Neighbor taped this to my door

  1. I’m dark haired and lily white, my sister is olive skinned and has blonde hair, people have said that we don’t look anything alike, yeah no kidding we don’t we are both adopted.

  2. My brother and I love going to Dave and busters and stuff together and we occasionally get weird looks when a 300 lb 5’5” black guy and a 230lb 6’ white guy are hanging out together.

  3. My parents are black haired and tan as fuck. I’m a egg shell white ginger… I look like I am adopted, and I am in fact adopted.

  4. Ah, but you’re missing the key point. This is a white child, and the note implies the parents aren’t. That means it’s definitely kidnapping. /s

  5. Right? My adopted son is brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin in a family of the palest, whitest people ever. We’re all blonde/red headed with blue and green eyes. Doesn’t look anything like any of us. It’s glaringly obviously he’s not “ours” and we get comments and they are so damned offensive.

  6. Send me that number, I will ask him if my children are mine, since they are so good at that. Actually, I have quite a few family members we would like to find if these rugrats are actually ours. Thanks in advance, lol.

  7. Yes, also if they left an email, use or whatever it is. Also who the fuck is this skin color police and what's their number? I need to put them on Blue Man Group - shit's illegal.

  8. Call the non-emergency number for your local police. Start a paper trail. No charges no complaint, just a heads up to the authorities about some mild harassment. Will save some trouble in the long run if they try to involve the police themselves.

  9. It also gives the police a heads up that someone might be calling on something that's not really an issue. Maybe one cop instead of a small team or an investigator.

  10. that's more than "mild" harassment. Retain an attorney, and proceed to sue in civil court for damages. $5,000.00 sounds reasonable to me.

  11. This advice varies depending on where you are. It may be considered a hate crime if there's an actual crime associated with it, but right now this is just a neighbour being an asshole. There's no threats of physical harm, and, if this is the first/only contact, there's no harassment until OP tells the neighbour to stop contacting them and they continue to do so despite that.

  12. I saw in another comment that you already contacted the police. As tempting as it would be to send them a message giving them the finger but you did the right thing. Hope the authorities do the right thing and I hope you and your family will never have to deal with this again.

  13. If you know what house sent this, I would put a notice on every house around you with this picture as a “hey these people in our neighborhood did this” heads up kind of note. And I would also do what others have suggested about warning the police about the blatant racism and harassment.

  14. I signed my wife up for hearing aid information as a joke because she always ends up telling me I was right about something that she didn’t listen to me about. I always know immediately when one of those pamphlets show up in the mail. Lmao. Gift that keeps on giving.

  15. Someone has done this to me. Don’t know who or why, I never found out and I can’t even guess what I did wrong. But holy hell, it’s so annoying and it takes forever for them to stop calling. So… great suggestion. Seriously.

  16. I'd also put up signs (not around the apartments, but elsewhere where the neighbor isn't likely to find them) with their phone number and steal that idea from the

  17. Better yet, sign them up for super PAC notifications. Just everyone you can find. They'll basically have to change numbers cause that shit gets sold between PACS and it becomes basically impossible to "unsubscribe"

  18. Yeah was gonna say, even beyond the obvious genetic variance explanations…have these idiots never heard of adoption?

  19. As a white guy with a brown wife and a pale ass baby girl, I feel you on this. We get weird people saying shit and giving weird looks all the time. Hope you’re doing well, OP.

  20. My brother got harassed about his daughter not being his. My brother is white and his wife is native American. His daughter just looks slightly more than than him. There really isn't any reason they should have question.

  21. My daughter's white, her boyfriends black. The stares come with the territory. Let's not deny it, we're surrounded by idiocy.

  22. My sister-in-law is white with mixed children and they all live in rural Georgia. She's had plenty of run-ins with racist folks. Both white and black, strangely enough. White racists don't like a white woman raising brown kids and black racists don't like a white woman raising brown kids. I was honestly surprised by the second one.

  23. I had blonde hair when I was a baby (half white half Chinese). When I was little we went to China and happened to stay near the hotel that EVERYONE adopting Chinese babies stays at. My mom would take me out to walk around and people would stop her and be like “omg where can you get a white one???” or they’d think she was the nanny

  24. my friends are a brown lady and a white, ginger dude. their son is brown, their daughter is white. it sucks the looks they get when they go out with the kid that doesn't match their skin tone. like, people, mind your own damn business...

  25. It amazes me that in this current day that anyone even the racists question things like this. Not only are “them blacks mixing with them whites”, but aren’t there blended families, foster kids, adopted kids and all sorts of combos? My brother is white and is married to a black woman and his son looks more black. He has problems all the time.

  26. A cashier once thought my sister was stealing my moms groceries cuz my mom is a brown woman and my sister is a pale ginger

  27. My brother is white and all three of his babies mommas are brown. All the babies came out white and eventually darkened up to a fair light brown. One of them darkened quicker then the others but I’m no scientist to explain why the pigmentation would do any of this. Just my and their personal experience. So your baby May darkened to resemble the mothers skin tone in a year or two.

  28. Even if people are too stupid to understand mixed races as a thing, have they seriously never heard of adoption? And none of that should matter anyway, because unless you're abusing the child, it's none of their business.

  29. I'm multi racial, i look middle eastern/ Mediterranean. I have one kid that looks black, one looks Asian and one that is ivory white. You wouldn't believe the shit people have said to me over the years. It does seem to calm down when your kids hit their teens though.

  30. My family is the same way. I am visibly Hispanic, and my partner and our kid are very much white, blonde, and have light eyes. Sometimes we joke about people thinking I'm the nanny.

  31. Part of me is glad my kiddo is brown like me and not white/blonde like her dad. At least I don't get asked if I am her nanny.

  32. It’s very easy to hate everyone when stuff like this comes up. My husband has a saying and I have to remind myself daily. “Half of the people on the planet are below average intelligence.” It seems like the average bar keeps getting lower and lower.

  33. This one is scary, because this individual is clearly actually insane. The delusion level could be perceived as unhinged. Insanity + Racism scares the shit out of me and this person is making reference to OP’s kid. It’s all just extremely unnerving to me. I hate it.

  34. I once posted a printed notice asking for volunteers for a marijuana research project. I included the assholes number and said to call and leave a message anytime of day. I also put down the free marijuana would be provided. And before you ask, it was a coworker who was cheating on his wife with a MUCH younger coworker. It sort of came up in a discussion about what we should do.

  35. I can't wait for my note. My daughter barely has a tan and I look straight black even though I'm black, white and Tlingit.

  36. You were extraordinarily decent to mark out their personal information! I would have let the world call this asinine, disgusting human being.

  37. Here’s what you do. Trace your hand, but only one finger extended. Fold it neatly and place in an envelope. Use lots of tape to seal it. Then place that in another envelope. More tape.

  38. I feel like there are some websites where you could post that number to give them the “response” this deserves

  39. Anytime you see shit like this, I assume it’s fake. This is no different. Look at her profile, engaging in topics such as racism, fat phobia, and ableism.

  40. I always think that the moment I see something like this. Especially when its just a picture of paper lmao.

  41. On the other hand, there’s a lot of psychology research backing up the idea that it’s easier for people to want to believe it’s fake, rather than accept that this could actually happen. Because people are generally uncomfortable with the idea that the world is not a safe, sane place. Just World Hypotheses.

  42. I looked into her post history, too. Some of her first posts are about eating disorders. Fat-phobia would track. She's also a teenager who got pregnant two years ago when she was 15. The vast, vast, VAST majority of her posts are pregnancy questions and worries. That also tracks. After her pregnancy posts stopped, she posted once in a year. Which also tracks if she had to take care of a baby. Prior to these most recent posts related to this note, none of her previous posts are remotely obvious calls to attention. I doubt this is fake.

  43. Woman who experiences racism, fat shaming, and ableism, and talks about it online is obviously lying about experiencing racism, fat shaming, and ableism.

  44. seriously. this is the exact fake scenario you’d dream up as a teenager, thinking about how vindicated you’d feel when people rally to your defense and you successfully whip them into a frenzy. we all fantasize about having dramatic things happen to us as a teen, we all fantasize about fake scenarios where we emerge victorious and as the hero. and then we all cringe looking back at it once we’re older

  45. Just looking at a few of their last comments/posts, person has a massive, massive victim complex. Like, extremely unhealthy, terminally online victim complex.

  46. On the one hand that's kind of fucked up, but I can't help but feel this is faked for karma too, which is arguably equally if not more fucked up.

  47. Clearly fake. Agree you have to be a massively pathetic individual to get a rise out of posting fake shit like this too, I’m sorry.

  48. Part of me always hope things like this are fake and just karma whoring. Sad that this is real, I’d knock on their door and fucking scream at them. I live in Canada though, i feel like if you are American it’s gonna be some white supremacist family whose gonna try and shoot you

  49. Check OPs profile. Shit like this apparently happens to them a lot, so yeah I’d say they’re faking for karma and attention. That or they’re the type to integrate this shit with their identity and seek out confrontation.

  50. Another thing to consider doing is posting this pic on the neighborhood website like nextdoor (if there is one) and post on local news channel websites. Make sure the WHOLE neighborhood and town/city knows about it.

  51. Ok is it just me or does this seem very racist, just because the kid isn't the same color or doesn't look like them could mean they are adopted or they could have had a 50 50 chance to come out a different color because they could have made a kid with a person of a different color.

  52. OK first of all racist much. Being a different race is not sufficient to suspect kidnapping. Adoption, babysitting, stepparents, being cousins, foster care, or even a random mutation are all reason off the top of my head without any thought could lead to a person raising a child that looks different.

  53. You should file a complaint of some sort so they don't approach your child. That is such sketchy behavior. I'm all for the community protecting one another but that is just bigotry.

  54. Wtf, that's just racist, you should call the cops on her or talk it out with him/her, whatever you think is most appropiate

  55. Ask them for their ID to prove who they are. Honestly though, who the fuck does this person think they are making assumptions and demands like that... what a joke

  56. At parent teacher conferences, when my mom mentioned that the teacher had had both of her kids, the teachers would ask if my sister had I shared the same biological mother. We did. Same Dads too.

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