In honor of finishing the series, I sent my first copy to Mr Cornwell to be signed! What a nice guy!

  1. Yeah! I emailed his assistant on his website and she gave me the mailing address. And I sent a padded envelope with the return postage inside of the package with my book! Got my book back in about 8 or 9 days!

  2. I know he sent signed book plates to many fans who wrote to him as well. So you don’t need to send him the whole book unless that’s what you really want. He’s really nice.

  3. Yeah Destiny is All is better for TV as it's kind of his catch phrase, when he says "Wyrd bið ful aræd" in the books he's normally mulling over choices to himself and hes feeling lost. Inexorable is him being torn by the 3 Norn's and the choices he has to make, Destiny is All is him summing up everything he's had to do. It's cool when you compare it

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