i am sick and tired of the pill being used as a band aid solution on women’s issues

  1. Since you said it affects you for half the month, It could also be PMDD (premenstrual dysmorphic disorder), which is when your brain is basically allergic to the fluctuation of hormones over the course of the month. It also causes the physical symptoms you mentioned. It doesn’t explain the side pain, though.

  2. i’m almost certain i have that, i suspected it a few years ago when i would get borderline suicidal before my period. whatever it is, it really sucks and i wish doctors would take it more seriously

  3. Have you considered requesting a laparoscopic exam? It would be an outpatient procedure in the hospital. Your multiple years of pain warrant it. You could have endometriosis, or, like my daughter, you might have varicose veins on your uterus. Hers were found during her laparoscopy, and her doc placed a progesterone IUD at the same time, in an effort to tone down her horrible periods. It has really helped her. Wishing you the best, and some relief.

  4. they asked me if i wanted one and i’m still discussing that with my mom. i think i may do it once school gets out. endometriosis runs in my family but i’m just nervous that they won’t find anything wrong and they’ll poke all up in there for nothing. that sounds kinda dumb when i type it out tho because clearly something is wrong LOL. i’m glad your daughter has had a good experience with it, that makes me less anxious about actually doing it :)

  5. i’ve never heard of an adhesion, what is that? they did an ultrasound and didn’t find a cyst like i thought it was so i just got stuck on the pill. i’m not going to give up on figuring it out. i just get so frustrated with it sometimes but i’m not gonna let that stop me. thank you for the encouragement <3

  6. There's a Facebook group called Nancy's Nook that has a ton of educational resources as well as a really good doctor's list.

  7. Have you heard of vaginismus? The "almost saw Jesus" pain might be because of that. I didn't search around the thread too much to see if somebody else talked about it. Basically it's a huge pain to put anything in your vagina. Treatment involves slowly increasing diameter of vaginal inserts to get your vaginal opening used to penetration. If you ever think about sexual vaginal penetration then highly recommend you look into this before that.

  8. i’m pretty sure that’s what it is. ive talked to my mom about it and she’s ok with me going to physical therapy for it so i’ll be looking into that soon :)

  9. I dont want to sound insensitive but when I was 14-20 my periods would make me totally suicidal, like I just wished to die every period.

  10. you’re not being insensitive, i’m honestly really glad to hear that yours don’t hurt anymore! i’m really sick of mine cause like i’ve said, i’ve had them since i was 11, but who knows maybe i’ll get lucky and they will get better soon. that’s not how it worked out for my family members so i’m bracing for the worst case scenario but it would be really nice if they balanced out and that’s what i hope for

  11. You mentioned the pill and IUD but what about the implant? It goes in your arm, no speculum exam needed. It also lasts for three years.

  12. i have this really oddly specific phobia of things being imbedded in my body where i can’t see them. it doesn’t make much sense to be honest because it’s really random with what sets it off (i can do piercings just fine but i have a super hard time with shots and splinters). unfortunately it freaks me out way too much to consider, something about it being in my arm 24/7 just makes my stomach turn 😔

  13. You could have vaginismus or endometriosis. You should get a referral to see a specialist. Excruciating pain and cramps for half the month aren't acceptable. If need be, you might be able to be put under for tests and an IUD insertion. Another option might be sedatives like Valium.

  14. thank you!!! i appreciate all the advice. i’m going to get a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis once the school year is over. until then, i’ll give this pill a try. i’m hoping it’s gonna be different than my last one but i definitely don’t want it as my long term solution. i’m gonna push for the iud and fix whatever issue i’m having with insertion. it’s frustrating to get the medical run around but you’re right, i shouldn’t give up. i’m gonna get past this :)

  15. eh even if my body want kids i could never have a baby. i have misophonia and i can’t deal with babies crying or little kids screaming at all. that’s why i’d rather adopt an older one. they probably won’t do it on me till my 20’s anyway but i at least want it on my records that i’m trying to have to done. the problem with getting an iud right now is i can’t have anything inserted without pain and even though you can fix that with physical therapy they’re not even doing anything. i’m probably just gonna have to pursue physical therapy on my own and then get it inserted somewhere else.

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