Any clue in what could be behind the Jet? Taken in Dover, Delaware. There was an Air Force Show going on at the base nearby. 05/22/22

  1. Crowing like a rooster Flew thru the drive thru For my morning booster I’m loving it It’s a trippy new day When I can wrap my hands Around a breakfast buffet

  2. I have to admit when I saw your comment I said no way in hell that’s another super hornet. Was getting ready to type a rebuttal and figured I’d screenshot it so I could zoom in further on my phone first. I think you’re spot on. If you take it in far enough you can make out the shape of the tail and I believe the glare is off of the glass over the cockpit which is what distorts it so bad. Good eye.

  3. Made a pit stop at McDonald's to get some food on our mini road trip, returning home. When outside going back to the car we saw that the show was going on. Stuck around for 30mins and took some pictures. I didnt see anything in the air other than the jets from the show. When I got home I looked back at the pics and was shook. Lol. I looked thru the other images I took and only found it on this one. Crazy.

  4. Given that there was an air show (fair?) nearby, it seems even more likely that it's a mylar baloon. (IMO)

  5. The amount of claims that any unexplained object is a drone seems out of proportion, but I have no idea. Clearly a drone from a regular civilian would not be allowed, and someone suggested AF drone. Any confirmation that the AF actually uses drones during air shows? That seems like a risk. Also, you have to wonder how the speed would hold up (are they in a set location?) and how visible it would be. I’m just so tired of speculation it’s a drone. Not that couldn’t be, but good lord someone has to have the expertise on drones to know whether a photo is or isn’t.

  6. It could be a stationary drone with a flight ceiling to get a fly by view. The show is highly coordinated and the pilots know EXACTLY where they are in the airspace, down to feet and inches.

  7. I was there for both days of the show. It wasn’t a drone and the weather station on the base didn’t deploy a balloon. There was a balloon stand so some kid could have lost their balloon. Whatever it is, it’s closer to the photographer than the F18 is.

  8. Highly consistent phenomena especially at military excersise or air shows. I'm guessing you couldn't see the object at the time you took the pic ? Nuts we can't contact the pilot and ask the sane question then analyse the sensors data onboard the aircraft.

  9. It’s obviously a Blue Angels F18, there’s only a handful of pilots that make that team. You could maybe message them on Instagram or something.

  10. No aircraft (inc drones) are allowed anywhere near an active airfield especially during an air show. See NOTAMs. That said im sure its a bird being scared to bits by the roar of the F18 🤣

  11. For once I thought this subreddit will include a raw image of UFO, but you had to fuck it up.

  12. Did you zoom in? It's just a second blue angels jet. You see both wings and the cockpit glare. These people are stupid. Besides it's an airshow, have you ever seen the lenses people carry over there? There is no way this would have been unnoticed.

  13. I think that it could be a drone filming the jet for a promotional video. Otherwise, no idea!

  14. It's obviously a high-tech-super-secret-flying-government-military-doohickey that is projecting an image of the jet into the sky, and it also comes with a speaker that can reach decibels as loud as a sonic boom.

  15. I don't know if this is what it is but I've flagged before that the military have been investing in steerable balloons specifically for flight management (think of it as a portable air traffic control system). If there was an airshow its logical they could have been deployed (cheaper and more portable than an AWAC). Specifically its called the Raven Aerostar Thunderhead Balloon System. Again not saying for sure that what it is but you'll start to see balloons deployed around where there is a high volume of military aircraft.

  16. In an effort to make more money, the US gov is pulling banners behind their jets for advertising money. Unfortunately, they haven't found a banner material strong enough for this yet and it just rips off leaving the metal banner holder trailing behind. Expect to see this a lot going forward

  17. My guess would be a second blue angel from afar but catching the sun reflection and maybe a moisture cloud when taking any form of g's

  18. I’m starting to think these and old “foo fighters” are air dolphins. Attracted to bigger flying things

  19. The way its leaning forwards, to me it looks like an FPV racer quadcopter...potentially the promoters hired a part 107 pilot to come film the jets from underneath (and under a pre determined altitude I imagine for safety) ...or could just be some doofus flying an fpv racer in the area for fun and making us UAS guys look bad; that's always a possibility.

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