One of the most under-looked stories, in my opinion, is the fact that Elon Musk reportedly spoke with Vladimir Putin about Putin’s “peace plan" — then posted Putin's demands on Twitter, purchased the app for $44B, then endorsed the GOP, who vowed to cut off US funding to Ukraine.

  1. Him believing maga conspiracies would make him a Russian asset though. The question is only, is he a paid asset, or is he the “useful idiot” kind of asset.

  2. I agree I don't think he's as bright as we give him credit for but I also think he did talk to Putin and it's a little too convenient that he went pro russia when one of the major exports from the russian occupied regions is the lithium he needs for all these battery gigafactories

  3. Bingo!!! This doesn’t make ANY SENSE. I’m independent and really don’t care about politics like a lot of people who get down right angry/nasty about it. This article is taking partial facts but tying into a total lie. Yes he bought Twitter, yes he made some tweets about brining peace. But he’s not working with the Russian or GOP. I see too many articles like this trying to divide and incite Americans vs. Americans rather than bringing us together….and to be honest, articles like this are exactly what Russia wants….they want us to fight each other. So this plays right into their playbook. But if you call the piece out, I’m sure there are people who have drank the kool aid that will be angry and defend this crap article.

  4. He is a class 1 asshole. If for a second he believes that China should control Taiwan in any way, he’s a complete fool. Anyone with half a brain should know, if we lose trading advantage with he world’s largest supplier of microchips to the west, well folks, it’s curtains for us. And if a “tech magnate” doesn’t get that, and all his fanboys don’t get that, it’s too me he was shut up. What would his heroes putin and xi do to someone in his position interfering like this? Careful Elon, your true colors are showing, and 51% of us see them.

  5. There were two phases. Musk signed the deal but tried to back out. Then he got Saudi backing publicly among other co-investors. He also was publicly reported to have spoken with Putin. I read this in the news at that time. This is not new.

  6. This Dash guy is, basically, one of the lunatic fringe that exploits the worst of the left like Alex Jones exploited the worst of the right.

  7. Yeah, and I think he may have tweeted out that he was considering voting for DeSantis in 2024 or something like that prior to the whole Putin contact debacle, too. This is just the general direction he's been headed in for a while now.

  8. His old friend Thiel is making software for mass surveillance for the CIA at palantir. These billionaires do not want to pay taxes and love right wing politicians they can buy easily.

  9. Technically Musk did NOT tell people to vote GOP. He stated that he thought a divided house was better for America. This means that in order to get anything done, both houses have to work together and neither gets to be in control. That's what happened in Russia, right? Somebody being in total control?

  10. Twitter is at maximum growth and popularity while saving costs. SpaceX supplies Ukraine with internet. He proposed an exit to save the most lives, like it or not. He proposed to vote against the party in charge, meaning voting GOP federally but Democrat in red states. There is nothing wrong voting GOP since they have values Dems don’t and Vice-versa and that’s why we see half of the country doing so every time. Biased.

  11. It’s funny you think running a company with strength has any correlation to or means he would support Russia. You are insane. Sad.

  12. Okay but let’s admit something, it’s one or the either. Both are shit for us because an idiot has all the money.

  13. Yeah lol. He’s also worth a quarter trillion, far more than the highest estimates Putin is suspected to control privately. Russia’s economy is puny and Twitter isn’t popular there.

  14. one explanation for pro russia massaging could be attemt to get white house to ban sale and save his money from over valued bid.

  15. Plus the Elon Musk stuff was heavily reported on. It was all everyone talked about here for almost a month.

  16. People thinking that unfathomably wealthy and powerful psychopaths aren't conspiring together against the 99.9% to keep that wealth and power, and then belittling others instead of having a conversation, is one of the reasons our political climate is so fucked up these days.

  17. Instead of regarding 'guilt by association' as a logical fallacy, the left treats it as a foundation. The right is similar when it comes to 'slippery slope'.

  18. Its also characteristic of the "russian world" that Ukraine seeks to escape from. If you've traveled in the Mideast/MENA region its also rife there and anywhere where people desire power but have in actuality none, actively encouraged by authoritarian regimes because they give you the illusion of understanding the world while keeping everything ineffable and inescapably unpredictable, just a series of ever changing rationalizations that keep people from centering on what they can actually achieve and change.

  19. I just imagine a few Stanford dropouts designing an anti-Twitter right now that will replace the Twit and finish running it into the ground.

  20. Two word why Elon Musk is playing the game the way he is…. Natural resources. He needs lithium and other precious metals for his products guess where those are?

  21. Elon musk has unfortunately lost touch with reality. I still love his spacex project but the dude himself has gone looney.

  22. Stop using the war for American politics. Elon Musk isn’t a player in this game and his cringeworthy posts have no consequence.

  23. then he tried to take it away when he sided with pootin. I suspect the US government said they'd take it from him if he played that stupid card and he capitulated.

  24. Under-looked isn't a thing. Overlooked might seem like it says something is looks at too much, it actually means being forgotten.

  25. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I know... I know I'm wrong a lot. But... Didn't he also challenge Putin to a wrestling match for Crimea? That part I'm not certain of, but I'm pretty sure he has supplied the Ukraine Army Starlink. That seems like a big deal.

  26. Get over it. Nothing is going to change with Ukrainian support. This post is total click bait for democrap talking points.

  27. The mid-term election is over. Why are all these conspiracies still flying around? Bring them back in 2 years.

  28. He is basically someone who is untethered to any meaningful social principle. He will bend whichever way the wind is blowing. It is a great approach for profiteering,, but tends to make for worthless human beings. He is an engineer who lacks understanding. A highly intelligent idiot.

  29. Except he's not even an engineer. I don't think he's as intelligent as people think. Just a good business person who has invested in some successful ventures over the years.

  30. I love how people who were supposedly against totalitarian governments and for resisting against said governments (especially in the face of invasion) are now rooting for the totalitarian governments. 40 years ago those people would have been barred from government and probably been placed on Edgar j hoovers shit list.

  31. Hello divisive disinformation shit poster. Asking for a friend, are you russsian? Or just paid by russia to shell this debunked hot garbage intended to cause division? Move along.

  32. I’m gonna have to do a hard pass on this theory. Elon Musk has made plenty of mistakes, but he doesn’t support Russia and his purchase of Twitter had nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. I don’t know the guy, but I think his opinions on the war are that nuclear annihilation should be avoided at all cost. Now, where that line in the sand is drawn is likely different for everyone and I admit that mine changes slightly depending on the day. Ukraine doesn’t want to give up Crimea, that’s fair. Is it worth a third global conflict and likely nuclear warfare? I don’t know. I guess it depends if Russia can be crushed before that’s ever looming on the horizon.

  33. Did you really even try and repost any of this drivel? NONE of it makes any sense. Musk never spoke to Putin. He started buying shares of Twitter for the takeover in January, before the invasion began. He never endorsed the GOP, he said if one party controls the Presidency and Senate then you should vote the opposite way for the House which in this instance is Republican. The GOP also didn't voew to cut off US funding to Ukraine, only a vocal minority. The bills supporting Ukraine had strong support across both parties.

  34. He literally voiced his support for the Republicans on multiple occasions. MTG, the new leader of the Republican Party, is strongly anti-Ukraine.

  35. You are misinformed. Please check other sources for better information. Because one person advocates re-evaluating does not constitute the direction a policy would take. To have oversight on how billions of dollars are spent and insuring proper use is good fiscal policy.

  36. So time for some tech folks to start a new tweeter as Twitter goes the way of MySpace and vine. This dude thinks that people like working for him. The last one out of Twitter should turn off the lights

  37. Russia and China can now influence Twitter by threatening his larger investment in Tesla. Many raw materials for Tesla come from Russia. China has one of the largest Tesla manufacturing plants.

  38. Click-bait tweet and article that is almost completely wrong in every respect. But then what else would you expect from Dash... He's practically the Alex Jones of the left.

  39. Freedom of choice is exactly what Ukraine is fighting for and Republicans will not abandon Ukraine as the other party did Afghanistan

  40. This seems like someone’s anti Elon bias is showing. He has said specifically that the time he met Putin they discussed space, not Ukraine.

  41. And blaming negative responses to his plans for Ukraine to give up occupied territories on bots. Bots are the ones who he promised to get rid unlike those who spread misinfo or try to overthrow US government. His typical commenters push conspiracy theories and tend to be fanboys from India who also tend to side with russia.

  42. You mean like Obama saying " tell Vladimir I'll have more flexibility after the election" which preceded the invasion of Crimea... or how about the Biden Cartel recieving MILLIONS from the Communist Chinese! My head explodes how some can post here and presume we are all idiots! It is clear there is enough GREED and STUPIDITY here for us all to feast a lifetime! Just saying.....

  43. Liar. This sub is harming the Ukrainian cause by allowing this spouting of anti-GOP propaganda. OP is either a Russian agent (wittingly or dimwittingly) trying to sow dissent or is willing to post lies for potential political advantage.

  44. This will make the conspiracy theorists think, but I think Elon Musk already wanted to buy Twitter as early as April 2022, that is to say well before he met Putin, if he was tempted to do so ...

  45. He's just a capitalists they will side with those that let them make as much money as possible I just hope people can see that he's a full of shit he's not smart he isn't a creator he's a wealth person that's had some good investments and a fucking clown hype man he's not a futurist

  46. I don't buy it, Musk is not capable of sophisticated conspiracy because he is unable to see any reality past his own ego. He was certainly a useful idiot for Putin a short while ago when posting his "peace plan", but not much more. Either way since he began managing Twitter its consumer base is dropping.

  47. I think the most under-looked story is that: most of the EU, especially Germany, Netherlands and Italy are STILL paying Russia billions of dollars every month for gas and oil.

  48. When did the GOP vow to cut off funding to Ukraine? Maybe certain members have said that, but there's no GOP majority saying anything like that.

  49. There has been many a talk on certain forums regarding this topic. I do believe that a certain IT army has made their intentions known that if Elon continues down this path then his new infrastructure becomes fair game. If musk keeps the shtick up then its bound to happen sooner or later.

  50. Add to all that the fact that he isn't a native born American but only moved here because this is where the grift is the greatest should have the FBI watching him pretty closely. Allowing foreign nationals (yeah I know he's naturalized but it means nothing to him except a license to screw the US) to buy up and destroy communication infrastructure shouldn't be allowed.

  51. Yes. Elon is obviously a spy for Russia, perhaps a FSB agent. And he is working with the Russians to undermine the US. And the GOP is absolutely involved. It makes perfect sense. And Elon’s Space X is somehow tied into it, I know this for fact. Ohhhh yeah. There are facts and there are people making all sorts of ludicrous comments with zero facts or proof. But for those who already believe it just adds fuel to the fire. Facts do matter. This is a hot piece with partial facts but tries to draw a logical line where there is none. This is happening all too frequently in America and it’s only going to divide us rather than bring us together as one country. Man, I sure Miss the good old days.

  52. This connection is really troubling to me, but I can't quite put my finger on who is scratching who's back here. It's not quite as simple as the OP spells it out, but I do think there is some connection at its core.

  53. Heres my Musk theory. Everything he does is motivated by what's best for his companies and his own galaxy sized ego. At the start of the war he saw an opportunity to be a saviour by helping Ukraine so supplied starlink for free. Net gain for Musk's ego. Later on the free starlink was starting to put a strain on SpaceX both financially and from Russian cyber attacks so he clumsily attempted to broker a peace.

  54. Musk was just a useful idiot who knew nothing about the circumstances surrounding this war. He probably thought he was doing the right thing by calling for peace in what he believed was the fastest way it could be attained. I.E through concessions to Russia. Like I said, a useful idiot.

  55. No this timeline is wrong. He offered to buy Twitter in April, he didn’t post Putler’s demands until a couple weeks ago.

  56. Musk is a twat and any politician calling for Ukrainian funding to be cut is also a twat. Having said that…. Most republicans are strongly in favor of continuing US support of Ukraine.

  57. Musk is an Oligarch. His interests match those of his fellow Oligarchs around the world. His interests have nothing in common with those of us he sees as part of the herd.

  58. Musk wants to remake the world. Meaning dissolve the alliance between the US and NATO. Get rid of the dollar as the reserve currency and replace it with hard assets, crypto, or whatever. Dissolve the Federal Reserve.

  59. putin really has a way with these people, or is blackmailing them.. but alot of rich just cater to him like he is the wise man..

  60. I’ve been saying this, he almost immediately said he was cutting Starlink after the meeting, then decided to get Twitter again, then reinstated trump? Are we fucking blind?

  61. He is a privileged white male who has grown up with a fortune and an exceptional mind but attributes his "success" to working 200 hours a week and making sacrifices, like his ex-wife taking care of him during his studies, or the entire state of california subsidizing his crappy e-car company. He belongs to the species of greedy, sociopathic, white males who have tried to play both sides of the partisan war for max profits but find themselves surrounded by foaming degenerates as they drift farther and farther right...he doesn't understand that once you turn on liberal ideas and choose the others there is no coming back, by nature he is choosing a rigid and unforgiving worldview.

  62. Practically everyone on the right in the US is a Russian puppet either knowingly/willingly or indirectly by voting and supporting those that are.

  63. After Biden said that his “technological friendships needs review” he just pretty much said Elon Musk is a Russian agent

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