If Ukraine loses this war

  1. "If Ukraine loses this war, it might well be because others used bad history to give themselves bad reasons to waste time during the weeks that will define the decades to come."

  2. France, UK, Belgium etc. were ignoring Hitler while we was ramping up military for invading everyone, right?

  3. Respectfully, if Ukraine looses this war it will because Russia spent the centuries prior sucking the resources out of Ukraine to blunt the effects of the collapse of the USSR. When they win this war it will be because of Ukrainian character and Russian corruption. It's the Ukrainians who are coming to fight for their country, freedom, democracy, and their future to be a free and happy people against Putin's attempts to subjugate as many peoples as he can under his rule.

  4. I cannot see how the Ukraine can win short of Putin going. It's lost 20% of it territory, 10% of it pop and almost 50% of its economy.

  5. My god, are you listening to yourself? This isn’t a fairy tale battle of good against evil. Literally the only important metrics here are power and geography.

  6. If Ukraine losses this war the EU can look forward to supporting the next country Russia invades in the Make USSR Great Again road tour.

  7. If little putin is allowed to win the Ukraine war, there will be no limit to the future invasions he has already planned. He will have no reason to stop. And the appeasers, being consistent, will tell you excuse all of them in turn. Just as hitler did, so does putin.

  8. If Ukraine loses this war the Western allegiance will fall apart. Trust and faith in any "fraternity" like NATO, EU will be gone. At least this isn't as bad as when the League of Nations collapsed.

  9. If Ukraine loses this war, the next invasion is a NATO country and then US troops on the ground and a crushing and humiliating defeat and then Russia has two choices, a total retreat to their boarders or beyond or to up the anti with nukes.

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