ULPT: request. How to stop people from peeing in my window and smoking outside it

  1. High powered fan blowing back out the window. Powerful enough that people will literally pissing info the wind.

  2. Put a sign up and if that fails set a small bluetooth speaker out there hidden and if you see somebody out there ask them what they are doing and it will probably startle them enough they won't come back to that spot

  3. See I thought about just speaking to whomever through the window but really don't want to draw attention to myself. A sign might be a good step though... But again I worry about drawing attention.

  4. Coyote deterrent screamer. Motion activated high pitch noise machine that you can set to scream at anyone just outside your window.

  5. Exactly, so I'd rather not do a sign. Hence pepper spray, air horn, sprinklers, or anything else that's going to make it super inconvenient to piss there.

  6. So by that logic if I put up a sign that says "please piss here" people will do it somewhere else. Cover the whole property with those signs and they'll have to use someone else's property as their urinal.

  7. Maybe a simple sign saying this area is under 24/7 surveillance. Might not stop the smokers but no one wants their junk seen on camera.

  8. Hmm, not unethical but mount a ring doorbell that you can talk through. Have it alert your phone, you can startle the shit outta them, bonus points if they piss on themselves!

  9. Yeah the window looks like it just leads to nothing because you can't see through it. And from the outside the building looks like it's just storage or some empty degraded storage space below the store fronts. So people have peed on/through the window with no clue it's actually an apartment

  10. I was thinking something in this vein actually. I've been considering some hydrophobic spray so if someone pees it just splashes back on them.

  11. what about getting the electrified wire for cattle and just crumple it in a wideball in the window well and have a battery run it?

  12. I would try to "cordon off" the area with caution tape with enough space between the caution tape and your window...

  13. Setup a blink camera for motion detection along with a sign letting people know they'll be on youtube in the morning.

  14. Zip tie a little sign to the fence that says No Loitering, you are on camera. stops the people hanging around smoking and stops the people peeing because they don't wanna be on camera

  15. My landlord is actually a decent dude (rare in a world of slum Lords) so I really want to use complaining to him as a last resort. And also would want to take that sort of action in good faith, cause like I said, he's a good guy.

  16. Have you ever peed on an electric fence? If you do, you'll never do it again. "Accidentally" set up some electrical wiring wrong such that anybody that pees on your window gets a nice zap!

  17. Honestly, I'd use a sign, but not a sign that actually tells people what's up. So no "please don't pee here, I live down there" but more something that get's people's sympathy in form of a white lie like:

  18. No loitering +this area is under surveillance will stop both of those no one is going to take their dick out on camera and most smokers won't risk getting in trouble when they could walk another 30 ft and do it somewhere else. Both messages are anonymous and not particularly fancy or special so I doubt they would attract any extra attention when you don't want it. Bonus points if you set up a fake camera within view of the sign.

  19. Have you tried making it more obvious that it's a window into an occupied apartment? I'm sure it would stop at least some people as you've stated it just looks like an old unnoticeable window. Maybe string up some fairy lights or something. I feel like half the problem is people don't know they are even doing anything bad (aside from public urination) but without details it's possible this won't do anything against the type of people causing you problems, but it would be an interesting experiment. Who willingly pisses into someones window??

  20. At night it's a very obvious apartment, the trick of people not being able to see in only works in the day. So the majority of the peeing or loitering happen then. At night it's more of an issue of creepers or was before I got some privacy screens for the window, so now it's obv that there's someone there because of the light but they can't see in.

  21. Buy an Aztec Death Whistle on amazon. Next time you hear people around your window sit under it and let that fucker rip for as long as you can while banging on the walls.

  22. The whistle idea isn't a bad one. It's like the air horn idea but more creative and super creepy. Like, don't fuck with this spot.. some weird shits going on.

  23. Find a way to electrify the grate/mesh. It would need son insulating added but that would do the trick.

  24. Something like a motion detector that not only shines a blinding light when activated, but also squirts a nice shot of bear spray at eye level. Better yet, a small guillotine attached to the window bars. Even better yet, plant some poison ivy next to the window.

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