Botox jaw masseter reduction has made my jawline so much more defined from the side. I love it

  1. It was the significant weigh loss you experienced rather than the Botox, which when injected into this area (as I’m sure you know) atrophies the jaw muscles on the side of your face rather than affecting your jawline.

  2. On another note, your haircolor is gorgeous. I would have had children had I known a man with your haircolor. Lol

  3. You look great! If you don’t mind me asking, how many sessions of jaw botox did you have and if you know how many units at the time??

  4. How long did this take? I got 25 units on each side yesterday and wondering if I would see visible results within 2-3 weeks?

  5. The effects really started to show by the second week. Every 2 weeks I would notice how much had changed. You can look at my post history if you want to see the changes over time

  6. I agree you look a lot better. My question is how did you know that this is what you needed? Masseter botox? Did you do some kind of x-ray or ct scan that revealed your proeminent jaw and then you figured out it must not be visible because of the masseter?

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