HELP, i passed my cdl road test, went to the dmv to get my license and they told me i need 300 hours of supervised driving training. i only have 160 hours on my name because of the driving school i went to. does anyone have an idea how to get the 140 hours left for me to get my license?

  1. Iv never heard of this. I went to a school where I did 6 hours of driving and passed the road test. My license came in the mail a couple weeks later

  2. Find a company, maybe a dump truck company, and work with them. Tell them you need 140 more hours, you'll work as a cdl trainee, then work full time once you get your license. Show them that you passed the road test already, just need the hours. They should be able to sign off on the remaining hours.

  3. i got my class b in new york 3 years ago with 30 hours driving with a school i’m not sure what the requirement was then but i know things have changed this year. i went on the dmv website and found

  4. Are you 18-20. The 300 hours of seat time is for the Intrastate Young Adult CDL program. You either need to pay more to get the seat time at a driving school or get picked up at a company somewhere to get more driving time. The seat time is not required to be under a school.

  5. I don't know about New York but in Florida it's very common for DMV employees to give bad information about CDLs. Maybe try a different DMV office?

  6. That really sucks. In Michigan where I got mine, we only needed 160 hours so when we were done with class, we had our cdl. I'd definitely talk to the driving school that you went to and see if they will work with you.

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