Is it bad to do under 20 stops an hour when you make book?

  1. I know management is going to try to push you on the "average" 20 stops an hour but try not to get too hung up on SPORH. It's not an accurate measurement of how much work you're actually doing.

  2. And some routes have that ONE FUCKING DENTIST on the second floor who orders nine boxes of gloves a week and won't take them on the first floor, so you have to lug your dolly up the carpet and every single time Carol the Technician makes the joke that all the delivery people hate them EVERY FUCKING TIME CAROL I HAVE HEARD THIS JOKE AT LEAST 12 TIMES NOW anyways the stop takes you about twenty minutes because on top of all of this, it's a dinky-ass parking lot that you can barely squeeze into and getting out of it is like trying to navigate the one conversation with your mom of why you accidentally sent her a meme of shirtless Putin riding a bear with a giant syringe and now she thinks you're gay and you have to explain that no you're not gay, it's for your one friend, it was a mistake and she asks you if that friend is your partner and if so she still loves you, but anyways yeah it's a tight parking lot and the loader always has one of those boxes mixed in with the bulk stop and basically every time you think about dentists at all you get a little enraged because of That One Dentist Delivery That Takes 20 Minutes

  3. As long as you are working efficiently and aren't intentionally dragging your feet, you'll be fine. The type of route (heavy business, lots of apartments w/ no locker, county, all residential), load quality, weather and the fact you are a new driver will affect your stop count. With time you'll get better.

  4. though that doesn't mean you won't get harassed. i'd say the management team that lets it go when you work efficiently but at the same time it doesn't get counted as efficient work is the oddity. some will try to rearrange the routes so that it distributes that work that looks bad over several drivers even if doing that is a net negative in efficiency, but others will simply lean on the drivers to do whatever it takes to make their numbers, to either work through lunch or take bad shortcuts or falsify the delivery record. It behooves you to prepare to defend yourself, psychologically and practically.

  5. No. They’re being assholes and directing their frustrations towards you when they should be pissed at management. It’s completely normal for new drivers to bust their asses but not be able to keep pace with guys who have been driving for ten years but kill 15 minutes every hour in their phones. New drivers generally feel guilt about this and push themselves because they feel pressure from management and (in some cases) other drivers. This contributes to them getting injured at much higher rates and getting themselves in trouble not following the methods. In some cases it gets people fired, in others you might end up going to the hospital with heat stroke.

  6. Nah man, just do your best, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. We’ve got a couple guys who really milk it in our center, and everyone knows who they are. They don’t get the help because everyone knows they’re out there trying to hit 14 every day. If you get sent help, it’s a fair assumption that you needed the help. If another driver is faulting you for that, they’re probably an asshole.

  7. No it does not suck. You find your pace and roll with it baby. Let management figure out the logistics of making your pick ups and setting up meets. Take your full allotted lunch, between your third and sixth hour and you’ll be just fine. Don’t worry what anyone else is doing and focus on yourself. You will not be held to another drivers standard. If you are being over dispatched, have any driver with an issue, take it up with them. Not you. This job is a marathon not a sprint.

  8. Too many people buy into that crap chasing bonus. Each route is different. You work safe, drive safe, and remember one stop at a time. You'll be just fine.

  9. Just deliver safely and at a normal walking pace for yourself and you’ll never get in trouble. Don’t worry about numbers. If you’re caught playing on your phone or basically just chilling around while not on break then that’s a different story.

  10. Don’t let the numbers live rent free in your head brother. “An honest days pay for an honest days work” follow the methods and be safe. The stops per hour are what they take. Ask any driver that manages to knock out 250 stops and make bonus or scratch. Ask what they got as a reward…. I will tell you. They got 275 stops the next day. Our dispatcher has never delivered a package in her life and couldn’t climb 3 sets of stairs without needing an airlift to the nearest emergency room. If you allow them to guilt/pressure you into massive stop counts you will burn out and bring that shit home to your most important stop. Your family. Get on the 9.5 list as soon as possible and file file file.

  11. I average 20+SPOHR and get beat 80% of the time barely. I have almost all business, 7 apartments and 20-30 soft resi. My smart watch says I walk 12 miles per day while working. My on road knows I'm doing well, CM is a dinosaur and has no idea what SPOHR, walk distance, 30 minutes each way to the route etc. Just do your best and block the rest.

  12. dont worry about those showoff runners/ mgmt tit suckers. you do you. takes lunches and breaks and follow methods. work at your own pace

  13. It will go as low as it can go. But as a general rule of thumb, it requires ALL circumstances to go just right for any route, no matter how dense, to go above 20 sporh.

  14. Preloader here trying to become a driver, are you guys able to look at a map view of all the stops? I drove three years for amazon and fedex and I feel like I won’t have an issue completing routes as long as the maps are on point , truck organization ive always felt was key to pushing through a route in a reasonable time

  15. With the new DIAD 6 there is a map view that shows all your stops. Good for new drivers on a route they’ve never done before. When it first rolled out it was really buggy and didn’t work most of the time but now after all the updates it’s really nice.

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