A man that my mom rejected in highschool messaged me on Facebook today, saying he’s been waiting for me to be 18…

  1. I’d contact the cops in his area because I have a feeling he was in jail because he likes them young. Look into any options you have and then blast him for the creep he is.

  2. My thoughts too. If he has “vowed to marry one of her daughters” then he might do something harmful to someone who hinders that vow.

  3. Also…the level of obsession and delusion it takes to repeatedly try and fulfill a “vow” of marrying one of the daughters of a girl who rejected him what must have been over 20 years ago “to show her she messed up” is EXTREMELY worrying and quite frankly dangerous for all of the daughters and their mom.

  4. I really hope OP takes action against this guy. He needs to be stopped. This happened to my niece, and she was actually flattered by it until I explained it to her. Together, we reported it. We haven't heard from him since.

  5. This. As someone who has dealt with one of these dudes in the past, this post made me feel gross and disgusted just by reading it. (The guy I dealt with tried to hit on my mom when she was pregnant with me, not to mention was married to my dad for 2 years by then.)

  6. Blocked him? This man has had a goal for over 18 years to come back into her life and you just blocked him?! If he’s as crazy as he sounds here…he most likely knows where you live, where you work, has multiple profiles so he isn’t really blocked from your socials. Like a restraining order would be more beneficial because you two laughing about it isn’t good enough. Overall I wouldn’t take this weird encounter as a joke.

  7. Just because we find it funny doesn’t mean we think it’s just a joke. I’m definitely watching my back but overall, chances are he’s likely just a lonely weirdo.

  8. Clearly the man has pedo vibes if he likes you most for your petiteness and your sis is too old. The part where he mentions your son is the worst. I remember someone sharing this IRL and she did ended up getting a restraining order.

  9. Here is my word of advice. Document this interaction with all seriousness. Then, turn it over to local police as harassment. This man was just in jail, this is clearly behavior he should not be engaging in. He also seems dangerous. The fact that he has vowed and followed through with something for 24 years is absolutely frightening. He clearly is not well in his head. And those are the people who act on impulse. Good luck to you, and please turn this information over to authorities.

  10. He stalked yall in jail, don't expect this to be over. That man is unhinged and you need to get some self defense shit going yesterday.

  11. Nope, nope, nope. Title was enough. Normally I would be skeptical about some guy being creepy but knowingly being creepy with someone saying you've been waiting for them to be "legal" is a nope from me.

  12. This is really scary. Please keep those screenshots. You may end up having to get a protective order or something. If he’s on probation and tries anything, you’ll have the documentation to get him sent right back

  13. This is another example as to how social media has made stalking so much worse. Sadly, this is not the first case of its kind. There are several incidents where individuals “rejected” in high school stalk them and members of their families, including their children. Creepy AF!

  14. This feels dangerous in some way. But it's not an obvious way so I'm not sure. But like...this is just...wow. What a creep.

  15. I would honestly start a paper trail with the police NOW. Someone that has had that goal in their mind for 18+ YEARS is not to be taken lightly op.

  16. Bring a screenshot to the police and make a report in case he gets out of jail and starts stalking you. Also post them and tag your Mom so everyone sees what a creeper he is.

  17. Take screenshots of his profile and all the messages he sent to you and send all of that to the police. Warn your Mom and start telling each other where you are going. Ask the police is those screenshots can be sent to his parole officer.

  18. I had a couple of dates with a guy when my daughters were early teens. We had our last date when he told me how ‘hot’ my 12 year old was. I didn’t even say anything, I just never spoke to him again. My stepdad was so inappropriate with me that I was hyper vigilant about who was around my children. He was a giant red flag!

  19. Honestly, save those messages and file for a restraining order bc if he does this to someone in the future and succeeds, perhaps the courts will have a better time locking up this pervert in jail. Also, not a huge jump for a psycho with this level of obsession to veer into violence from stalking.

  20. I know these threads have so many overreactions but honestly, I think you’re perhaps under-reacting here. This is really creepy stalker shit. No one normal would hold this grudge for over 20 years. And the veiled threat as well would indicate he has been watching all of you online or otherwise. At minimum check the arrest info, news articles or offenders registers to gauge quite how dangerous he is. I’m more uncomfortable about it than you I think! (44F)

  21. Unless she’s super naive which I mean a lot of young people are but yeah, I hope this is fake cus it was bad energy all around. Hope they’re safe

  22. Why do you kids respond to random people on the internet? I'm 30 and grew up knowing it's a troll game, talk to people in real life and leave the "likes" alone, my gawd

  23. The reason I believe this post is that OP promptly blocked the creep, laughed, and moved on. Without any strange omniscient knowledge or tortuously prolonged drama that makes no sense.

  24. This kinda has the vibe of that I Think You Should Leave airplane skit only somehow creepier and with more real consequences. Getting rid of him may not be as easy as an air stewardess… maybe seek restraining.

  25. He vowed. This is like a quest from a fantasy world like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or Dungeons and Dragons.

  26. What exactly was his end game here? He and OP start a family with mom at a distance being jealous? Does he think mom stays in the picture? How would OP carry on this relationship knowing the whole point of it was to get revenge on her own mother? He must be hoping OP is some angsty spiteful teen who hates her mom. Either way, it’s insane to think there’s any real hope for a long term relationship.

  27. I had one that dated my mom was a fire chief didn't want to be with her because she had 2 kids I was little at the time I was grown up and he hit on me eww and it was after she passed. I was with someone.

  28. How do you even laugh about this shit? I'd freak the fuck out if something like that happened to me.

  29. I think you should report it. hes is already stalking your family for some time now. who know what he was In jail for.. be careful doesn't sound like your average weirdo.

  30. So uhm its like half past 7 in the morning, ive been scrollin reddit for like 2 or 3 hours, and i’d fancy a good laugh at those screenshots, if your comfortable sharing em with random persons on reddit :)

  31. Get security cameras, good locks and read the gift of fear. I doubt this is the last you will hear from this guy. He’s literally been thinking about this for at least 25 years. I don’t think just blocking him will end this

  32. I understand that you and your mum laughed at it but this is a far more serious issue than you ladies seem to be taking it for… this is PREMEDITATED and could easily get a lot darker, a lot quicker…… I’m sorry to say it that way; but if he’s waited this long AND stalked all of you online… he could be VERY DANGEROUS to all of you.. I won’t even ask why he was in prison..

  33. My gosh. What a creep. I don’t think I can laugh after if this happened to me. Still put your guards up, ok? Take care!!

  34. Hey you might be able to find out what he was in jail for based on his name, age, and the state he lives in (if you are in the USA). It only takes a few minutes of searching and I think it would be worth your time. What if he was in jail for stalking? This is a pretty extreme grudge to hold and I'm worried that if he feels like you were his last chance, he might cross an even worse line.

  35. I see a lot of people suggesting you contact the police but I don't think anything would come of that now because there isn't any proof he's done something illegal. If you find out what his crime(s) was and it pertains to this situation you might want to proceed legally.

  36. That's beyond creepy. I would have done a through purge of any unfamiliar social media profiles on all platforms. I don't trust people

  37. I'd get a restraining order if I were you, he's been stalking you and he was in jail. Who knows what he might try now that he's bold enough to message you.

  38. Contact the police and I’d also tell him that his behaviour is the reason your mom rejected him and that you’re lucky you’re her kid. Man has IQ of a glass with water

  39. The audacity of men. He just TOLD you that he was going to marry you because it's HIS plan. As if you don't get a choice, because he's basically been looking at you all as objects for him to take as revenge. Sick creep, I'd report him.

  40. Yeah...stalking your profile, your mom and your sisters....dude is dangerous. To plan something like this for over 18 years....that's not normal.

  41. And you sent all these messages to his family, friends, and employer, right? This dude needs to be exposed for the fucking creep he is.

  42. How horrible and, frankly, disgusting. It's great that you told your mother and are keeping the screen-shots. It's incredible someone can be so creepy and yet either not realize how he comes across or is getting a kick out of being so predatory.

  43. Get a restraining order on that creep, you may have blocked him for now but who knows if he’s still chasing after you. What if he shows up to your house and kidnaps you or your son? He’s stalked your whole family’s accounts, he’s a threat to you & your family. Take your mom with you to go to the police station.

  44. Screenshot everything and file a report with the cops. It will be easier to press charges or get a restraining order if he escalates.

  45. Jesus Christ that actually sick! why is it creepy old men go on about being better in bed then their partner? The hookers you pay to lie to you know better! 🤮🤮🤮 unsurprisingly I wouldn’t be interested in a man my mums age, even less so if he started comparing himself to someone my age! Yeah we’ve got a good sexy 30 years ahead of us to earn that car, house and money and be attracted to each other the whole time! I’d rather not gag everytime I kissed a Randy older man 🤣but in all seriousness can I see the screenshots?

  46. Moral of the story, get this dude on the sex offenders list or predators profile or something!?! Contact the proper authorities & have his devices seized to nullify any possible threat to minors that could be lurking within. Damn shame that these creatures think their behaviour is acceptable.

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