So I have new receiver and esc after the snow + slat accident. How about little mud, hope it will be okey this time 😎 what do you think? Should I be worried about my electronic when driving in mud? Btw I love my slash it's amazing to drive and jump

  1. Always a good idea to clean your RC after bashing, I know they say "waterproof" electronics I wouldn't risk leaving it like that long term. I clean mine with simple green spray.

  2. Maybe invest in a dust cover so the tray doesn’t get that bad. I usually pull my electronics after a few months and give my vehicles a good bath. I do the regular cleaning after each bash. Just squirt off with water spray soapy water and use a brush rise repeat as necessary.

  3. It's not the water persay that is the issue it's what's in the water trace minerals is what causes things to short so best to wash it off and put it upside down to dry that way the water doesn't sit in the electronics

  4. Thanks for all replieis. Do you have any tip how to cover the balance plug on my baterry? It's full of mud and i don't think my charger will like that lol

  5. I mean, tape will do the job. Do you have compressed air? Either use compressed air or a simple air compressor if you have one. That'll really quickly get rid of gunk in small areas.

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