Dating as a guy is just depressing

  1. My therapist encouraged me to get on the apps to put myself out there, feel vulnerable and meet new people. All I’ve done is stare at a screen and become even more depressed by receiving no matches

  2. I had the same advice from a previous therapist. After I had several of my matches threaten to rape or murder me she changed her mind. She really had no idea how bad it was in terms of guys who are willing to make weird threats online or send unsolicited dick pics.

  3. Apps are great if you’re in the top 10% of attractive guys, otherwise you’d have better luck at a book store

  4. If you feel unattractive you could try making a fake profile with your pictures and say you are gay and see how many matches you get from gay guys. Probably a better judge then lack of matches from woman. A huge percentage of woman would never try those apps due to safety concerns and another large chunk will drop out after 1 or 2 scary encounters. I am guessing the percent of men with safety concerns is much smaller so you end up with a stark imbalance. Now happily married but when I was single I tried online dating once went on one date and the guy flipped out on me about me wanting to pay for half my movie ticket (he wanted to pay for both or something) it spooked me so bad at how bad I had misjudged him from online conversations that I never tried it again. Guessing there are a not insignificant number of woman who have similar stories.

  5. Well if you want to date and you are out of college, how are you supposed to meet ppl nowadays? Yes dating apps suck but it sucks a lot less than going to interest clubs or bars and creep on others.

  6. Yup. Any time a guy or girl complains about dating and argues why it's worse for their gender, the other always has to come in somewhere and bitch about it because they have it worse for some reason. Idk how exactly it should've been different, but as a millenial, I've always had the impression that millenials and younger really weren't properly taught how to properly date and socialize. That's especially the case in America, because of course high school didn't teach us anything relevant to our adult lives whatsoever. Y'all ever heard "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" as a meme? That's what it's referring to XD

  7. I worked in a nightclub and the promoter would pay for model type women to come and drink and dance so that the pictures they posted on their social media would look fun and filled with beautiful people.

  8. Dating apps make their money off of active users looking for matches, not happy couples who have been together for a long time. Their fundamental conflict of interest is that they make bank if their app keeps you single and horny.

  9. I'm a guy I can barely handle having 3-4 active matches at a time. I can't even imagine having tens or hundreds of conversations at once. I feel like I would have massive decision overload. Couple that with having to deal with a significant amount of sex pests, "nice" guys, and creeps and I feel bad for the way women have it as well.

  10. The two apps I love are Plenty of Fish and Hinge, the rest of them purely just want money but you do get lucky every once in a while, best thing is to have no expectations and every match is nice tbh

  11. Dating apps are flawed because they’re run based on algorithms. You can swipe right on whomever you like but that doesn’t mean they’ll even see you. The sad fact about dating apps like tinder is that you gotta pay to get boosted by their algorithm to hope to get more matches. It’s a shitty, ineffective way to try and date.

  12. It’s like not even close to affordable it’s crazy. Dil mil is an Indian dating app and you need like 159 dollars to turn in location matching. If not your just matching with people all over the world for no reason

  13. Exactly right. Tinder is a business, and they rely on hopeless guys who have been unsuccessful to pay for their features to access the girls with 100 - 200 likes. They used to work but they just don't anymore. Because the average decent looking girl just gets flooded and chooses whoever she wants

  14. Tinder is 80% men, do the math. Odds are stacked against you so if dating apps dont make you feel good about yourself and delete that shit ASAP.

  15. This is more honest and less entitled than the “honestly, it’s your profile bro, remove that one picture of you catching a fish bro, no gym pics bro” shit.

  16. This is why you don’t use online dating stuff tho it’s not so bad when you just talk to ppl in real life and make plans, the internet can’t replicate that imo

  17. Fucking this, regardless of gender. Each side has separate issues, and it feels like this post is woefully unaware of women’s issues.

  18. Goal-oriented dating is depressing, especially online. You’re so focused on the 9s and 10s that never responded but “could have been,” the money you’re spending on this date, whether this person fits your partner criteria, etc. etc. to focus on the person you’re on a date with and just have fun. I recently witnessed a date where the two people involved had so little to talk about, they were literally listing ALL the food they liked.

  19. You never know you can still get cheated on. On average, people in long term relationships start to cheat around 7 years into the relationship

  20. Something is deeply wrong on society. Males are expected to be a entire circus to entretain a girl, while girls are plagued by crazy guys wanting only sex and getting agressive once denied. I have a GF but the memories of when i was single and knowing its still so bad out there is depressing

  21. Agreed. Worse is when there are places and sources promoting the idea that each gender is out to do bad to the other. Which ironically creates that problem.

  22. I'm so fucking glad that I met my husband on IRC. You had to be funny and creative to stand out in a channel of 120+ people. I noticed his humor three years before I learned what he looks like, and he was (and is) hot with his long hair. Didn't think I had a chance in hell...

  23. Eh, beating your wife was widely accepted as a normal practice and having her stay in the kitchen, stay uneducated, and raise the kids with no help were commonplace too in the past.

  24. Yeah ive given up on dating sites. I've been on a bunch over the course of about 4 years and it's been a humiliating experience. Nothing really crushes the self-esteem quite like going 2 months with no matches and getting one word responses when you do match

  25. Kinda a self own for OP to say the only women interested in him are conventially unattractive women. Maybe he needs to figure out if he himself is dating in the same league and should probably "lower his standards". (Even though I think all of that is dumb and anyone can potentially find another person attractive depending on the random preference a person can have)

  26. I think you hit on something important, "would you want to date you." That's what took me the longest to realize when I started using dating apps. I'm nothing special; I definitely don't have those fancy abs. I thought I was a good guy, but I was just your generic "nice guy." But the dating apps gave me incentive to improve myself. I developed hobbies, traveled, took up photography with a passion, volunteered at food pantries, and just worked to become a better version of myself. It took me several years, but I met the most amazing woman on a dating app. And in the past 7 years we've had ups and downs, laughed and cried, survived disease and disasters; and we are stronger now then ever. I couldn't imagine my life without her. Dating apps work; maybe they take time; maybe people need to work on themselves first, but the apps work. And, I definitely don't recommend that OP be too focused on looks. If you don't want someone with a certain body type, that's fine, but everyone has imperfections. I found that after a few dates any imperfections you notice become cute little idiosyncrasies, and all that is left is the person you are with.

  27. This!!! OPs post here is full of giant red flags for any prospective partner, he's probably putting that same energy into his profile... dude needs some serious introspection before dating anyone IMO.

  28. Oh my God your comment should be so much higher. I almost never look at people's post history but here we are. I wish they'd post their page on

  29. OP is part of the problem. If he’s getting matches of women he finds unattractive, he’s swiping right on everyone.

  30. Ya. I'm happy to say I never rode this wave of dating apps back when tinder came along and it got so mainstreamed. To me it seemed like nothing more than an opportunity to either have your feelings hurt or meet a fucking crazy person.

  31. 2 tip for you. Try bumble, and figure out if you're a boring person. On apps, women don't swipe right just on abs. They tend to want to see you having some interests and personality.

  32. I swiped right once on a guy who seemed corny but was playing the piano in one photo, turned out to be quite hot and smart irl after a decent conversation online and a drink. So yes show that personality! Fewer matches but better matches for sure. I always look for cultural cues in photos like what type of clothes you wear and music you listen to, what you do, what you like, to give a chance at connecting at least a bit!

  33. Yeah, when I used dating apps I actually avoided guys with “look at my abs” pics. I figured they wouldn’t be very fun to hang out with. I liked guys who clearly had a passion for something (bonus if I liked it too). Actually I avoided dudes who were super into fitness in general (even though I was lifting weights 5x a week) because I thought they’d be a general pain in the ass to go out with and because I didn’t know their motivation to exercise (preferably just to be healthy and feel good, but it also could be vanity or insecurity about masculinity— and I couldn’t just ask that right off the bat).

  34. As someone who used tinder a few years ago, and met my husband on it… it might genuinely be your bio or photos you’re using.

  35. You're doing God's work. May I add: having something like "If you're xxxxxx or will do xxxxxx don't talk!!!!!" in your bio. Even if I'm not x I'm just not gonna do it, you sound insufferable and defensive.

  36. Back in my Tinder days, I also instantly swiped left on dudes who got their education from "the school of hard knocks", and those who inexplicably included a picture of their car. And I mean just the car in a driveway - no one in the shot, no dog in the passenger seat, just car.

  37. Yeah, this. If you want to be respected or noticed, don't say something or use a picture that you wouldn't use during an interview.

  38. Left swipe: dead deer, fish, chicks hanging on you but you blurred the face, group pics and I can’t tell who you are, multiple dirty mirror selfies, “jokes” for jobs/education. Car selfies also lame.

  39. Or the classic that goes something like, “women only want rich tall guys so idk why I’m here”. If you have such a low opinion of me why should I swipe?

  40. Yeah I met my boyfriend on tinder years ago and I remember swiping left on so many people because I got the impression that they were afraid of showing their personality through their pics. I couldn’t believe these people could not show anything else apart from their group of friends and a beer. They might even have been nice people but if the first impression that I get is that you don’t want to show me who you are then I’m not interested…

  41. It is unbelievable how many men don’t put any smiling pics in their profile, and if I don’t see pics of you smiling I’m going to assume you have no personality and swipe left

  42. I am a very average looking guy but I played in a band and had a cool pic or two from that, nice one of my face, full body pic, and sometimes a shirtless mirror selfie if I had my profile blatantly set up to find fwbs. I always had matches and dates. I had a leg up because me an my previous gf used to tinder together so she helped me learn how to present myself in a way that would interest woman. I would advise any guy whose having trouble to get some help from some of there female friends. There really should be someone for everyone as long as you are respectful

  43. Matched with a guy long ago that said he worked for Nickelodeon. Asked him about it because I worked in animation and he was so taken aback that anyone would ever work there for real.

  44. 14 years ago, when I went to a datingsite, to find someone to spend my spare time with I put down a few rules, the guy had to abide to (unknowing of course) for me to want to answer him (or make contact with him):

  45. What do I do if I have basically no photos of me? People don't take photos of me, the only photos of me in the last five years are 2x mirror selfies, 2x photos with friends' kids snuggled onto me, and 1x of a lady friend doing a selfie with me.

  46. As a gay guy I 100/10 do NOT recommend 🥲 it’s 1000 times harder for us out here on these apps fr. I’ve already lost all hope and am preparing to die alone lmao

  47. Both men and women definitely have their own unique difficulties with online dating. We can discuss both sides all day. But OP, I just looked at your post history and I have to be brutally honest with you… you are not really as much of a catch as you think. First post I saw was you calling a woman “some bitch” woo sat on your towel at the gym. Then I scroll further as see a bunch of posts about weed and other drugs (no judgement, I smoke too, but a lot of women won’t be into that). This is going to sound harsh so I apologize, but your fingernails are dirty and there are other signs of uncleanliness in some of your pics. But, the most glaringly obvious deficiency is your attitude. Fix your attitude, and hopefully those other things will follow. Try to start with self love. I’m sure you have a lot to offer, but you did to do a total reevaluation of how you perceive yourself and others and be brutally honest with yourself about what will make you happy.

  48. Of course. Why am I not surprised? It’s always dudes who are completely delusional about their worth who end-up throwing bitch fits about women not wanting to suck their dicks, isn’t it?

  49. Also, I don’t know if OP still has the wispy mustache from one of his budgie videos, but no amount of abs would make that okay for most women I know. Just shave it.

  50. This is a good place to start and maybe not just for OP but for everyone struggling. Got to put your best self forward if you want to attract the best versions of other people.

  51. And this is why I don’t bother to read a guys rant about dating. Because turns out the guy is an utter ass hat of a 🤡

  52. I was on dating apps 10 years ago and it was the same thing. I also tried to be polite and respond to everyone but some guys did not take that well. I got one message, my very first message from him, that was just “fuck you”. Asked why he lead with that message and it was because he thought I was only on the website to toy with guys and I’d never actually date any of them. That was so out of left field and just him taking his frustrations out on me. I have so many other bad experiences I could share. Did find my husband on a dating app, so fuck you dude was wrong.

  53. For guys it's trying to find an oasis in the desert, for girls it's finding fresh water in a swamp. Both very frustrating delimmas that we both have to have some empathy and understanding of the other side in.

  54. This was my wife's description of dating as well. Within her first day on Match, she got pelted with over a hundred messages. Many of them were sexual and/or outright psychotic.

  55. Lol when you reject them. Or after you exchanged numbers and realize it’s not working out they still get on other numbers to message and harass you for having “high” standards they can’t meet.

  56. A million times this. I match with the majority of guys I swipe right on. The first messages are a tsunami of 'hey' and 'nice tits' and 'can I put my dick in your ass and choke you?'. Those last two are insta-deletes since I don't want to know a guy who talks like that to a stranger who hasn't invited it. Guys who look totally normal and dateable in profiles still wind up being creeps. I stopped trying to reject them politely or tell them how offensive their comments are because it just leads to verbal abuse and threats.

  57. ..and you have men who pretend to want a relationship with you when they don't. Sometimes they don't show their true colors up front. I went out with a guy and then the next day he asked for nudes. I also found out one had tried to kill his ex, and then there are the married men who are looking to cheat.

  58. Don't remember where I saw this but... Men die in a dessert desperate for water meanwhile women die in the middle of the ocean drowned. They both got it rough and in the desperation they may want to change their problem to the exact opposite. By this i mean: as a men I don't get compliments often. In my loneliest days I would have loved to be in your position. Like imagine hundreds of women flirting with me (even if is just for sex) its like heck yeah (of course this is just a fantasy). Meanwhile you probably would have chosen to have 1 or 3 guys talking to you honestly even if they aren't really that interesting.

  59. This, 100%. Cool, I got matches. How many are going to end up being absolute dbags, want to use me for sex, won’t respond, or will call me a slew of slurs. On top of that, we need to screen every single one to make sure they’re not a predator. And while doing that, we also need to be nice and “give guys a chance”. God forbid we reject a guy. Call me what you want, whatever. But it’s exhausting being threatened just for saying no

  60. This is why social media is such a blight on true human connection. Those men who called you names would probably not do tye same thing face to face. Maybe some would.

  61. What I take home from this wonderful perspective is that dating apps sucks and that I'm most certainly doomed. Ty.

  62. I’ve heard horror stories from friends of friends on these apps ranging from what you described to unsolicited dick pics. I try to approach dating differently after hearing these stories. Sometimes it backfires from being to open to pick a restaurant (so I don’t come off as demanding and rather flexible) and that particular match wants someone decisive. Sorry you have to deal with this shit. It’s definitely worse than what us guys have to deal with, since you are being literally threatened at times; but it’s painful for us in another way I guess. Stay safe out there

  63. This should be copied and pasted on so many sites and all men on dating apps should see it. Thank you for being so articulate and honest

  64. Ya I saved this, well articulated. I'm shocked at how out of touch some dudes with this reality. I meet so many dudes who's pass time is being a troll or little shit on the internet, that I am baffled why any man who has played an online game can't understand why online dating would be any different.

  65. Try also being a woman who has a guy manipulate her because she didn’t respond fast enough. I had that happen to me and while it wasn’t bad to the extent you went through, it’s awful how women are expected to be there for a guy every moment in his life.

  66. We need a dating app that has different rules for men and women. Women should not have to deal with being spammed with messages, and men should not have to deal with OPs problem.

  67. I think the universal truth for all sexes, one of the hardest ones for any of them to deal with is “You being attracted to someone doesn’t make them automatically attracted to you.”

  68. Yup. I don’t think men realize how few women are actually interested in a guy that works out constantly as his hobby. I’m sorry but it’s boring. I don’t want to get stuck hearing about your leg routine, bro. I avoided anyone who looked like he was too worried about his macros to go out for tacos and beers. OP would likely have better luck finding a woman IRL who is also a gym enthusiast. I met my husband at a dive bar gig. Apps aren’t the only way to meet people.

  69. He sounds like my ex. Went to the gym and constantly told me that I'd hit the wall when I turn 30 if I don't work out. He was very sexist and mean to me. I am now with a loving man who has a big belly and I kiss that belly every day. I massage his feet almost every day. I love him.

  70. Dude take my advice : avoid dating apps at all costs the whole mass dating profiling and stacking people is terrible for men is self esteem. Second avoid approaching women in places like bars nightclubs or anything similar also terrible for your self esteem. The smart move would be meeting women in a normal every day environment: cafes libraries books club grocery store or for example while practicing a hobby either learning a language a new skills camping hiking those types of things.

  71. Approaching women in normal everyday environments isn’t exactly easy. Most people, especially women, don’t like being approached by strange men. Strangers don’t really have the greatest reputation lol

  72. I've seen this "advice" posted multiple times and every single time it's followed by many women saying how much the idea of getting approached while shopping or at the library is terrifying. I wonder where you got the idea that this is good?

  73. “I’m a catch and attractive but fat chicks fuck that shit… BUT why doesn’t anyone like me and my shitty opinions 😭”

  74. I think it has a lot to do with the level of risk involved for woman and dating people they've never met before. There is a huge level of physical power imbalance between the average woman and the average man. There are a lot of scary fuckin dudes out there and if you, as a woman, aren't careful about who you let into your life, any number of terrible things could happen to you.

  75. You’re putting a lot of stock into your appearance and your standards. I think your results are reflective of that.

  76. It seems there's one of these posts every week that hits the popular page and it's always posted by some scummy dude whose post history makes it very clear why he's single.

  77. You just described the problem perfectly- men swipe women they don’t want, inundating women with almost every guy match possible so they’re more selective as such and get to go out of their league on the app because, well, all these attractive men like them on it, so why not. You’re to blame for this problem you’re complaining about

  78. I always think of that principal skinner meme in these situations. OP and men like him are like, “Am I out of touch with what women are looking for? No! It’s the women who are wrong!” They’ll just keep on doing stuff that doesn’t work and getting bitter that women don’t respond to it instead of changing their approach. It would be funny if it didn’t make so many of them hostile and low key scary.

  79. You talk about gym and weight. Good for you, but anybody can do that. Not even a word in your post about emotional awareness. To my knowledge, this is the department in which 85% men are lacking.

  80. It doesn't help some of these dudes that women tend to sniff out men who have.. preconceived notions, about women. So they turn their issue into a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

  81. Op thinks the gym, abs, and being a student counts as an attractive personality. That's millions of guys his age. Oh, and complains about fat chicks. I'm willing to bet he's not as buff as he thinks and either has a bad profile/pics or presents himself in a poor light. I've matched with guys I didn't think were super hot but they had a great personality that came across in their profile. It's a much more involved calculus than 'Chad is hot, I will carry his seed'.

  82. To be fair, you can't really tell I'd someone is emotionally intelligent or intelligent by looking at a tinder profile... OP was just talking about getting the initial match, not securing a date.

  83. "Getting abs" does not make you instantly attractive to women. A good personality does that. You seem young, as you mentioned college, so there's still time for you to not blame the women you pursue for your own potential shortcomings.

  84. Jeez, this comment is too low. Just from this post I wouldn't go near this guy, his looks and "standards" are NOT the problem

  85. No offence bud but it seems the problem here is mostly you. Maybe you're standard's are too high and why you matching with girls on dating sites you're not attracted to? If you're not matching with what you go for then maybe change your profile or pictures. Maybe change your bio to show your sense of humor and try to not come across as egotistical. I'm not trashing you btw I'm just saying try to look from the eyes of the sort of girl you'd go for.

  86. I like how the dude thinks his life is well put together because he got a six pack and goes to college. Also seems to have zero expectations other than physical in his dates. This is the kind of behavior that would be a huge no go for me from the start, even though I am quite picky about my partner’s and my look too. This is only the ground to built on. Grow up

  87. So your whole post is about how you look, but how do you express yourself in your profiles? Do you have a bio? Do you list your interests, likes, and dislikes?

  88. As a woman, I don’t do dating apps. I’ve found them unrealistic. And I don’t prefer to spend more time on my telephone than is required.

  89. Right? Much better to find someone cool while doing activities you like. And plus, there's already something in common

  90. So you work out, have abs, and go to college? That's literally every person from the age of 18-24. You need some perspective my dude.

  91. I found it super fun, I've downloaded Bumble and tinder a couple of times always finding great matches.. i guess you're not as attractive as you think , and your profile and pictures , could be better...

  92. To be fair, you aren't entitled to get particular people swiping on you just because you go to the gym etc. You can't really be upset about matching with overweight people if you swiped on them too? Maybe don't complain about who swipes on you if you have acknowledged that you lowered your standards. Idk what you'd expect.

  93. Work on your personality. I'm living proof this "you need to be 6'5" and jacked to get noticed" shit is fake. I was turning down dates on tinder and wound up with an absolute tenner of a partner. I frequently see their old dating pool and believe me, my looks aren't noteworthy in comparison. I have zero style or sense of fashion. My city is not a large one.

  94. Ditch the tinder and other dating apps. People usually just collect "matches" to boost their ego, and feel good that someone is intrested in their looks.

  95. Dating as a guy isn't depressing. Dating as you is depressing. My story is just as anecdotal as yours, but I've had great success on Tinder as an average looking but fairly overweight guy from 22 - 27 in the DC area. Lots of my guy friends have as well.

  96. I use to have “high standards”. I was always alone, depressed, low self esteem too.In my particular situation, I realized I had un realistic expectations of my potential partner.( not saying get with someone your not attracted to) start seeing people for what they really are, beauty really is only skin deep.

  97. Sounds like you care more about appearance than anything honestly. Because honestly everything you mentioned negative was that overweight people were getting more dates or how because your lean and have abs that would give you an edge. Yes girls are messaged way to much on those sites and harassed. I hate them and stopped using them. The gym is a passion for you that's good but that doesn't mean you need to lower your standards. Try to find someone who enjoys the gym just as much as you. Still if attractiveness and appearance are what your looking for you will never be truly happy. Try to find someone you emotionally connect with and make that your main priority. This is from a guy who doesn't go to the gym and is a little overweight but still get dates. So don't worry about not looking good enough just have good hygiene, take care of yourself, be confident but not cock, and remember to take time to learn about your potential partners likes and dislikes, and see if you connect emotionally overtime.

  98. Maybe forget about finding someone on those apps. It certainly won’t happen if it’s fabricated over the internet. Look inward a little bit and discover who YOU are. Because the people you meet desire the same connection you do, and likely feel the same things you do as well. Human connection is one of the most difficult things to cultivate.

  99. This thread and the replies kind of reminded me of a coworker of mine. He's a very unsassuming guy, but very bright and a great conversationalist. Lost his hair pretty young, is about 5'8", and wears glasses - but a nicely structured face. Anyway, after a pretty sad breakup with his gf (she kind of dumped him in a horrible way), he grieved and then went right out on some site like Bumble. He even showed me his profile. Just a shoulders up picture, very recent, standing out in the woods. He also used his unusual middle name instead of his common first name, which I thought was kind of weird. He said he did it because he had heard that you get more responses with a more distinctive name. He had really appeared to do a lot of research into what you say and show on a profile to maximize the type of people you wanted to respond.

  100. Umm did 2 years of gym just to realise, girls fall for personality most of the times and don't care much about abs, they just need a man with good physique and have manners and can talk about various topics... And yes girl should be sensible too from the other side for good long relationship...

  101. I'm obese and divorced and had no trouble meeting with and talking to women. Perhaps the problem lies on your end, not theirs? Look at your profile compared to other guys, for example, or talk to female friends you can trust and see if they'll give you some feedback. Are you interesting to talk to? Do you have anything interesting to say, or do you think that "I go to the gym 6 days a week and have abs" qualifies as good enough?

  102. If women had lower standards irl than on an app, you wouldn’t have to use it. You sound like a loser.

  103. I get matched just to get a get how are you and the conversations never lead to anything it’s annoying

  104. The problem with online dating is if you're not spectacularly charming then you're tossed to the sidelines. Earnestly looking for someone to date is very rarely respected in that world and I think that's an issue.

  105. Dating aps are about selling yourself and you wouldn't want to buy what most men on dating apps are selling. If your not getting matches it's because your profile isn't attractive. Highlight what makes you different and interesting. Think about why a woman would want to spend time with you.

  106. I mean. No offense, but if you're certain its not your looks. It might be your personality. Maybe look inward? What are you offering as a partner? Other than your physique of course. Why have past dates/relationships failed and how could you be a better partner for someone. Good luck to you!

  107. It's easiest to get girls in public and out and about. I am a 25 year old woman (married with children) and i promise you that 95% of all average or above looking women who lead normal social lives do not use online dating seriously. This is because they have no shortage of men hitting on them in real life, which is where these women give their numbers and start going on dates. My advice? Skip the apps, go join local clubs and activities, find excuses to talk to women you think are attractive out in public. It's not creepy at all as long as you practice your puck-up skills.

  108. It sounds like there is some dynamic at play here that you are unable to recognize. It’s hard to see ourselves as others see us sometime

  109. I don't think it's just about the looks. What attracts people irl and on dating apps is confidence. Some hacks to try: show some humour in your profile, post a funny picture, a clever comeback, a witty joke.. anything to show off your personality, not just your looks (also pictures with cats/dogs do the trick)

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