Why do people assume that conventionally attractive women, particularly those obviously wearing makeup, must be stupid?

  1. When I used to wear fake eyelashes I’d often have clients commenting on how I “looked like a movie star” and was surprised I was the vet. Personally I think having fake eyelashes/nails is in a bit of a separate category than just being conventionally attractive or doing slick make up but I’m not sure how to put my finger on why.

  2. I think it's because most men like "natural" beauty, and can immediately spot fake lashes or nails, whereas there's more hesitation with foundation or mascara (unless in bright colors). Most people can tell when lashes are fake, so they perceive you as fake or plastic, but with makeup it's more subtle and less visibly "fake".

  3. I'm so sorry for how that might have fucked with your relationship with your sister. In some ways my brother and I have the same comparisons between us "the artistic one" vs. "the smart one." And it irreparably damaged how we see each other, ourselves and our place in our family.

  4. I'm going to go out on a limb here and blame popular media. In many movies/TV shows, the attractive women are less smart (or downright ditzy) and the smarter women are made up to look less attractive (and throw on a pair of glasses to complete the look). If you look at media with super smart women they're often the dowdy "nerd" that needs a make over to look like a princess so a man will suddenly realise how amazing she is.

  5. Nailed it right on the head. Also seems to be more prominent in American Entertainment (looking at you Disney..).

  6. Popular media takes its cues from society. Society then takes its cues from popular media. Both beasts feed off each other. We need to break the cycle, but these values are so fucking entrenched. It's maddening.

  7. The same reason why they assume that unconventional-looking, particularly those forgoing makeup, must be stupid.

  8. Patriarchy and sexism with a little bit of ageism is the simple answer. When you're young, you're too young to be wise/intelligent. When you put care into the way you look, you're doing it for attention/a slut. When you don't wear make up, you're lazy/ugly/a prude.

  9. Because people are raised to believe in stupid stereotypes. I used to believe in them too until I realized how dumb that is.

  10. I think it stems from the assumption that if some one has gotten by on their looks then they never really had to focus on building their intelligence or learning for themselves. Our assumptions are often wrong, but kind of vital to how humans function. We sterotype becuase patterns is how we define the world in a way.Still, we are blessed with big brains, so we should all try to fight these ingrained human biases cause it can often leave you looking foolish.

  11. Also wanna add, some dudes may eyeroll at this, but good make up application is an art. We've all seen what bad make up looks like and appreciate good make up. Yet it would get downplayed as a profession if you called your self a make up artist.

  12. I know logically that brains/beauty aren't necessarily one or the other, but I do still find myself making these assumptions, even of guys too. I tend to assume that an attractive guy isn't going to be very brainy because he's gotten by on his looks.

  13. Theres the sterotype that women who take care of her looks are vapid for one. But honestly I feel like guys belittle attractive women because bringing her down makes her more approachable to them. It's like negging. I dated a guy who was obsessed with arguing with me on things he was less knowledgeable about, because he just hated me being better than him at anything, but he never did this with women he wasn't attracted to.

  14. Because people are superficial and shallow. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me I was shallow or superficial because I wear nice clothes and makeup then I'd be rich. The irony always seems to be lost on them that they are calling out my appearance and judging me for my looks.

  15. Are you me? The amount of bullshit I’ve had to deal with because I became a designer over a more academic career is ridiculous. Friends, family, partners, so many people have not just assumed I’m stupid but outright dismissed any bids I make to display intelligence. It’s bizarre.

  16. I am a home economics teacher and the amount of kids I get signing up for textiles because they think it will be easy is incredible. Very often they are fine with the hands-on stuff but as soon as they need to use any math or visual thinking to figure something out they get this look of panic because they realise what they've gotten themselves into. Maths and science teachers often think I'm an idiot but half of my subject is maths and science. The rest of it is basically a deep look into sustainability, ethics, and a tiny bit of design and production. But my subject gets dismissed as "cooking and sewing" as though my kids aren't doing exams about the chemical properties of proteins or crunching numbers to figure out how to draft their pattern to have a precise fit while also being able to discuss (at length) ethical issues like deforestation for farming 'superfoods' or the marketing of bamboo fibres as "eco-friendly". My subject isn't seen as 'academic' but it's not just because of the practical component. It's because it's a traditionally "feminine" subject.

  17. Your experience is valid and I've had similar experiences. My intelligence and problem solving skills often "surprise" or "impress" men. I will not change my style in order to be taken more seriously. If anything, stick to your guns so that we can end this presumption that makeup or sexy clothes means a woman must be dumb. I got body and brains. Deal with it.

  18. Same reason guys with big muscles are usually seen as meatheads, spending all your free time in the gym / in front of a mirror shows you aren’t spending your free time studying, reading etc…

  19. My daughter is in her 20s and gorgeous. Tall, thin, blonde…the works. She went on a foreign exchange to Germany in high school and became fluent, then came back a majored in German. Without fail, each new professor would give instructions to the class, and then repeat them just to her. Within a couple weeks it was always obvious she was not just smart, but brilliant and eventually won the department scholarship. We laugh now at this funny family story, but I know it really sucked for her at the time.

  20. This can be a weapon. I know an excellent litigation attorney who doesn’t dissuade the opposing attorneys until she is in the court room.

  21. If I had to guess I would say it's because people think if you are dumb you need to make up for it my being pretty, so they assume if you are "dressed up" or whatever you want to call it you are making up for something you lack. Which is a dumb way to think about things but that's showbiz baby!

  22. I’ve heard that most people assume more attractive people are more intelligent than less attractive people actually, and I’m pretty sure there was a study showing this. However, it does seem that people assume more made-up/glam women are dumber than those who present as more plain/practical. It’s really a sexist stereotype that punishes women for being feminine. Just think of all the movies and TV shows that show the girly girl as dumb and/or mean in contrast to the more NLOG-ish female protagonist who is also gorgeous and impeccably styled, but in a more natural way so we’re supposed to believe she woke up like that.

  23. A lot of people just assume that those who focus on material things and appearances are vacuous. Not saying it's my opinion, but many people seem to think this. I agree that it's aimed more at women though, so would put that down to straight sexism.

  24. Gonna get downvoted to oblivion here, but the long fake eyelashes and long fake nails honestly look so over the top ridiculous that it’s hard to imagine someone intelligent desiring to look like that. For me it’s not a question of “beautiful = less smart,” but “ridiculous fashion choices = less smart.” Those nails make it difficult for women to do everyday tasks, so it reminds me of foot-binding and corsets… crazy “beauty enhancers” that make women’s lives so much harder. Have you seen women with those nails try to get things out of their wallets or use their phones? And most people I’ve met who sport the long fake eyelashes/nails have been super hard to work with - divas who have completely unrealistic expectations of what is possible.

  25. As I'm capable of working with horses, my nails can't be that much of a hindrance. I can very easily use my phone or do anything else with my hands, those women must be new to wearing fake nails.

  26. they actually assume all women are stupid. don't attribute their blind spot to your attractiveness. it's even worse for for women who don't conform to standards of beauty and don't try to dress.

  27. Yeah. My experience is that beautiful women are considered stupid, and ugly women are considered straight up dumb. The difference is that they leave average and ugly women mostly alone because unlike beautiful women, average and ugly women are invisible until they get in someone's way. I've never known a man gushing about a smart ugly woman. Ever.

  28. Ok I see a lot of blaming of the media and lot of other things without the acknowledgment that stereotypes exist because there is a segment of the population that does fit the stereotype. Now why? Maybe because an attractive woman can easily get by on looks alone. Go out to any club and look for The girls who are proud to be uneducated. They expect a man to support them they have no intentions on supporting themselves. For the last 1000 years that was what they were told to do. This is the first maybe the second generation of women to be raised to be independent and value their own education. It's really not hard to imagine why the stereotype persists. Until recently (last 30-40 years) looks were the easiest way for a woman to make a comfortable life for herself. Good jobs weren't available without real struggle and even then looks helped them advance in the workforce. It's obvious that there has always been strong intelligent independent women but until recently that was a much harder path for most women. We are still in a transitional period in history. Both women exist The ditzy blonde who wants to rely on looks alone and the attractive professional. As more women advance in the work force the perception is bound to change. Unfortunately that kind of change is generational so if you are lucky you might be raising a granddaughter or great granddaughter that may not have to deal with the stereotype.

  29. Because there's FAR more useful things one could be doing with their time than slathering on stuff for hours that you're just going to clean off or leave on the pillow the same day. Literally anything. But enjoy yourself.

  30. Why is it any more pointless than creating art on any other canvas? Why bother to make food look beautiful? Why have any creative outlet?

  31. The irony of this is that you can literally judge how smart a man is by his looks. There are scientific studies that back this up. There is no correlation in women.

  32. I have never seen or heard of anything like that, at least where I'm from. Usually the people that seem to be able to take care of themselves are considered the more intelligent.

  33. I love makeup, glitter, interesting clothes, jewellery, hats, getting a gel manicure every month. Not in an over the top way, I put a lot of thought into how I match things, and I know how to judge an occasion lol (and I feel like there's even a bit of internalized misogyny that I felt the need to justify that). Fashion is truly a hobby I love.

  34. Because people like to generalize. This is how we navigate life. Learning from previous experiences and using this “knowledge” to make future predictions or decisions.

  35. The same reason people assume really well built men are stupid. People don’t like the idea of someone being both attractive and smart, it makes them feel bad about themselves.

  36. That's the old stereotype: if you're pretty or stacked or show concern about your face (e.g. makeup) or body (wear certain clothing), you must be a "dumb bimbo."

  37. The only thing my dates have in common is that they were funny over messages, they have all been polar opposites in every other way imaginable. I'm also not dating the clients who've made assumptions about me and they were all also from a wide variety of backgrounds. I also wasn't using Tinder, I'm banned from Tinder as people thought I was a catfish.

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