The drum of doom

  1. To be fair, the drum was SO big and after it hit her she kind of "disappeared" ....maybe this dickhead didn't realize he hit someone? Either way, you know this girl kicked this dickheads ass.

  2. I get it. Young and dumb… I doubt that this guy’s severely unsympathetic or anything like that, he’s just too busy being embarrassed and thinking “oh shit oh shit just smile oh shit”.

  3. This autoguided drum flies directly at a human with an impure soul, that is reason he didn't check the lady.

  4. This is a human response, not necesarily being a dick but when i fuck up i start smiling like the dumbass in this video.

  5. Because when your entire life is liking and disliking videos of people you become desensitized to the repercussions of your actions when physical harm is involved.

  6. Doesn’t make it right AT ALL but he probably was dying from embarrassment at how stupid he acted and his knee jerk reaction was to nope away from the situation

  7. I'm don't want to believe that people are such pieces of shit, so I'm going to tell myself that somehow in the mess of falling down and with the drum blocking his view he didn't realize he just blasted that woman out of the stands. I'd rather believe that than that this guy knowingly ignores that he waylays somebody and then just grabs his drum with a shit eating grin.

  8. After reading your comment, I rewatched the couple frames where the drum hits her, and it does seem possible that from his angle, the drum blocked most of her body as she fell. I hope that is what happened.

  9. Let me disappoint you by mentioning his view was only briefly blocked as it spun around his neck ... he knew.

  10. I think thats a much more likely scenario. If you have that swinging around your neck, it's hard to process anything your eyes even see.

  11. That’s still possible but either way those idiots with complete lack of situational awareness ends up getting people killed.

  12. People are not inherently evil, but it’s absolutely mind blowing to me that some people actually believe people are inherently good.

  13. The girl was right in front of him he couldn't have a better view lol. He could have not thought it was a good idea to spin his heavy ass drum into a crowd retained only by a weak button. He judged the risks acceptable.

  14. That honestly sounds like something the weird kid in class would say. "I wanna hurt him for some reason" while literally their whole body vibrates.

  15. If I did one revolution of a bass drum attached to my neck, I’d probably be paralyzed for life. I’m just happy this young man was uninjured so he could completely ignore the human that he blasted over the wall.

  16. Poor girl was prolly just vibin’ but suddenly something really heavy hits her back and she’s like “Whaaaaaaai? What did I do to deserve this god? Whaaaaai??”

  17. Wow, what a surprise! The douche that's immature enough to do this just grabs the drum and walks away smiling. Of course he didn't check on the person that flew off the wall!

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