Billboard in Times Square

  1. True he doesn’t show any physical proof. But it’s also an extremely believable story. But I can’t blame anyone for being skeptical. The video does seem kinda pointless regardless of if it happened or not.

  2. I would have confronted them and publicly shame them racism is not acceptable. Too bad you didn't record them so they could lose their jobs.

  3. He didn’t deny it. Lol jk, that’s messed up. Would have been really funny for him to confront them and record it.

  4. You should’ve corrected that old lady and said “that’s not pictures of terrorists! These are people on the top 10 most wanted FBI list!”

  5. Sad some ignorant, piece of shit had to ruin something special. I hope they know not everyone feels that way and the ones who do don’t fucking matter, they’re not anyone likable.

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