My girlfriend is extremely jealous and cheated on me yesterday

  1. She’s projecting, OP. I dated someone that was so insanely jealous and over-analytical… and turns out she was cheating on me/sexting/talking to other guys.

  2. You're right, and honestly I don't know which I would find worse. I am disgusted that she crept over to me in bed and kissed me good morning.

  3. My ex and I had this same discussion she told me "I really didn't want to have sex with this guy so I just give him a blow job. It's not really sexl." I argued yes it is. It's oral sex. Still sex. We went back and forth with this and things got heated and I told her. Okay, since you don't really consider a blow job sex, then I'm gonna go ahead and let your friend Lisa blow me cause it isn't really sex. End of discussion.

  4. Beyond the fact that oral sex is still sex, I feel like i need to point out the obvious.. as someone who has been both cheated on and been the cheater, I can say with about 99% confidence that she had sex with him.. "Why would I come clean and tell you I blew him only to deny fucking him, that makes no sense." It's the type of gaslighting that's designed to say, "look at how honest I am. Even though I betrayed you and knew that I probably could have gotten away with it, I love and respect you too much to not tell you. And even while I was making this horrible mistake, that love and respect stopped me from going all the way through.. That is how much I love you- even in such a horrible state of mind and so angry, I not only was able to show restraint, but I just HAD to come clean immediately"..

  5. Jealous psychopaths are usually the ones that cheat. They’ll use any excuse to justify their actions and gaslight you. She probably did way more than just a blowjob.

  6. Red Flags are everywhere. Leave. Now. Her jealousy is her insecurity and it sounds like she needs professional help. That is absolutely not your responsibility.

  7. when someone shows you who they are, believe them. seems like i've seen several stories over this year of dude's finding out their kids aren't theirs because of situations exactly like this. some fight happens-> girls night out-> reconciliation and getting back together->she's pregnant, but doesn't ever mention that girl's night out-> fast forward 15 years later, TIFU by having our family take genetic tests

  8. "I'm sorry, but we're breaking up. The fact that you cheated on me has completely ruined my trust in you and has shown who you truly are. I can't continue being happy in this relationship now that I know this about you. Perhaps this was a one time mistake, but you made this choice, and now you can deal with the consequences, goodbye."

  9. No, find the guy she sucked off AND let him fuck you. Then breakup. And continue doing that with all future lovers she has. You are a man of principle and honor OP, show her

  10. They did have sex. Just because it wasn’t penetrative doesn’t make it any less of a betrayal. Also how do u know she’s not lying about the full on sex?

  11. Her acting up is called projecting. It sounds like if rolls were reversed, she'd be cheating, which she did. So her yelling at you is her venting her own insecurities. Get the duck out while you have an opening.

  12. I find most people are extremely jealous because they're projecting. Once a cheater always a cheater. Dump her asap. Hoe

  13. My ex got extremely angry at me and accused me of cheating because I watched porn, and then later told me her ex (they broke up cause both were cheating on each other) was offering her money to sleep with him.

  14. I totally agree with you but there's a small correction I wanna make. I was a cheater once but that doesn't mean I'm gonna cheat always. Not rationalising or encouraging anything. Just an opinion. That people change and deserve a second chance. I'm not sure in OP's case but just wanted to tell this in a general way.

  15. Im so sorry this happend to you. She doesn't love nor respect you OP. She maybe believes that she does and will try to convince you of it but its not true. Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn't love you as you deserve? You only have this one life you know. What she did was unforgettable but if you choose to forgive her i hope its worth it. Good luck!

  16. My ex was hyper paranoid about me cheating on him, checking up on me, suspicious of any dude who looked my way. Guess what the ex ended up doing?

  17. Classic hypocrisy. The people who get the most crazy and accusatory when their partners look at or like a photo of someone else are ALWAYS the ones who cheat. They know that they have or are capable of cheating and hate themselves for it. But instead of fixing themselves, they transfer that guilt to the other person. Leave this girl. She for sure will cheat again (especially if you accept her back after doing it) and will always accuse you of cheating too (because you taking her back will make her believe you’ll cheat just to get back at her) Far too much drama coming from this girl for it to be a healthy relationship.

  18. Yeah sucking a stranger and then kissing you goodnight and good morning...come on man. Someone who acts like that dont love you even if they say otherwise

  19. Forgive her and take her back. Delete all your socials and actually you know what, it’s all your fault for making her jealous. If you didn’t she wouldn’t have cheated. If you think about it, it’s actually your fault.

  20. Oh, that's easy: She was coping and projecting her own shitty behavior (or ability of being shitty) onto you. She feared you cheating, because either she cheated before or had the capibility for cheating in her and/or cheated in previous relationships.

  21. Lol my ex did the same thing and I forgave her (cause I was weak and I am codependent, working on recovery), and she still ended up cheating on me multiple times after that.

  22. Why does this post say girlfriend and not ex girlfriend? You need to sort that out lad… you’re worth more than she’s giving you.

  23. She’s for the streets, so let her return. She had another man’s meat in her mouth. His babies were probably having a swap meeting in her throat and still being digested. The fact that she tried to downplay it like sucking someone off other than your man is not a big deal. That’s manipulative behavior. Oh well, I didn’t bone him at least. This is 304 language. What happens the next time she’s mad?

  24. The whole “2 different personalities” thing is worrying, either she needs real, medical help, or she’s just a bad person. I can’t tell from this but OP either way you need to be careful.

  25. Projecting. Someone constantly accusing you of cheating does so based on what they would do. That jealousy is because she’s either insecure or capable of doing the very thing she’s accusing you of. You need to leave her and you need to do so now because she’s going to be emotionally abusive.

  26. Leave. Blatant breach of trust and disrespect to your relationship. You’re only hurting yourself by staying

  27. I’m someone who has cheated before, once a long time ago. From my experience and looking at my friends I’ve found that the most jealous people are the most likely to cheat. They know first hand how easy it is to do it, and how easy it is to get away with it. I’ve rarely seen exceptions to this rule.

  28. This! Highly jealous people are that way because they directly understand the thought processes that go through the minds of people that are prone to be cheaters. So they protect their own thoughts and flaws on others. Meaning, that they are the more likely ones to actually cheat.

  29. That’s step one in normalizing those sorts of actions, baby steps in a direction where you have no power in your own situation. Stay in this, and a few years from now you won’t even recognize the dynamic of your own relationship. I’m always against people commenting on Reddit, telling people to leave their SO, so I won’t.

  30. Leave her, if you tolerate this, she will do it over and over again knowing you will tolerate and do nothing about it. Otherwise she will see you as a submissive man, have you in control. In my opinion a good relationship is balanced, respectfull, true, open. Get away from this woman, live is to short for this kinda stressful, mental, controlling bullshit.

  31. No they actually had sex she is downplaying it sorry bro. Make her take a polygraph and see how far her mouth drops open. I had a girlfriend like that to some extent. It's so crazy how many of them do stuff like this and try to justify it.

  32. If you're in a relationship where you want to polygraph the other, you have so little trust... You're not married, there's no children to consider--that's just crazy. Even tattoos can be remedied. Toxic relationships are traumatic and trauma literally rewires our brains. The longer you stay exposed the more damage you do to your body and mind.

  33. Leave her she has issues trust me broo the world is filled with better girls or woman than her dont chase stress and problems in your life you deserve better hope you reflect and make a decision

  34. When you find the right person for you, you will retroactively kick yourself for all the shit you put up with from the wrong people in the past. Find something that works for you through and through.

  35. She fucked him. 100%. Unless you signed on to an open relationship gtfo. Also, even if you signed on for an open relationship, she did that out of spite.

  36. Okay man I don't know about you but I would just fucking leave her if I were in your situation jealousy can be understandable but when she just goes off and cheats on you like that that's just a sign that you just need to fucking leave her ass if I'm dating someone the only dick I ever actually want them to touch would be mine this double standard shit doesn't fly here you can sit there and like a picture and not fuck the person inside of it which is completely different than running off sucking some random guy at a club off which may or may not have STDs and split personality isn't an excuse for that either

  37. Beyond the fact that cheating is cheating, I feel like i need to point out the obvious.. as someone who has been both cheated on and been the cheater, I can say with about 99% confidence that she had sex with him.. "Why would I come clean and tell you I blew him only to deny fucking him, that makes no sense." It's the type of gaslighting that's designed to say, "look at how honest I am. Even though I betrayed you and knew that I probably could have gotten away with it, I love and respect you too much to not tell you. And even while I was making this horrible mistake, that love and respect stopped me from going all the way through.. That is how much I love you- even in such a horrible state of mind and so angry, I not only was able to show restraint, but I just HAD to come clean immediately"..

  38. projecting homie. classic cheater move. she's probably been sneaking around on you the entire time and that's why she acts like that. trust me, i know from experience. i hate to make you think about that but it's the truth.

  39. All you did is look at some pictures. Oral Sex is still sex, and she had it and getting drunk is no excuse to cheat. Think about cutting your losses, before something worse happens.

  40. They had sex. No way she just gave a guy head and left and if she did then that’s almost worse lmfao. She’s trash dump her ass. I got cheated on just over a year ago for the 3rd time (diff girls, shit taste I guess) and I’m just now starting to feel normal again with a few months of therapy. It’s gonna suck but it will get better my man, I’m sorry :(

  41. My brutally honest opinion that’s completely unrelated to your girlfriend’s actions (tbh she should’ve just broken up with you instead of cheating— she obviously has her own problems):

  42. Honestly, I don’t even care if it’s their friends pictures as long as the girls in the pictures are fully clothed and not on an angle where they’re obviously posing to show their ass/boobs. Selfies and full body pics with their clothes on are okay. Thirst traps?? NOPE. I will always confront him about it because if he really loves me just the way my body is, then why would he be liking pictures of girls that are literally half naked?? It’s mad disrespectful. I myself have small boobs and he claims he loves them, but then I saw he liked thirst traps with girls whose boobs were bigger than mine. Tell me if that shit makes sense??? He still is against me getting boob surgery so I told him if he keeps liking those type of pictures I’ll get it done regardless.

  43. Have a nice dinner, go out, have sex later in the evening and in the morning leave some change and a note saying thanks for a good night.

  44. okay so, they did have sex. sucking someone off, is sex, let's get that straight. she definitely cheated on you, and that really is an awful thing to do, espascially given the provided context of her jealousy. I've been the jealous one in a relationship, I'm not proud of it, but I also know it's because of certain issues that I have, and that I need help with. it's not the SO duty to constantly assure you that there's no reason to be jealous. I've also been in a relationship where the other person was jealous, and I obided by her jealousy for a long time. she made it so I wasn't allowed to talk to people. these are the kinds of things that destroy a relationship, and your gf did just did, and shate on it as well. dump her. even if it's hard for you, you deserve better than to be cheated on because of her insecurities.

  45. I'd say leave her. But in all honesty stop going on Instagram and liking photos of other chick's. I'd be curious to see the photos you're liking. There is two sides to every story.

  46. What she did is absolutely cheating however ur not an angel if u continuosly follow and like explicit content i am assuming of sexual nature when she expressed it makes her unhappy and uncomfortable. That is obviosuly direspectful but also can be considered unloyal or a form of cheating as well so u dont sound like a catch

  47. That’s incredibly toxic and immature behavior. She goes overboard on revenge, if you ever cheat on her, she might actually kill you. So you may want to avoid her.

  48. Shes using what you do, like simply following girls on Instagram, as an excuse to fuck other people. She's not loyal to you and it also sounds like she has no respect for you.

  49. So her response to an argument was to suck some random guy off? Kick her the fuck out now! There is nothing but a future of heartbreak and distrust with this chick.

  50. burn that bridge and dont ever look back. count your losses of time and money and learn for the future. im sorry you had to deal with that. but you should never try to forgive that

  51. Yeah she's a cheater. They love to project it onto you and they're always the ones who do it. She'll most likely do it again and again. One does not "accidentally" cheat on their partner just because they're mad at them.

  52. To be respectful but honest….. I would think about cheating on my guy if he followed and liked a bunch of instagram girls. It would make me feel like he did not really care for me and cause me to be insecure about the relationship. How would you feel if she drooled over a bunch of dudes and contacted them. You know insta is all fake. But what she did was very wrong and it may be time to move on.

  53. Just break up with her fam. Imagine for the rest of your life she goes out to cheat whenever you have a fight

  54. Get rid of that nasty, projecting, trifling-ass bitch. She’s been cheating since the get-go, my friend. She’s going to be a walking blister before too long. Bleach your house, and go get tested lol

  55. It doesn’t sound like your girlfriend is jealous. It sounds like she’s just an asshole. I’m assuming she did that to get you back for something she thinks you did to her? Either way, that’s not what grown ups do.

  56. Sucking another man’s dick is the most disrespectful thing she could of done. Dump da broad and dump her fast, especially for leaning over to you and giving you a kiss. Fawken disgusting

  57. Smells like Projection city - if she’s so worried about you cheating it’s probably because she’s up to some shit. Which she has now confirmed. You deserve better than that OP

  58. Cheating, mental health issues, and verbal abuse in one post? Yup it’s Reddit asking about a relationship.

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