No more doja at the weeknd concert?????

  1. $1100???? Sorry if I sound like a rookie I just don’t attend hip hop/rnb shows much. Had no idea they can get that expensive. Worried I’ll never see some of my favorite artists.

  2. Basically same. My brother and I got Row three and Doja is one of my absolute favorite artists ever and I was looking forwards to see her. It either needs to be a solo show or someone equally as amazing as her to open.

  3. Rescheduled twice, canceled once, postponed the tour dates announcement because of the war in ukraine, the special guest has to get surgery, what’s next

  4. I'm already waiting for the Europe dates and now I'm second guessing buying tickets :/ not sure if i can take more rejection loool

  5. She was only the opener not a co-headliner or anything so it’s not that big of a deal. Opening acts get switched around all the time.

  6. better to take care of personal health than risk it for tour, plus it seemed like she didn’t even want to do the tour anyway so it should be better for her

  7. Agree, sad this is the only way she's getting a much needed break but damn if she doesn't deserve it. Her label and producers treat her like shit

  8. It is very frustrating to people who payed to fly out and see her though. I was going to see her for my birthday and I’m devastated she’s not going to be there

  9. The Weeknd can pull almost any artist in the world to open for him if he wants. There’s maybe 25 artists with enough clout to turn that down.

  10. super nervous about who the replacement would be. i know so many of y’all love to act like you hate doja to death but she was really the perfect option in every regard. i’ve seen so many people begging for don oliver and sabrina to takeover again as if they’re able to keep an entire stadium entertained (no hate to them but let’s be real). i really hope this gets pulled together well last minute

  11. i’m with you, these tickets sold like motherfuckers because of both Doja and Weeknd, this was shaping up to be a concert that would be talked ab for ages. Still is, Abel’s gonna give an amazing show but i do not envy his team and the replacement once they’re announced. Honestly, Baby Keem could be a take or Post Malone since they worked together and his album’s comin out soob

  12. Yeah, for example here in Italy (one of the countries where the old tour was scheduled to come to) I think maybe a few thousand people know who Don Toliver even is (no disrespect to him, I love his music), meanwhile Doja is widely known since her song are mainstream and get frequent radio play here as well

  13. yeah I was thinking post malone or like a dua Lipa, travis maybe are the only net positive additions for sales like doja. every other artist is a side dish lol.

  14. Lol same but she was really why I got these tickets . I got super high watched the live stream spent 1600 on tickets I should not have and not look At me 🫠

  15. so bummed about this. obviously i was mostly going for abel but i’m a big fan of hers and was really looking forward to seeing her! also helped me justify the cost of the tickets.

  16. this is literally how i’m feeling too! ugh they would’ve performed so well together. i’m really sad about this :(

  17. This sucks and is such a weird spot. To be the side opener for a football stadium tour you have to be pretty huge. He really can’t get away with another XO member doing a large set. Gonna have to be an established name

  18. Future would be so fire. Gives them both a chance to promote the new albums they recently dropped and perform some songs together

  19. Bruh. Lmao this is wack. Solely because my friend bought tickets to see Doja. And now I probably can't go because of the fact she doesn't like the Weeknd. But I hope she can get a refund tbh.

  20. So bummed about this , they are both my most streamed artists, it will be hard to replace her. , so many ppl bought tix mainly for her 💔

  21. This sucks for the tour. I saw her set at Coachella and she killed it. Really impressive performance and I'm not a big fan or anything.

  22. Hard pass, I got tickets cuz I want to hear some bomb ass vocals. Unless it's Future, only because his lyrics are so outrageously vulgar and make me laugh.

  23. this was my first thought, too. they cancel their poorly selling tour and get to write it off as "we're going to support the weeknd instead". sure, they have to refund what they did sell, but then pick up doja's paycheck for this tour, and get to play in already-sold stadiums. call it a coheadline, play some stuff together like at coachella, feels like a win-win.

  24. I don't understand the disgust of some people. It is assumed that the main reason for buying tickets for THE WEEKND'S TOUR IS THE WEEKND. No? I would give everything for Abel to announce the dates for my country and the least I would care about would be the opening act. Stop complaining and enjoy that you have tickets to see him live.

  25. After her performance at Coachella I’m not too bummed, she seems to be edging into pop punk and I don’t think that would jive well with Weeknd vibes.

  26. Damn, they are my 1 and 2. I’m so glad I didn’t get tickets. Massive disappointment that it would have been

  27. My disappointment is immeasurable but ultimately if it’s for the best it’s completely understandable. Hope she feels better soon!

  28. No doja = longer set = better probability of kiss land songs being played. Also sifting out the people who only came to dilute the crowd by only coming for doja cat is a plus. Imagine buying a ticket just for an opener and not headline. Karma

  29. I hope the new opening act is someone that’s less big, maybe shine some spotlight on some up and coming acts from the country he is performing in. Would love to see that.

  30. That's probably what he was already planning to do for the other continents. Doja was only going to be with him for the North American leg of the tour.

  31. I do not care this will be downvoted but I am very happy about this. I do not like her music. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. Wish the best to her but I'm hoping she's replaced by someone like Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, Don Toliver, or even NAV

  32. Damn. Was interested in seeing Doja but my guess is he’s gonna find a smaller but well known artist to replace. Have a feeling it might be Roddy Ricch. Don’t ask me why but I just have a feeling

  33. that would be disastrous for their current tour, it would’ve already been spoiled with coachella and i have to think somebody on their teams realized how much of a divide in the fan base there is after the coachella response lol

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