When Police Officers were standing around letting kids get murdered during the Uvalde elementary school shooting. This Border Patrol Tactical Team Officer, charged into the school, getting grazed in the head and proceeding to eliminate the threat, saving countless lives that fateful day.

  1. WTF. Do you know if he had orders to take the shooter out? Or was it something he did on his own? Either way, this one guy did what all the other cowards wished they could do.

  2. The only reason this guy wasn't stopped by the local Police was because he was a Fed. Local Police should all be charge as accomplices, they actively protected the shooter by letting anyone else enter the building. Let a jury of the locals decide their guilt.

  3. I wonder if he drove 40 miles thinking he'd be helping with the after math only to find the situation on going or he started that drive with knowledge of the local police being cowards and he has to act himself because they won't?

  4. The city or state should dissolve the department and put everyone out of work. Have the state do law enforcement until a new department can be created.

  5. bruh a coward can do good work, right? dont have to be brave to be a good accountant, just do taxes inside a locked room if you have to. in this case though, that cowardice really isnt acceptable on any level

  6. You can have every gun in the world, but if you’re too much of a pussy to use it when children are literally being murdered in front of you and your job is to “serve and protect” then what’s the point? Fucking shameful.

  7. What we do know is he went in without tactical gear like a helmet, he was plain clothed, and looks to be at least 50 years old.

  8. As a non-American , genuinely surprised by this - I assume this guy must be ex-military or something since he rushed in and addressed the threat, but aren’t most cops in the US ex-military? Why didn’t the other cops enter the building.. I thought they’re all about the ‘action’.

  9. Imagine if these cops were on United Flight 93. Terrorists would have been able to blow up their intended target. This guy should be drowning in free rent, booze, and pussy for the rest of his life.

  10. You take the nice pay, benefits, retirement, and everything else that comes with the job, and you'd better be prepared to put your ass up there on the line as advertised when the crap hits the fan. You don't get a choice, that's what you signed up for.

  11. Should be a criminal charge to be a SRO or any law enforcement officer and not go straight at the shooter. Couldn’t imagine being an armed, trained police officer and doing nothing.

  12. And yet…all we’ll hear about is more arms for the police and more police presence. Tough talk from everyone on what they would’ve done but when shit actually hits the fan, a very very few actually will face death so bravely.

  13. The department should be sued by every parent who had a child trapped in that school while the department did Jack shit and then they should all be fired.

  14. They should be a lot more than fired and publicly shamed. A few weeks of unemployment and some finger wagging on social media that they won't even see won't bring the dead kids back.

  15. In my city last year they were pissed that the people didn’t want to let them increase their budget after they did a terrible job handling blm protests. So they just refused to work. Literally cop down the road doing nothing, accent happens and the people get told to sort it out themselves a cop isn’t coming. This was a common occurrence. They are worthless pos all of them.

  16. Cops being fired means nothing. They get picked up at other jurisdictions. Cops face zero penalty for all sorts of things. Even when you "think" they are being disciplined, it's the tax payers that pay for their faults

  17. No. We also (not surprisingly) don't have the police radio traffic during the massacre. It got lost! So did the body cam footage. What a crazy coincidence.

  18. The parents that got tased did more to try and protect children from the gunman than the police and the god in which they trust, as stenciled on their cars.

  19. How is this even possible? How brainwashed are the cops? This is just surreal - you want to save your child and you are not allowed to do so.

  20. It makes zero sense why there was no reaction. How the hell does an active shooter get so much time to commit the atrocities?? Is this community surrounded by Barney Fife? If so… be honest. Don’t try to cover up your short comings

  21. He deserves the full name, this man is a police officer. Anyone can play dress up in a cops uniform. This was something my dad said that stuck with me, he wa a police officer, a damn good one, a kind but fair one. It always told me everything I needed to know about the other officer's he would introduced me to growing up. He didn't respect or trust anyone he called a cop, it was our little secret code.

  22. Yah the four special force border patrol agents that eventually killed the guy went unnamed for that reason, no clue if this guy was one of them.

  23. Yea , except the cartel is a multi billion $ enterprise that doesn’t need Reddit to figure out which agents can be bribed.

  24. I bet this man is a vet. Goes to show that militarizing your police doesn't give them military bravery. Every cop who stood outside is responsible for every death.

  25. I absolutely agree that militarizing the police won’t magically give them the ability to do the things the military does, but I also don’t understand why you would think that an animal doctor would come with those characteristics baked in

  26. Every vet I know hates cops for being lazy, entitled posers who pretend to understand what duty means. We should expect more from our police, but unfortunately a subset of our population is too consumed with being complete morons to have any understanding of what good policing looks like.

  27. Says the WWII draft dodging, spouse abusing drunk who in turn spent much of his later career encouraging men younger than him to join up and fight in Vietnam. Oh, and he tried to beat up a woman at the Oscars for giving a speech he didn't like.

  28. Why is it these fuck ups that commit these atrocities haven’t got the balls to attack a police station or military installation? Rhetorical question.

  29. Nah. He’ll be in local news everywhere. And cartels already know. Its not some top secret shit.

  30. At the end of the day…it’s a gun fight between the bad guy and the good guy. They looked evenly matched so why wait for reinforcements or heavy armor/shields. When nut jobs do this “statement/rage murder” crap, they don’t at times expect to have their “moment” interrupted or cut short by immediate and swift equal counterforce. This dude getting in quick reminds me of the Dirty Harry diner scene, cut right thru the BS…if only this hero got there sooner. Just my thoughts, don’t know the intricacies of the total scenario.

  31. Training should easily trump any adrenaline/rage boost a mass-shooter has. One well trained cop with adequate weapon will win more often than not.

  32. There's no excuse at all for that whole department not swarming that school. They should have all gone in using their expensive gear that I'm sure was said was absolutely needed to protect and serve.

  33. There are going to be a lot of heads that roll after this police fuck up. Or maybe there won't be. Who knows this is America after all.

  34. These mass shooters aren’t foreign terrorists or invading soldiers, they’re American citizens with relatively easy access to a type of weapon that not only makes multiple killings and woundings very quick and easy to carry out but is also fetishised, promoted and an object of desire for many of the same people who say they’d happily shoot and kill a school shooter.

  35. America is a fucking joke. Open racism, mass shootings, riots, police mudering civilians, obsurde focus on celebrity bullshit rather than REAL issues. Ambet Heards Turd is trending more that the school shooting

  36. Pretty funny what you said us true, yet you get down voted because poeples feelings get hurt...well the truth hurts...glad I don't live in that shithole.

  37. No you’re fucking right. The downvotes must be from bootlicking morons who love their gun rights. Murdered kids don’t mean anything so long as they can keep their boom boom sticks.

  38. These kinda things have been happening forever, it’s just they used to be local news, and now they are getting blown up to national news everytime

  39. Ww don't sell hand grenades, tanks, or other war weapons to the general public. Why sell these types automatic assault rifles?

  40. Automatic rifles are already banned in the US outside of rare situations (either way the gun this kid had was not automatic). Also every gun is an "assault" weapon. Media just throws that term around a lot to make things sound more sinister to people who have zero experience with guns.

  41. It's sad that politicians in Texas don't mind putting men like him into those situations with their policies. Glad he made it.

  42. This is not true CBP SWAT team was in the town n ready to go thats why they went in. Officers have different tasks at a mass event.

  43. Think part of the conversation should be on why,regardless of his legal right as an 18 year old to or almost to the day spending 7000$ on tactical weapons did nobody behind the counter give pause.

  44. For every 1 person running toward danger there is 99 people running the other way, it’s that 1 person that we see as a hero and the rest must live with their regret.

  45. I think one is thing is very clear, those cops had zero training to handle any situation on top of that their supervisor most likely told them to just standby

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