1. It was done to benefit the textbook company Gov Youngkin invested in. They passed until they got to the youngkin money generating texts. That’s all there is to it. Grift and nepotism.

  2. “racial profiling in policing” and “discrimination in magnet school admission,” along with one instance in which the book mentioned there were “too many” white police officers in the NYPD compared with the racial makeup of the community.

  3. If that's how you want to summarize it for the people who didn't click the link... fine. You're wrong, but its a good attempt to sway people by misrepresentation.

  4. Racism is an incredibly broad topic, CRT is a subject or school of thought within it. It aims to examine the laws and societal structures which may either deliberately or unintentionally have racially unequal outcomes and effects. A key concept within CRT is intersectionality - the ways in which laws/societal structures which affect certain groups can disproportionately affect different racial demographics differently.

  5. From what I understand, it’s a college-level course that studies systematic racism and bias in the government. I believe it’s intention is to draw connections between historical racism and modern racism or something like. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong this is just what I think I remember.

  6. It’s theoretical. It is objective text. Some of it not objective, but most of it is. I think it can be taught as a college class but nothing more.

  7. Lol god this made me chuckle more than I thought. “This question is referencing white noise so we can’t say anything now can we” too good

  8. I'm down for banning math books. A few years ago my coworker asked me about the "new math" his children were learning and if I had ever heard of it. It made no sense at all and took an entire sheet to do simple addition.

  9. You being unable to do that math is exactly why they teach it now. Everyone else in the world can do it and the US can’t. Source: was a math teacher, did understand it, and taught it to hundreds of kids.

  10. "new math" is just a way of doing maths that people naturally good at maths already use. They're just trying to give kids who aren't good at maths the tools and strategies that those who are use

  11. You really need to look at some of the examples given for the reasons why certain books were rejected instead of pretending you know what you're talking about.

  12. This idiot probably thinks that the parental rights bill is about keeping people from saying the word gay... this country is screwed

  13. “ you are all racist because, just you are” “except you because you arent white” Fuck crt and anyone who supports it is inherently stupid i didnt say racist because i am sick of people dividing everyone by skin THAT is racism and so is crt

  14. My dude, crt is not even a subject, no highschool in america is teaching it. It's just being used as a buzzword, they label some stupid ass shit with it, and then ban whatever they don't like under the guise of 'crt'. Like lectures about the civil rights movement,(actually happened) the legislation is deliberately vague, 'makes students uncomfortable' anything could be banned using that metric. Prime candidates for subjects that make people uncomfortable would be.

  15. If you're this up in arms about students taking an in-depth look at American history through the lens of race...you might be more racist than you think

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  17. And of those countries, which had their valuable resources pillaged and sociopolitical structures interfered with by centuries of colonialism from majority white nations?

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