Top mind of r/conservative suggests threatening Latin America countries over US rejection.

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  2. You know what won't help stopping hundreds of thousands of people to try to enter the US illegally? Demanding their governments become police states

  3. Someone should whisper to them that if they don’t like us more, we’ll get scared. And when we get scared we get angry. And when we get angry, they really won’t like us.

  4. Quietly is a good idea. You always want your foreign policy to be on the dl. Are we whispering this to any countries specifically or just like to all of Latin America in general?

  5. Aren't threats like that one of the reasons Latin American countries aren't that big into close ties with the US, at least historically? Kind of like how a lot of countries bordering or near Russia aren't big on maintaining close economic ties with it at the moment.

  6. Conservatives: what's with all of these illegal immigrants coming over the southern border? Why don't they stay and fix their own Latin American countries?

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