Zelensky on the missile strike in Poland: ‘I have no doubt, it was not our missile’ — Meduza

  1. This is a misquote. He admitted that there is a chance it was a stray anti-aircraft missile, and is anxious for the evidence that NATO investigators have.

  2. From what I’ve seen AWACS did track the missile but that’s about as much as we know, if true I’m sure this went into the west’s assessment. they need to come to some sort of agreement soon this isn’t a good look.

  3. I have to side with Ukraine and against my own nation’s take because I just find it incredibly unlikely an errant air defense missile lands in a place that has the exact longitude as Kyiv and latitude as Lviv.

  4. Only Russia benefits from escalation today. They are losing and have little of domestic support. If they escalate and fight NATO, then domestic support rallies up and the current regime survives. Wait 5 years, Russia is humiliated by Ukraine, Poland has Korean tanks, Himars, and jets. Ukraine is closer to the EU and NATO. Russia is fucked long-term.

  5. So your ignoring the US and Polish intelligence, and instead going with a theory posted by someone on twitter who has definitely never used one of these missile batteries? Gotcha

  6. Hmmm I'm not sure this is going to end up being a good look for ukraine. Not that I blame them for this approach but with nato explicitly stating it was ukraines they might be better off not digging themselves in this position.

  7. “According to the Ukrainian president, he received reports from the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Air Force, and “I have to trust them.”

  8. I'm starting to lean this way. Ukraine has no reason to deny it, if it was theirs. Nobody believes anything russia says either way. NATO has incentive to not implicate russia, to avoid WW3. Until TRANSPARENT evidence is shown, I'm tending to believe Ukraine. They have less incentive to be lying. Not that NATO is lying, but they're being vague.

  9. Similar situation to Russia not co-operating on the MH17 shootdown. If NATO is lying to not escalate the situation then they cannot show Ukraine the evidence. If I was Ukraine I would be pissed as well, not being part of the investigation of something, that I was being blamed for.

  10. Well, you usually never include the accused in any investigation, but yeah, it seems somewhat likely that NATO is not telling the truth in order to not be forced to escalate.

  11. Can Nato just tell us what their radar tracked. Don't need the actual tapes just the origin of the missile and what it looked like the missile launch was expected to achieve based on trajectory.

  12. An S-300 missle has a range of 150km, no way Russia could have launched that missle. Zelensky just accept that these missles are not great and may live their own life when fired, we have seen alot of video's of Russian S-300 missles doing the same for no reason. Accidents can happen, its war.

  13. Russia fires from Belarus, too, which is in range. Also, there are reports of two missiles landing in Poland, which is basically impossible, when we take the NATO statement as truth. So either NATO is lying in order to not having to invoke article 5 or there was only one missile.

  14. There was an AWACS (and probably other stuff) in the air at the time. There's no way the missiles involved can't be identified and origin'd.

  15. Lets say zelensky is right. Lets say that it was a russian fired missile that landed in poland by accident. Do you think nato is capable of covering it up , saying it was ukrainian aa to avoid escalating? Just my conspiracy theory.

  16. Jake Sulivan stated in March that even an accidental strike would yield a response. And in the same speech he told that NATO would act in full force to defend every inch of NATO territory.

  17. I don't think it's that conspiracy. NATO will prefer not to escalate. I feel like if needed they will rather blame Ukraine.

  18. What misstep? He’s asked to see the evidence and said that if it’s Ukraine’s fault he’ll ask Poland for forgiveness. Blaming someone without evidence is what Russia does.

  19. Hopefully it was ukrainian and the evidence is provided to zelensky and an apology can be made. If this is the case it was obviously an accident and 100% still russias fault. Apologies can be made and life can resume without a world War, Ukraine enduring russias poor attempts at forcing a capitulation and Ukraine continuing to kick russias teeth in

  20. Holy Christ this guy is getting ridiculous. There will come a day when all the mistakes made will come to light and it will not look good for the Ukrainian authorities. They need to be upfront and transparent. They lie, they lie all the time about everything other than how many Russians they kill. The control of information is necessary in war, but they are providing such a false picture on the ground I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve disconnected, no one is going to engage, they’ll just keep flooding weapons in and when it’s over there will be nothing left I rebuild because no one especially America gives a duck about that. Just own up to it mate

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