Death begins at the first arterial plaque!

  1. when I tell you I was actually getting mad before I realized this post was a metaphor LOL I get it now. this definitely illustrates how stupid it sounds when it's about pregnancy

  2. Lmao! It would be a super flaming hot take for sure, if I was serious!! I'd probably be labeled a religious whack-job, recommend that I seek medical care for my mental health, etc. I doubt a bunch of like-minded people would show up to protest outside of hospitals, bomb cardiac units, throw fake bloody hearts at people walking into hospitals, etc.

  3. Here's some links that might help if anyone is looking for something more to do. Tell your representatives why you're protesting. Get active in the grassroots politics we need to get this fixed. There's a lot of work to do.  And all of our representatives need to hear from us about this. Even if its something small like : "Our fundamental rights as people should never be in danger due to a change in which party controls our state, or our federal government. We need constitutional amendments to both guaranteeing our rights to abortion care, same- sex marriage, contraception, and same sex intimacy."

  4. BuT tHaT's DiFfErEnT!! (Side note, remind me never to type like that again because it nearly killed my eyes and my brain.)

  5. Oh, please do excuse me for not immediately responding to you, my dear man. You simply must forgive me for taking 15 minutes of my own time to do as I please instead of waiting patiently by my keyboard for someone to speak with....I was attending to my elderly, ill cat, who is currently leaking liquid shit out of his asshole....kinda like you, but out of your mouth instead.

  6. I'm not trying to out-logic them, or else I'd have posted this on some conservative old man subreddit. I'm making myself laugh with absurdities. It's okay to laugh...that still hasn't been banned. (Yet.)

  7. People keep floating these equivalent analogies out there as some kind of absurdities, as though there aren't people in evangelical circles who push these exact ideas. Including medical intervention being against "God's will"

  8. Hyperbole is how some people deal and process tragedy. Yes i said tragedy. It is not a far stretch to believe that women will have more rights stripped away when women are being jailed for miscarriages and still births. These “absurdities” about “gods will” is exactly how people feel about Christianity and its values being thrusted upon us. If you have nothing to really add to the sentiment please just don’t comment

  9. I'm not trying to argue this with any of the pro-forced birthers, nor am I naive enough to think that there aren't already Talibangelists who would legitimately agree with what I posted and believe that medical intervention for any health issue is against their god's will.

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