1. Spread the spreadsheet maybe? Honestly I've no idea but better comms from what the campers want (might need an ambassador even, idk I'm spitballing) and what I can do with the permission of the actual owners. I'm still trying to talk to clc but haven't got the green light to release what I have coz the moneymaking cunts are being cunts (they might monetize his work).

  2. Yes I believe so, the backup program is working so all fine that way just some family issues on my side held this (announcement) up but all good in the end.

  3. Since you seemingly have scripts for things related to YouTube do you think you could rip those first 150 episodes and put them on MediaFire with the rest?

  4. If you could gimme a link then yeah sure, but I only backup other peoples work and cannot find those first 150. Either that or they're in the mediafire that airwolf made.

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