I was in a bar last night, I’m 41, and all the guys were wearing something like this. Maybe I should get a pair?

  1. Buffalo shoes have been around forever. They are way more subtle than this usually, they make me 5'10" which is nice.

  2. I don't know what kind of bars you frequent OP but I wouldn't be surprised if you did see many guys wearing these shoes. They are quite popular in the UK. But they looking fuckin awful

  3. I’m 6’5 probably given away in the name. height has never given me any adavantage so far. i wouldn’t say I’m good looking but I’m not that bad so I dunno what girls see in it to be honest

  4. Seriously this was just a funny observation I made in a bar yesterday. That almost all the guys I saw wore these. I reckon it’s like Adidas and Russians.

  5. It has gotten fucking RIDICULOUS. All these women are out in 6 inch heels and all these men are stuffing their shoes or wearing pumps. The level of shallowness is at an absolute all time high. I spent Thursday night making out with a chick I was sure was taller than me. Come to find out I'm 3 inches taller than her. The internet has ruined dating and it's becoming fucking tragic.

  6. I had a college friend who wore something similar. I was so awkward. It actually made me look taller when we’d go out and tbh, I just let him be him, and never said anything. though , now I think I should of.

  7. You can add a half inch lift to regular sneakers and it won’t affect your gait or be remotely noticeable. Once you get beyond .5 inches, it becomes a struggle for the shoe to accommodate and for it not to affect your walk

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