Had anybody had success using Simplot’s ‘Soil Buster’ for compacted soils?

  1. It’s a gypsum product so the question is, is the soil compacted because of traffic and other reasons? Or are the areas lacking soil structure because of excess amounts of sodium? Gypsum helps with sodic soil renovation because it will help pull the sodium off of the soil particles. But for it to really have an affect, the overlying problem should be addressed first which is drainage. I manage a golf course in an area with heavy smectite clay and simply applying gypsum isn’t a long term or even really a short term fix.

  2. Soil is compacted due to traffic. We in Southern California have recently been hit with some water restrictions. Due to it prior to taking on this facility, they cut the water back more than the recommended guidelines and below 3” of the soil is a dry hard clay soil. With my soil sample probe, I can’t penetrate deeper than 5”.

  3. Gypsum works best with sodic soils. Na is a monovalent cation, Ca is divalent, the divalent cation wins the tug of war for the soil particle. Enhancing drainage thru flocculation of the particles is what gypsum offers.

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