Can I just complete the puzzles?

  1. Not everyone has to play for the story, they can enjoy the challenge of solving puzzle, that's why the Devs made the game non linear

  2. Adding to this, the ending won't make any sense, and you'll be unaware of a very specific thing which could change your experience in a very meaningful way

  3. There are a small handful of terminals which are required to progress the puzzles. These are very obvious, you'll know when you see them, and milton will never talk to you at them. Outside of them, you can skip everything else.

  4. The story part of the game is what made it a 10/10 for me. You can skip it if you want, but it's like you're not even playing the game at that point.

  5. I play the game 3 times never skip the terminals. Its just fun to interact with and it brings a more meaningful ending.

  6. No. I skipped them all my first playthrough. And I didn't feel I missed too much. It's a chore for blokes who don't like reading.

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