Video shows a huge discoid UFO flying over the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

  1. This is a good one. Thanks for sharing. For non-Spanish speakers, here is a summary. Sighting occurred on December 30th, 2021.

  2. I was just seeing this be covered in the news last night! The witness recorded it for a while and the object landed and disappeared. The reporters are now looking for more videos that people recorded in the area.

  3. The UFO is obviously aiming an atmospheric disturbance dispersal ray straight at the camera, which effectively removes any airborne particles, water droplets and pollutants in a direct line of sight between the two points in space. Sheesh.

  4. Another video where someone possibly sees something extraordinary and decides to just stop filming and move on with life. How long was it there? How did it leave or disappear. Always a huge red flag for me.

  5. The object went into a crater according to the reporter who was covering this video in Mexican news yesterday. The station is now trying to see if anyone else recorded this object by making radio ads. Hoping we see more videos.

  6. The “ufo” has the same silhouette as the trees below it. It also looks to be in the same focal range (maybe slightly further back), and definitely not in the focal range of the volcano. Whatever trees or hills are behind camera, are blocking the last of the sun’s light from hitting the trees and ufo, but not a massive volcano. I.e, there would not be a silhouetted ufo hovering above a non-silhouetted volcano. Either they’re responsible for setting up the hoax, or they’re so enamoured by what they’re seeing to have the wherewithal to take a few steps left or right to see the change in position confirming the fact that it’s much closer.

  7. yeah the atmospheric haze on the "ufo" vs the volcano aren't the same at all. Much more contrast in the blacks of the object than the volcano which has a blue hue due to its distance. Bob Ross wouldn't be happy calling those the same depth!

  8. I watched a good documentary on Amazon Prime called "Volcanic UFO Mysteries" ... Check it out if interested, I was pretty shocked at the quality of some of the footage which I had never seen elsewhere. The upshot is that UFOs appear near volcanoes for some of the same reasons as they appear near power lines... their craft can siphon electromagnetic energy from them. Volcanoes generate a lot of it.

  9. This is the equivalent to the part in black panther where the spaceship enters Wakanda. I bet they use technology to bend matter and not affect the volcano.

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