Russian soldier, callsign “13th”, in his telegram says there’s a wild sh*t going on in Kherson, and people shouldn’t hope it won’t be surrendered. He says there are enemies “everywhere”.

  1. Kherson is a perfect example that pootin was never about liberating people of the donbass. We all know that's horse shit and it was pootins desire for land grab and expansion.

  2. I have a friend that I'm fairly confident is fighting in Kherson. I sorta expected to hear from him, but I know he doesn't communicate with the outside world when he's in the thick of it. I don't think he's dead cause I know a foreign soldier in his unit was recently killed and I know that soldiers family was notified. I was speaking to his wife last night and she's worried sick and I just kept reminding news is good news. No news means he's alive, he's fighting, and he can't talk right now.

  3. If UA special forces covertly disarming these dam explosives ain’t some Rainbow six life imitating art shit then I don’t know what is. Would be awesome.

  4. lets see , you got solders who are balls to the wall will fuck you up! The kinda person who would say " i wish a mother fuck would" well russia did it an they back up what they said. Now imagine this with hi-mars , m270, pzh2000 , Sweden giving them archer , drones in the words of a Russian , "the birds there every fucking where". an that is a fact , they also got anti ship missiles homegrown not even counting the ones they got sent. so many trucks that do different things . but it gets funnier even with all they been giving Russia has still given Ukraine more with lend lease Russia edition. thats right they are there number one miltary contributor. i leave on this you guys remember the u,s,s.r right? Well they use to have this killer ball bearing factory , bu tthe u.s.s.r is no more gone gone like the wind . But remember that ball bearing factory it was in ukraine russia can bearly run the trains there losing more every day . "SaNaCtIoNs DoN'T wOrk"

  5. No shit, Sherlock. It was easier in Donbas. Probably in LPR/DPR. In Kherson so many enemies and arming the territorial defense is really arming the enemy. If Russia would have a capable secret service, they could have told that before.

  6. Those here who have lived in Kherson or have family know it mostly populated by people who are Russian speakers, but identify as Ukrainian. They don’t like fhckface Putin and his dogs. They wanted closer relations and economic ties to Russia, open borders, etc but not at the barrel of a gun or with occupiers stealing from them and messing with their families. Putin is a criminal and that is why they undermine his objective.

  7. There was something about the Kherson Airport Base being abandoned by Russia, which is making me think that perhaps there is some truth to the fact that they may slowly surrender to Ukrainian forces there…

  8. I have bad feeling about Kherson. With all that russians talking of "Ukrainians" wanting to use dirty bomb on Ukrainian territory and sudden retreat from Kherson I'm fearful that they might want to lure Ukrainian military into kherson and nuke it.

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