Tried a dildo for the first time

  1. Self penetration is just uncomfortable for me (vagina or asshole) but with a partner it's just different. Idek why exactly, I'll literally be on the brink of orgasm when masturbating and penetration still will be "meh." With a partner we could be just getting started and it already feels amazing

  2. It takes some getting used too. I like having a toy in me. Movement doesn’t feel that great unless I’m extremely horny, then it feels alright.

  3. Just remember: "no base, no trace". If it doesn't have a flared base it can unfortunately get sucked in and end up lost up there. Just use something with a flared base to avoid being that person in the emergency room who 'accidentally fell on a shampoo bottle' or whatever and you're good to go.

  4. Please don’t put random objects up there. You don’t want to end up in the ER with like a wrench stuck up ur ass… or do you?

  5. Im not too fond of diodos, but I did like my vibrator for a bit. I honestly was just cumming too fast though lmaooo like where’s the fun in that? No build up, just damn near instant orgasm 😭

  6. the guys who say this is gay would be real hurt if they found out how many straight men actually like it 😂 just because you like anal play doesn’t mean you’re gay

  7. Only 2 things make a man gay, 1) sexual attraction to men, 2) lack or absence of sexual attraction to women.

  8. Easy now, whether you identify as straight or not, buying a dildo to put it up your ass is indeed gay. Just like if you told me you bought a dildo to suck on it, that’s gay.Two each is own! But let’s call a spade a spade here

  9. Sometimes a dildo can feel like extra steps and alot of hassle. Get it out, clean it, use it whilst looking for looking for the perfect video whilst wanking, dropping the phone and getting it sticky while you frantically try to silence it after it went full volume as it fell..

  10. I'm glad it's plexiglass. That way we all know who not to associate with. I was homophobic until I was like 18 and then I realized I was just a fucking dick. I legit thought just because guys were gay they were going to instantly want to have sex with me. I'm completely ashamed even typing that out now. Opened my mind and never looked back. A shit ton the happier for it.

  11. I use one personally and with my partner (F). It's only tip stimulation but it gives me intense releases. When I'm inside her and we use it on her, I feel the buzzing as well. Yum.

  12. I dig what you’re going for n got but felt a bit heavy handed via Ryan Reynolds, although I’ll tell ya, just between us now, although heavy handed, his skin is particularly soft. He claimed Asian baby boy foreskin although he couldn’t produce receipts or proof they were male babies. What I certainly wouldn’t mind is another one of those last time handie’s n your commentary across many subs I sub too (even though I claim dom top,) just for the entertainment

  13. 26M here. The "p-spot" is actually in then up so dildos aren't a good stimulator. Prostate massager or a plug is a better fit.

  14. I feel like its taken me 20 years to really know and become comfortable with what gets me off as a bi-male doing prostate play. So maybe...try it again sometime?

  15. To be gay you have to actually enjoy committing sexual acts with other men and your genuinely attracted to them. Even if you are gay nothings wrong with it, be yourself and enjoy yourself while your existing.

  16. I made out with a dude, in a pretty little setting, on my balcony in New Orleans.. He was bi, and I told him I've never kissed a man.. We made out for like 6 seconds, and then kinda had a bro-nod. aka, me realizing I didn't feel anything from it. Had to try it though, I'm a weirdo ;)

  17. One thing friend, when choosing sex toys for your backside, make sure it has a flared base. Don't turn a fun night into trip the hospital!

  18. I used a small plug and it helped to get my volume of ejaculate up. I haven't tried pumping any thing in and out of there but just the light pressure from the plug was enough.

  19. it took me a couple tries to get used to it, bought one because i was tired of using my fingers and now that i use it semi-frequently i feel like i don’t climax as hard without it in me

  20. When I was in high school I put a condom on the end of a hammer and tried to see if I could feel the p spot. I didn’t and my results were the same as OP’s

  21. Honestly I’d recommend a different toy. Like a curved vibrator or one with a what they call “coke hither” motion. Not everyone likes the sensation or a dildo. But there’s plenty of other options to try to find something you like!

  22. Hey man, most guys cringe even talking about it, but most genuine women accept more than most, being able to push that stupid US standard. I have p_spot massager and a vibrator for the extra fun and women love it! No shame!!!

  23. do you guys ever look at someone's profile pic in relation to their comment and then wish that they didn't

  24. What does hitting the p spot feel like? Closest I had was a doctor checking for hemorrhoids. He did this swirly thing with his finger because he felt I was constipated. After I was pouring sweat, ass in pain, nauseous, and holding back a mean shit. I had to walk thru the waiting room to the bathroom, looking like I was dying. Btw, the doctor didn't do anything, he said I have a hemorrhoid and there nothing we can do.

  25. You used a good helping of lube, right? First insertion always is the worst part, but if you have a lot of lube you should get used to it, feels weird but shouldn’t hurt

  26. Yeah I'm still trying to unlock the secrets of butt play tbh. Some dudes swear they can stick something up there, hit their prostate, and reach heaven... Hasn't been my experience at all. Some are just built differently I guess. I mean, there's some semblance of heightened pleasure but usually only when I'm working the front, and overall I would say it's not worth it for the trouble.

  27. Be careful with foreign objects back there. I used to work for a large hospital and dildos and bottles would have to be removed from patients quite often.

  28. Self penetration isn't fun. Now, if you had someone else doing it for you?! It may just be the time of your life!!! Never know until you try, right?! Lol :P

  29. I was intrigued by the idea and I played around back there and didn't get it. I dunno if I was doing it wrong but it seemed like a lot of hubbub over nothing

  30. I've heard fingering yourself sucks compared to getting fingered. I guess same is valid here. You should try dick. 🤷‍♂️

  31. Ah yes this is a true of my chest. Must have been walking around with this problem weighing you down so much you had to come and get it off your chest.

  32. That’s so awesome that u felt comfortable enough to try it yourself. I just hope i can get my bf to get in on it! I know he wont regret it

  33. Don’t bro I popped a gas station horny pill one time and ended up letting my wife put her dildo in my butt. Found out for sure I’m not gay

  34. Honestly I think something that actively stimulates the prostate would feel better. Like if it vibrates or something

  35. I've also tried them a few times, and I agree with you, but I have found that when I'm in the mood to use one they're great, and finishing when I want to use one is pretty intense. I as a man have had leg shaking orgasms where I couldn't walk for a time from using toys before, and I didn't even think that was possible for men. I only do it once every maybe four months(if that) and it's pretty good, most of the time. But I get what you're saying, sometimes it is very disappointing and I get nothing from the extra effort.

  36. Can’t say I’ve tried that but anyone who hasn’t had prostate stimulation is missing out on a whole different world of pleasure

  37. A dildo won’t hit your prostate unless you know how to angle it. Get a prostate massager or learn how to manually stimulate it. Once you find it, you’ll be glad you did.

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