Can I look up tutorials on collecting stars?

  1. I was in a same spot like you. I looked up the beginning of the tutorial videos just so I had a rough idea where to start or look. After that I usually tried it by myself unless the puzzle was impossible to know without trying out everything - and trust me there are a few of them.

  2. If you’re looking for a challenge, then you normally shouldnt. Locations and solutions for collecting the stars either become understandable when you master your solving skills and start “thinking with connectors” or just contain hints so the stars can be obtained after solving some sort of a riddle. I am never complaining on any of the puzzles, they all can be solved without a random guess or wall walking etc … not gonna be too easy though. So, If you just want to collect achievements/all endings and are not really into the hardest aspect, looking for solutions is fine. I’d say Talos might have some of the hardest puzzles I’ve met

  3. I went with a guide from the get go. Personally I didn't care about stars from an achievement perspective, but I wanted to access the star levels.

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