“Cody is such a nice guy. Unlike Sierra, he understood that Gwen didn't like him and let her go"

  1. i think cody knows deep down he’ll never get with gwen, and just wants the best for her if she’s not going to date him. this is why he’s a lot happier about trent dating gwen than duncan, because duncan has been mean to him while trent has always been nice (although they’re both nice to gwen)

  2. I agree with you. He knows that he will remain just her friend, so he wants her to date someone who is a good person. Ducan can be a douche when he wants.

  3. I’d say it’s also that Cody knew Trent and Gwen liked each other and would be good together, so he accepted it easier, compared to Duncan who he knew would be bad for Gwen

  4. The thing is Cody respects Trent and is friends with him meanwhile Duncan is just a complete asshole and bully

  5. If anything, he is mostly mad and jealous at Duncan. But it’s not like he stalked Gwen again after he became unhappy with her because of the kiss. Cody doesn’t really learn from his mistakes that much and we obviously know his relations with Duncan to begin with.

  6. The thing I don’t understand is why he'd be going after Gwen given the circumstances, like she and Duncan got into a relationship out of cheating, surely anyone with rationale would think "huh, maybe I shouldn’t try to get with a girl who's taken and also got into a relationship behind someone's back."

  7. I don’t think it’s regression at all. He’s willing to put it aside so Gwen can have a healthy relationship with Trent. Duncan who is a bully and a total jerk to him he’s not going to view as good for Gwen and he’s going to be less willing to put his own feelings aside.

  8. No need to compare Cody and Sierra, seriously, both have problems in a different way and need to learn from them, which I think WT implied and I like thinking they improved together (as friends, at least here because they aren't ready). I just think comparing actions brings fights with no sense, because yeah, Cody didn't do X thing Sierra did, but also Sierra didn't do X thing Cody did. With that said, I can't help but to roll my eyes when Cody is victimized and justified in his actions towards Gwen in WT, yeah, he didn't deserve what Sierra did, but that has nothing to do with what he did here.

  9. I think the difference is that, Trent is a nice guy and actually cared for Gwen, Duncan is pretty much a jerk and was mostly just using Gwen as a escape sort of and in that moment he just found out Duncan was cheating with Gwen, though Cody's intentions were probably more worse then that though

  10. I’d say that’s a justified reaction. Duncan is a douchebag and Gwen could’ve done better (and would’ve if the network didn’t force them together)

  11. Like most of the comments have said, Cody is fine with Trent because he knows he is good for her and are friends whereas Duncan is known for being shitty.

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