shit kicked out of them so seemingly no reason and it's baffling.

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