For the record, she’s 4’11”

  1. Tbf I honestly think women like these have such flawed perception of height due to men lying about their height. I wouldn't be surprised if she thought 5'5 was 6'0. For 6'5 she's probably thinking someone more 5'9ish

  2. I think she was just trolling. No way 6'5" is really her minimum height requirement when she's only 4'11"... unless she has a serious kink for giving BJ's on her tiptoes.

  3. Have you seen the actor who played the mountain in game of thrones and his wife? It’s hard for the brain to process.

  4. I'm 6'2 and have an ex who was 4'9. Yes, we looked ridiculous together. Didnt help when she got braces...

  5. I’m 4’11” and dated a guy who is 6’5”. I really cared for him but the height difference was awkward, especially since I hate wearing heels. Always having to look up was annoying too.

  6. I firmly believe its a fetish for her and not 'preference'. Like If someone only dated someone that weighed 80lbs or 500lbs.

  7. I think this is their fantasy, 4.11 girl and 6.0+ guy will hold hands awkwardly, weirdly and stupidly and she keep calling guy Daddy! Smh…

  8. I'm 5'2" and briefly dated a guy who was 6'10". It was awkward, kissing was stupid difficult and sleeping beside him in bed was kinda annoying. My 5'9" husband is perfect height for me now. Do they think it's a bigger dick or something? Cause in my experience that's not the case lol.

  9. She’s probably waiting for an nba player to scoop her up, if that doesn’t work there are plenty of giraffes in Africa, but they don’t date girls under 5’1 so awks for her..

  10. I'm 6'4 and I dated a 4'11". You can't kiss while having sex without acrobatics. She's too far down there. It's awkward. Fun to put on shoulders, yeah, but intimacy is hard.

  11. There was this girl that went to my high school and her only goal going to college was to marry a future NFL OR NBA player. She had no career aspirations or anything, it was pretty sad, because I think her dad left when she was a kid and her mom was not a good example to say the least. We live at a weird place in time.

  12. Considering only ~15% of men (at least in the USA) are 6' or taller, these women really are setting their standards absurdly high. People 6'3 or above make up less than 4%.

  13. That’s probably the funniest thing about this whole height dilemma. I don’t think any of them even give thought to the idea that they’ve limited themselves to 0.1% of the potential dating pool and then you see them bitching about still being single or “deleted this app, now I’m back” stuff lol.

  14. For non-americans here, that's 2 meters. Yeah. Apparently, less than 1.5% of humanity fits that bill. Friendly reminder that expecting too much will get you nothing !

  15. That's what I was thinking, 6'5" is huge, I think I only know 1 person over that personally. I know a couple of 6'4" people but I guess they don't make the cut either lol

  16. 1.5% of humans and most of them aren’t in this chicks area, so she is gonna be looking for a while.

  17. I don't know how feet works so I googled how much 6"5 is in meters. It's 1.96!!!? That's het minimum?? If she doesn't live in the Netherlands, where is she going to find someone? Even here that's quite above average and Dutchies are the tallest people on this planet... Imagine just not dating most people on this planet without even knowing what they're like just because they're not twice your height.... And 4"1 is 1.25 m??? That's literally a child's size lol

  18. Im 5'4 and always wanted to date a really taller woman. None of them seem interested in shorter guys though, even after we have a a nice conversation

  19. You ever go to a concert with a short girl? They spend the whole time complaining they can’t see lol

  20. Both my parents are around 5’10” I’m around 5’”10 my brother is like 6’4”. Genes don’t average heights of both parents. They are funny like that.

  21. You joke but I’ve legit thought about this before. I don’t like kids and at least currently don’t plan on any, and I’ve never chosen a dude for their height, but I’m 4’8” and have thought about the “what if”s for sure.

  22. I was gonna throw in a penis joke saying my penis can make up for the extra 5 inches but she would probably run for the hills 💪💪

  23. I'm 5'3 and as someone who's from a family where most of my cousins are 6'6 and taller... it's not as fun as she imagines it is. You can't properly hug someone who has to fold in half to get down to your level.

  24. True. I'm 195cm, which is around 6'5" and my ex was 158cm (5'2") and everything is impractical. Not the least of which is choosing the height of furniture. In the mirror she could only see her forehead, I could only see my chin.

  25. My dad is 5’5 and has two twin cousins that are 6’8 and 6’7. Genetics can be a cruel bitch.

  26. Agreed. I’m 5’3 and my fiancé is 5’7; it feels very easy and more natural when you don’t have to extend or reach to meet the other person.

  27. I just did the measurements on my wall. If she is 4'11" and wants 6'5" minimum. It's very likely (using only evidence backed by nothing) that she has a weird daddy dominance fetish. I hate her.

  28. Pre-meeting my husband, my favorite boyfriend was 5’8. I am also 5’8. People who judge based on this can get bent.

  29. The types that only want tall people are never beyond 4ft tall lol. I think a height requirement is one of the more garbage physical preferences to have since it's something people have zero control over. Like I get not wanting to date someone who's shorter then you but you're 4ft tall and want an NBA basketball player lol. To put things into perspective Dwayne the rock Johnson is a big dude and he's 6ft 4.... lol

  30. I get it when you want that your bf is taller than you but as long as he is taller or the same height who tf cares

  31. Also, that height difference SUCKS. I'm like 6'3 and I tried dating a woman who was around 4'10 briefly. It was so awkward to bend down and kiss her, hold her hands, grind at the club, etc. I'm sure sex could be fun maybe but eh

  32. 5'11" lady as well. Never dated a man taller than me. Husband is shorter than me. I just never thought about height as something to care about, been so surprised to learn it's such a big deal. I've had guys give me grief for being too tall, so I guess it's a similar experience in reverse.

  33. This must be BS or she just wanted to get rid of him. The pool of 6'5 guys must be bloody small.

  34. Because it's a pretty safe excuse to end the conversation. She didn't like his initial message and gave a generic answer.

  35. I was curious, and was wondering how much of the male population was over 6 feet and 5 inches tall. Less than 1%. I'm pretty sure she was joking. OP posted a pic of the girl and asked "potential gym gf?". Like, at least have a better conversation starter. No wonder she replied like that. Talk to her like a human if you want a decent reply back.

  36. I've been there. Rejected by a 5'2" lawn gnome with boobs because I, at 5'9", was also too short for her. I dont get the obsession with tiny women saying gigantic guys. Maybe they enjoy riding around in their shirt pockets like baby kangaroos?

  37. I'm 6'6" and I don't know what the motivator is for that kind of height difference. I'm assuming it's a fetish, so I get it, but it's always fraught territory when you're fetishizing something like height, breasts, waist, hair, etc. because it can feel dehumanizing to the subject of that fixation.

  38. I am over 6'4 and I think this is what it feels like to be short. Getting rejected over something you have no influence over what so ever.... sucks.

  39. I'm 6'2" and I have, uh, math problems with women under 5' 😂 I can't even imagine being with someone smaller. How do they expect that to work?

  40. I was 6’3” in high school when I went to a dance with a girl who was 4’11”. It was the weirdest feeling to dance with someone that short. My back was sore the next day from the awkward way I had to stand. I can’t imagine a full ass relationship with someone almost a foot and a half shorter than me.

  41. lol I'm 4'9" I don't get the whole 6'0" or taller thing for short women. I mean, the likelihood of a guy being taller than you is very high, who cares is they are 5'6" or 6', they still can reach shelves that you can't.

  42. I'm really of the opinion you should try dating people within a couple inches of you. Less backache and less bs that way. And ignore most girls under 5'5 if you're a tall dude cause that is where most of the backache and bs is. :p

  43. It's her right to look for whatever preference she has in a partner even if it's dumb. If I want I can olbly date people who's name starts with A and no one has the right to judge me on that. Or in her case guys who are much taller than her

  44. As a 6’ tall female, I’ve dated both taller and shorter men and women. In my experience, the taller men know they are “worth more” (that’s awful even to type in quotes) to the average woman, due to their height, and often act like it makes them superior or that I should be grateful they are on a date with me. I prefer shorter or same height men as they don’t bring that baggage to the table and you can get to know them, as a person, easier.

  45. It is funny because as a 5'8 guy, I tend to prefer tall women because of something similiar. They are usually far less impacted by height and are more ok with their feminity than girls under 5'5 who needs someone really bigger to compensate their insecurities.

  46. how the fuck is this even a conversation? what the fucking fuck is wrong with you people. are you all 11 years old? I'm all cringed out fuck off

  47. I keep getting gals commenting on how tall I am (6’0”) before they comment on my personality or other attributes. WTF?!?! 6’0” is average to me. Its really strange to me that height is so important

  48. Who the fuck cares. Nothing's wrong with liking taller people. Its called having standards. This sub need sto stop ebing babies and just realize no one is obligated to like you

  49. Love how women will judge men based on something no one can control🤣🤦‍♂️🖕 yet fat women get asshurt because men won't date them because of their weight

  50. what i've learnt about women who do this is that they don't care about the man's height really, they only want to feel small and cute by comparison. that's why they want that height.

  51. it's almost impossible to measure a person's height past "they're taller/shorter than me" from sight. My ex once refused to believe I was over 6', nevermind 6'2", whilst she was 5'7"ish. I got out a tape measure as I was bored and proved it.

  52. My friend (6’5” 320 lb) introduced me to his new Gf. She was 4’11 maybe 100 lb, and when they walked up to me i actually started laughing. Felt like a cartoon

  53. Maybe she likes to give head standing up or is into being a little dont knock her kinks cuz you don’t fit the mold next one there’s a billion mother fuckas and if it’s only coz she shallow bullet dogged just saying.

  54. They're called spinners. She can probably shove her entire arm up to the shoulder in her vagina. She NEEDS a 6'7 guy for that chance at a huge dick, otherwise she would feel NOTHING.

  55. it's the ugly tax (basically just a 'polite' way to say she's not interested in him without saying she's not interested in him specifically)

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