A Ukrainian woman trying to save dogs with disabilities from the shelter in Irpen

  1. We always talk about the loss of life in war, which makes sense, but war comes with many losses. Pet and wild animals killed, sometimes by sport by invading forces. History and culture gets leveled. Landscape gets changed forever.

  2. Literally such a huge badass. When I close my eyes and think of a true hero, this will be the image that comes to mind from now on.

  3. Someone should get in contact with her and like, sell stickers of this photo as a fundraiser for her or something. Seriously badass looking lady and a good soul to go with.

  4. Seriously where are all these heroic people popping out of the woodwork from?? Does adversity create heroes or have they been living amongst us this entire time and just needed a terrible catalyst to be revealed?

  5. Putin has caused so much suffering to this incredible country and now even the animals are in harm's way from these merciless bombings. My greatest respect to her for the selfless sacrifice of her own life to save the animals that need saving once more. I hope she gets all of them out safe and sound!

  6. There’s a Patreon that I support that is dedicated to helping various animal related shelters and charities in Ukraine:

  7. When others are at their worst doing the worst it's great to see people like this at their best and being the best doing the best.

  8. There is more info at photographer’s Instagram at occhicone98 - it’s in Ukrainian but I’m happy to translate.

  9. I read somewhere a woman was killed by Russian soldiers while trying to bring food to a dog shelter, could this be her I wonder? Picture taken before the fact?

  10. 2 days later... “I’ll share my GoFundMe for whoever wants to send money I had no funds before I got this idea to save them but here I am”

  11. Wouldn't be surprised if this will be nominated for some kind of award. It is a really powerful image. It looks positively renaissance!

  12. Thanks to the kind person that found the instagram account. Instagram’s translation function is wonky but it does sound like they sadly lost a few dogs in their attempt. They still managed to get 24 animals to Kyiv and are trying to get several animals out of the country. In addition to their shelter’s animals, they are taking in pets that have been abandoned due to owners evacuating.

  13. This breaks my heart. I know it should already be broken by everything, and it is in general, but dammit this hurts.

  14. im confused by the phrasing here, are the dogs from the shelter, or is she saving them so they don't have to go to the shelter?

  15. losing my dog a month ago has stung quite a bit, now I see animals in Ukraine being killed mercilessly.

  16. Let's do something good, but first I will hire a professional to take a good photo, edit and put on social networks to virtue signaling🤮🤑🤮🤮

  17. Worried about dogs while walking over actual people needing help humans are so interesting and will never learn from history

  18. All great until she has to eat them when the Russians start to starve out the population. My fathers family had to do that when the Russians were starving everyone in Koenigsberg during WW2. Sounds awful but it was better than canibalism which also was taking place.

  19. omg. my heart. what a great photo too. you think 'i am numb, what more could i see...' there is so much, it's heart breaking

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