Tsuburaya retconned Ultraseven‘s age from 19.000 years to 17.000 years… And now Ultraseven21 is older than the original Ultraseven

  1. Ok let see.. if during the event of Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend, Seven estimated age has to be 27000+ years old considering 10000 years has already passed ever since the end of Mebius (I add "+" since I don't know his current age during Mebius, only during his debut).. and Zero age in his stats is actually his age during his debut which is 5900 years old.. if you minus Seven estimated age during the movie with Zero's.. you got 21100 years old..

  2. That is a cheap and easy way to solve things... but ngl i wouldn't mind that, both Seven 21 and Neos would get some acknowledgement buff cuz they don't have many achivements/titles compared to other ultras...

  3. So they retconned the age but still kept the height the same... What kind of priorities is that?

  4. How does Age work in Ultraman? I still learning a lot from the series, is it like a day for ud but to them its a year or something like that?

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