Ukrainian Secret Agents Are Scaring the Kremlin Shitless With Deadly Explosions and Covert Poison Ops

  1. From article: “The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine would like to remind everyone that the presence of occupying troops on the territory of Ukrainian Crimea is not compatible with the high tourist season.”

  2. Might not all be Ukrainians either. ANY country with agents in Russia would probably drool at the opportunity to go kinetic on some target and have Ukraine take the credit for all of it.

  3. Not all the Russians are shitheads. Many could be just farm boys bring conscripted because they were born in a shitty country.

  4. Suggestion: turn up by a Russia military base with a tanker of 70%ABV and put a sign up saying "Free Vodka". Just let them get naturally fucked up and destroy any equipment.

  5. That says a lot, given how much shit the Kremlin is full of. Suddenly they're out of shit? Good job, Ukraine!

  6. One thing sociopaths don't know about normal people is that in a conflict, normal people aren't just desperate to start wantonly killing innocent civilians just to get vengeance.

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