Vladimir Putin ‘living in fear for his life as army retreats’ as 'there is no forgiveness for tsars who lose wars'

  1. Considering how degraded the Russian forces have been by the attrition of this war you could make a safe argument for upgrading it to a crippling loss.

  2. From what I read in the media, most russians couldn't give a shit about places that were invaded and have now been retaken, didn't even know where these places were.

  3. He bet everything on it, including Russias economy thinking it would be a quick victory. The problem is that as long as he's around there is unlikely to be an end. But there will be an end.

  4. The west keeps telling itself that, but personally I think it's an echo-chamber trope. I haven't seen much that indicates either way if that really is how Russia is feeling it. They may be, but it was not the disaster for them that it could have been.

  5. I think the point is that if you lose a war, you lose support and people turn against you. If you win a war you keep your power

  6. Holy ****! I wasn't expecting such an overwhelming response. I'm just glad we're all on the same page that one man should not be able to cause so much tragedy, and his actions should not be rewarded, but condemned.

  7. They may want to but after seeing Poo-tin's massive failings they will choose to retreat and blame their bad fortune on Poo-tin. At least for a decade after any talk by a russian leader about taking back Crimea will just be talk and by the time they would try again, Ukraine will be part of NATO or at least the EU.

  8. The funniest part about this predicament is that he didn't need to start a war. He could have retired as one of the wealthiest men on the planet, and he would have been fine. I mean, still a massive cockgoblin but he wouldn't fear for his life. But despite there not having any upside and only having downside, he chose war. He will be mocked mercilessly for the rest of time. What a massive idiot.

  9. I don't know that Putin was necessarily an idiot, but he built the perfect system for such an incredible humiliating collapse.

  10. One of Putin's major problems as a true Russian nationalist is that he came out of nowhere as someone that the oligarchy, mafia, and intelligence apparatchiks believed they could control. And for the most part he was able to strike deals with them, and when he wasn't they were driven into exile or assassinated or both in order for him to consolidate power. In doing so, he made sure that Russian institutions remained notoriously weakened compared to their condition before the end of the Cold War, when transfers of power occurred lawfully and peacably, including those below the level of the Politburo. At times you can see he tried to change this; there was a period of time in the 00s when they cleaned up corruption in the major cities, for example, and tried to reform the army, as well as experimenting with the transition of power with Medvedev. Largely however he did not do enough, and the kleptocracy that enabled his presidency to hold power for so long also denied him the power to structurally reform anything (including the military, because the defense industry was just a black hole in which trillions of rubles went to vaporware, like the T14 or the SU-57).

  11. If his underlings have any sense of true justice, they will deliver him to The Hague for trial and not simply murder him. It would garner their country some goodwill and favor because right now, they’re looked at as a terrorist state.

  12. I wonder how many Russian men have to die before the people of Russia has had enough? Apparently, 80k isn't. I guess Russians don't value life as much as the rest of the free world.

  13. I tend to agree. It seems like wishful thinking, speculation, and fantasy. Putin has not visibly lost any grip on power. He controls a massive security apparatus. He isn't a 19th c czar. He's a 21st c high tech despot with near total control of his state security apparatus. Ask the Iranian Mullahs or the Chinese communist regime .... when you're willing to kill your own people in the streets for defying you, you have little to fear, the more so if your people -- like Russians mostly -- are unarmed.

  14. From Russian perspective they are not “losing” nor will they ever concede losing. It will be twisted to the people that NATO ganged up on them and they had to withdraw due to the world vs Russia. (Already happening)

  15. He's purged anyone who would be a threat to him. It'd be nice though if he stepped out of a hospital window when he was getting treatment for his non-existent problem.

  16. Oh God, whatever. That cunt has a million assholes ready to do his bidding for a bigger dacha and free Western educations for their kids. He's not running from anything.

  17. I am a very forgiving person but his crimes are beyond forgiveness. he should go to jail for his war crimes

  18. All I can think of when I read this is good. His replacement will most likely be a murderer so doubtful they will be any improvement. I personally would like to see him go on trial. I would like to see putin in that cage in a russian court.

  19. It must be hard to live like that, so here’s my proposal for him to get rid of living in fear of being killed. Pull a trigger at your head, now you get rid of the “living” part; hence no fear.

  20. This is a speculative quote from a Ukrainian military aide. Of course it's going to sound like this. We'd all like to see him in piano wire but stories like this are useless propaganda that accomplish nothing but false hope and won't keep anyone warm this winter. Let's take all the confirmed gains we can get and stop buying into the long string of stuff like this. If there is a coup or a corpse, that will be a story to pump.

  21. What a punk! He's a billionaire and can't enjoy it, probably scared for his family as well. Rightfully so, none should be able to kill people and live a good life, Karma doesn't work that way. Slava Ukraine!

  22. As much as i want to see Putin dead i dont think it solves the situation, i just think another despot will rise in his place. I have no idea how russia can be a part of the world again.

  23. Putin would do it for an easy win to try and save face. Of course now it would be a disaster but he’s made so many mistakes in the past few years international I would put nothing past him.

  24. He has every right to gloat. If it weren't for the UK rushing thousands of NLAWs to Ukraine, quickly followed by the US sending Javelins via the UK with UK assistance, the Ukrainians might never have held off the initial invasion and it wouldn't have opened the floodgates for western military aid.

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