Russian mobiks looking like they could be from 1942, rather than 2022

  1. When you consider the mind boggling amounts of money Russia has made from selling their vast natural resources, its crazy to see how poorly equipped, trained and maintained their armed forces are. Corruption and apathy are Russia's worst enemies.

  2. That’s corruption for Russia, when there’s an order to buy something. The order only excised on paper, the delivery never took place,the money is someone else’s pocket . On paper everything is just fine 😂

  3. My grandpa told me that during communism there was only 1 rule about stealing - your manager (not sure what is the better word, maybe a foreman) is the first one that can steal, and you can do it only after he is finished.

  4. Oligarchs gotta get paid, peasants gotta suffer, as it's always been. It's not just the Russian way, it happens everywhere, but Russia is certainly one of the biggest offenders of this.

  5. They may have sold a lot of natural resources, but that's about all they do. The GDP is really low for such a big country with about 145 million people. It's not even half of what Germany produces with 82 million. We always see Russia on the map and are amazed by it's size. But the most of it is just empty. Just think about removing 300 million people from the USA and how it would feel and what it would do to the economy.

  6. Their army wasn't built to fight in a full-scale war. They expected that nuclear deterrence and meatgrinder tactics would be enough. But it isn't enough, especially not against a modern military and Ukraine certainly is a modern military, considering all the supplies that have been sent to them.

  7. It's called the commodity curse, and it looks like it's pretty unavoidable. Hell, even Texas has third-world maternal mortality rates and can't seem to figure out, you know, a functional electrical grid.

  8. It makes sense when you realize they aren’t really under a threat from anyone, why spend the money when you can get another yacht?

  9. They were just so used to people believing their propaganda that they assumed everyone else was doing the same thing... They fucked around and found out, America and most of the EU are the real deal

  10. Those mega-yachts pretty much tell you were armament funding went! I had a friend whom is slightly in the know tell me there was extreme competition and envy regarding which Russky state entity you had access to graft off/embezzle. And huge bribes are paid just to get near kremlin access because (prolly like Washington), that’s where big stealing happens with consent and trade for support of the regime.

  11. I mean...thats not realy corruption, right? Thats just capitalism. The money made from selling fossile fuels also primarily lands in the pockets of billionaires here in the west too with only a small fraction going into taxes.

  12. Most of these guys we've seen that look like they could have come from the red army of the 1940's are LPR/DNR conscripts. Which begs the question, what's the point of being a proxy force for a broke sugar daddy?

  13. Seems like one of the few things in this image to distinguish it from the mid-1900s is the texture and patterns of the fabric. The texture on the foreground man's jacket is digital forest camo, and the wrinkles of the fabrics belie the thinness of the exterior layer, which is a sign of high-tech weaving.

  14. It feels like when you're watching That 70's Show and kinda have to pinch yourself to remember it's not actually shot in the 70's but mocking that period...

  15. We have had at least one video of DNR in similar outfits and including a very old Mosin (liekly bolt-action). Anyway, this was taken in Svatove, which is outside LNR/DNR. So if they are not equipped properly Russia is responsible, because they were under their command.

  16. Being that Russia has claimed the LPR/DPR are part of them now, these schlubs are part of the Russian Armed Forces either way.

  17. Don't knock the sheet metal helmets. The lack of cushioning means the drone grenade hitting your head will knock you straight out, so you won't be conscious while getting riddled with shrapnel like you would with a modern helmet.

  18. And just think, once Ukraine's army was in a roughly similarly bad state. Speaks volumes for them as a nation to have grabbed onto any opportunity to improve so tenaciously, and succeeded against all odds.

  19. Haha you joke but in the Twitter feed for this post people went and converted it to a B&W photo so that it was 'fixed'.

  20. I used to do WW2 reenacting and can confirm on those helmets...exactly the same as the M40 wartime model I have. Won't stop anything much more than ricochets and light shrapnel, basically just a steel shell with pseudo-leather skull cap inside drawn together with string.

  21. So do I, tbh...these are just poor clueless bastards who've only unthinkingly done what they've been ordered. And its insane that they would have no understanding of how fucking bonkers this looks to the outside world.

  22. Someone enlighten me: what's the use of an apparently digital camo pattern, if it looks like plain olive green from further than 30cm out anyway? It's not just Russia that's doing it, I have seen other nations with such small patterns that it just becomes one single colour from further away.

  23. The problem you've identified is called isoluminance. At a distance, the colors and/or the size of the shapes are not distinctive enough to break up the outline of the soldier's body. The US made the same mistake with the UCP pattern. From a distance the UCP pattern made a soldier look like a solid grey blob. Russian EMR pattern is both too small in its elements (the "pixel" size and the larger shapes they form) and the colors are too similar. EMR looks like just a green color at distance, which isn't a terrible choice but could certainly be improved.

  24. This picture reminds me of a photo I took with my friends, all dressed up in cheap Army Surplus gear while playing with Airsoft. But even we were better equipped.

  25. Your kidding right? These are rag tag people do not want to say soldier piss poor equipped ,when Winter sets in they are doomed ! Russia fast becoming a third class nation and sliding fast !

  26. Russia is very corrupt and the money that would have gone to the military got siphoned off for yachts and mansions

  27. Yeah I was looking for things that couldn't be or weren't produced in 1942. The camo is one. Only other thing is maybe the zippers. They did exist back then, but they might be plastic zippers and I'm not sure when they started making those? And the caps under their helmets could be a synthetic fiber, but it is hard to tell.

  28. SSh-68 (Russian: СШ-68 [стальной шлем образца 1968 года/stalnoy shlyem], English: SSh-68 steel helmet model 1968

  29. Uniform from the 1941 lend lease. Without American support, the Russians would have been conquered by the Nazis.

  30. Ruzzia is very good at exterminating their own population. While Hitler nazi state was about killing for superiority above others, Stalin's regime was about killing their own population for a greater good. In Europe/US slavery was mostly colonial thing, savages vs white people, in ruzzia slavery was about enslaving their own, and while it was abolished in 1861, enslaving by a "collective" came instead later with soviet regime. Village workers did not have real freedom over their own lives till 1960s, practically being enslaved by state.

  31. Bunch of Old dudes wearing 1942 helmets, 1970 uniform, no socks and some shitty ass rusty AK from Soviet stocks. This fucking country man. I wanted to visit St Petersburg and Moscoe once but that ship has sailed a looooooong time ago.

  32. Here you go lads put these tin hats on to stop the dirt getting in your hair, oh great will be easy fight Ukraine must throw dirt balls at us.

  33. No fucking way this is from this year. Motherfucker are literally low level tarkov players who can only get pea helmets

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