1. I applaud you taking care of your family first. Don't forget to spend a little extra time on yourself from time to time. We appreciate you.

  2. no troubles my dude. my dad died in late January so i understand the importance of taking care of yourself/family matters ahead of Bonfire shit. I'm still dealing with depression as an outcome. Shits hard, but we're a community. Stay up

  3. Sorry I missed this comment. Family is well thank you. I talked to crack lee crackle to get his stuff backed up after he lost 3/4 of it, then I talked to allenclark who in clc's absence was making bideos (he seemed the only likely source). Here is a spreadsheet of everything I have backed up (I had to remove the links coz of that vietcong guy, it's also not up to date with clcs stuff but rest assured it is being done. If clc is taken down again I have everything in mediafire along with allens stuff, so hopefully that won't happen again. If you google the names it'll pop up if clc has made them listed, not sure but try it):

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